PlayStation Portable is one of the most successfulportable consoles around the world. A miniature prefix from Sony was sold in a huge print run. Millions of people around the world bought a laptop. Moreover, PSP was one of the most successful products of the corporation "Sony". What is the reason for this success? The answer to this question can be found in this article.

PSP phenomenon

PSP 1008

Perhaps the main factor that influenced thethe popularity of PSP - the policy of "Sony". Experts regularly analyzed the market, took into account all the wishes of the consumer. Thus, the light came out a few variations of all the beloved PSP, each of which had unique features. For example, the PSP E1000 series was a budget model of the device, in which there was rather cut-down functionality (lack of wireless interfaces, etc.). And in the PSP GO and at all was used sliding moment, which was not in previous models. In turn, the PSP 3000 could boast of a new display with a modern image processing. However, in this article, we will not discuss the latest versions of the console. We will talk about the forefather of all the ports against the "Sony" - PSP 1008. Want to learn more about this console in more detail? Welcome to this article.

History of creation

For the first time in "Sony" thought about the release of their ownportable console back in 1997. Then the Japanese market went PocketStation, but the sales were quite low, and in a year the production of the console ceased (for this reason the console never entered the European market). Because of the failure in the "Sony" postponed the idea with the release of a scratch-proof box.

PSP 1008 reviews

The lull continued until 2003. It was then that Sony at the E3 gaming exhibition announced that it is developing a portable gaming device called PlayStation Portable. The prototype of the console has not yet been introduced. However, Sony has published a lot of information about the technical characteristics of the new gadget. And it made a real furor in the gaming community. Authoritative game publishers and ordinary gamers were amazed at the capabilities of the console. Due to what the PSP had incredible (by the standards of 2004) performance? The answer to this question you will find below.

PSP 1008: Specifications

Onboard the 1008 is an incredibly powerful processorwith the marking CXD2962GG. This beast was developed within the company by the best specialists of Sony. When it was created, unique technologies were used that belonged to the firm. Thanks to this, the PSP 1008 did not have competitors in terms of performance. Even the then market leader DS from "Nintendo" is measured against the background of the brainchild of "Sonya".

PSP 1008 user guide

Full dominance of the CAP was reinforced andmultimedia processor. The video card with the CXD1876 marking was also developed in the bowels of the company. Its power could vary from 1 to 333 MHz. Coupled with the CXD1876 processor provided amazing processing power. The PSP 1008 motherboard performed an uninterrupted interconnection between the components. Thanks to this data was processed and displayed on the screen in a matter of seconds without any lags, braking.


The display device is also worthy of attention. In the PSP 1008 was installed a widescreen TFT LCD (size 4.3 inches). He could reproduce more than 16 million colors. Another advantage of the screen - support for four levels of brightness. Thanks to all this PSP showed a delightful and high-quality image. Pixelization was completely invisible.

Sound and battery

Excellent and clean sound provides built-indynamics. Also, the presence of a microphone pleases, thanks to which it is possible to communicate through the notorious "Skype" service. Among other things, the autonomy of the device pleases. The PSP 1008 used a bulky battery. He allowed to actively use the device for many hours without connecting to the network.

PSP 1008: reviews

How to flash a PSP 1008?

The new gadget "Sony" made a real sensation onmarket consoles and did not cause any complaints. Users and even popular gaming magazines unerringly praised the brand new CAP. The main advantage that thousands of buyers have noticed is compactness. The new gadget, despite the powerful hardware, has a fairly modest size. The device without any problems was placed in a backpack, bag and even a pocket. I hung up a gadget about 300 grams, so that fatigue in my hands was not felt even during long gaming sessions.

Another advantage of the Sony PlayStation PSP 1008 -multimedia. In those days, many thought that the prefix is ​​needed for games, the player for music, the TV for movies, etc. A brand new PSP arranged a real break in the template. By means of the console it was possible to consume information in various formats. Tired of playing? No problem. After all, using PSP, you can watch the series, etc.

It is impossible not to mention the computing capabilitiesdevice. At that time, the PSP 1008 was the most powerful portable gaming device. Yes, what really is there, the PSP could give odds even to some fixed set-top boxes (for example, PlayStation One). Thanks to the powerful stuffing PSP could run demanding games.

Firmware for PSP 1008

As for games, then in this respect the portableeverything is fine. Many users enjoyed the diversity of genres. Through PSP it was possible to play shooters, racing, fighting games, arcades, puzzles, simulators and much more. Well, and cherry on the cake were exclusive. "Sony" actively negotiated with various studio developers and agreed on the release of the game for the PSP. Thus, you can enjoy such projects as GTA: Liberty City Stories, MGS: Peace Walker, God of War: Chains of Olympus is only possible with the help of PSP.

PSP now

At the moment, the release of PSP 1008 is stopped, andthe console went out of sale. The thing is, the console is obsolete. She is more than 10 years old, and this in the gaming industry is considered a retirement age. However, this is not an excuse to refuse to purchase this console. Although the console is not able to run modern games, there are a lot of worthy projects on it. Among other things, the firmware PSP 1008 allows you to download games for free. What is the firmware? How to flash a PSP 1008? The answers to all these questions can be found below.


If you speak in popular language, then the firmware -This is the replacement of the operating system on the device. Any gadget (including PSP) consists of hardware and OS. And if the components are the body of the prefix, then the operating system is its mind, the consciousness that regulates all processes. Official firmware PSP 1008 prohibits the use of unlicensed, hacked games. However, this system is fairly easy to get around. It is necessary simply to demolish the standard firmware and install the pirated one. The essence of the pirate firmware is that there is no verification system in it. Thanks to this you can download games straight from the torrent and install them on your console via a USB flash drive.

PSP 1008 specifications

Install a new firmware is quite simple. All that is needed is a hacked OS and, in fact, the prefix itself. Pirate operating system for PSP and all adjacent can be easily found on the World Wide Web. The inexperienced users often have problems with the firmware PSP 1008. The instruction in this, of course, does not help. But to find a detailed description of the process is not so difficult, and those who do not dare to proceed with the flashing themselves can always seek help from specialists. A professional advice will help in a difficult situation.

If you do not want to waste your time, you cancontact specialized centers. In stores that sell consoles and games, there is always a person involved in reinstalling the operating systems. For a small amount, he can reflash the console in a couple of minutes. If your city does not have gaming stores, then you can turn to the local radio market.

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