So, today we will talk with you about howconnect MTS Internet to your phone. In fact, there are several interesting approaches that will definitely help you to solve the task. In addition, before starting the process it is important to know about the different Internet rates for a mobile phone. After all, some possible connection options depend on this. Let's start with you to solve our today's problem.

how to connect internet to phone

Wide choose

But before you connect the MTS Internet tophone, it is necessary to get acquainted with different tariff plans. They usually help us determine some options for starting the use of additional options.

The first tariff is "BIT". It is used primarily for reading mail and browsing the Internet. In day you can download 75 mb with high speed. Subscriber fee is from 150 to 200 rubles (depending on the region).

The second variant of the development of events is the tariffplan "Super BIT". Here you can chat, watch movies, read mail and so on. Probably, this is the most suitable function that can only be offered to a modern person. You will get 3 GB for a month, and pay for it from 250 to 300 rubles.

If you are thinking how to connectunlimited Internet MTS on the phone, then you should pay attention to "BIT Smart." For him you will pay from 300 to 350 rubles a month. And for this you will get unlimited Internet at high speed. Here is a super-Internet from MTS. How to connect it? Let's try to understand all this.

how to connect the Internet to the phone on the phone

Let's go

The first way that will help us cope withset task regardless of the chosen tariff plan for mobile Internet is a personal visit to the office of your cellular operator. For him, however, it is necessary to take a passport just in case. After all, no manipulations without the owner of the number in the office will not be conducted.

How to connect MTS Internet to your phone? Go to the nearest office of the mobile operator, and then inform about your intentions to start using the mobile Internet. Tell the employee the necessary tariff, and then inform (if necessary) your passport data. Next - transfer the mobile phone to the operator and wait for a while.

As a rule, if you have enough funds forthe transition, then all the cases will be completed in 5 minutes. You will receive a message with settings for the Internet, which you can keep working normally on the World Wide Web. In cases when money is not enough, you have to replenish your account. And only then realize the idea.

Frankly, this scenario is notespecially attracts customers. After all, on MTS you can connect the Internet through the phone in two accounts. And do not have to go somewhere else. How? Let's try to understand.

mts connect internet via phone

Call the operator

If you do not particularly like the prospect of a visit tooffice of the cellular operator, you can simply call him from your mobile phone to solve our today's question. The thing is that this variant of the development of events is the most common among all the others. After all, the call to the operator is absolutely free.

Dial 0890 on your phone, and then wait for an answer. When you answer, inform the Internet tariff plan, then wait a while. If you have enough funds on the account, then you will receive a message with the settings of the Internet. Otherwise, the operator will inform you that there is not enough money and will suggest replenishing the balance. And only then to renew attempts.

In fact, if you are thinking how to connect tophone Internet on MTS, it is better not to resort to this scenario. After all, you have the probability of getting on the answering machine. Then the process can be dragged on for about 20 minutes. So we'll try to figure out what other solutions are available.

Using Commands

For example, you can always use a mobile phone to send a special request that will help you to realize the idea. However, for each tariff plan (Internet), it's yours.

So, for example, if you need the "BIT" option,then dial * 252 #, then press the call button. You will receive a send request followed by processing. Next - wait for the notification of successful connection of the Internet. More precisely, the settings that will have to be saved.

super internet from mts how to connect

But for "Super BIT" will have to dial * 628 #. Now, just like last time, click on "dial-up", and then wait for the settings. As a rule, if there are enough funds on the balance, the processing of the request will not last more than 10 minutes. Basically it is this move that helps many to understand how to connect the Internet on the MTS on the phone. But there are also a few very interesting scenarios. Which ones? Let's figure it out.

Help messages

Well, another interesting option is the use of SMS-requests. They, as a rule, are most suitable for those who do not particularly like conversations and personal visits to mobile phone offices.

Dial on the mobile phone in the text SMS "1234" orat all send the empty message on number 111. Only after that it will be possible to wait for standard settings of the Internet. That is, the fee for 1 MB of downloaded data will depend on your tariff on the SIM card. That's all.

As a rule, messages are not very popular. After all, sometimes processing requests can take a long time. Then the last method comes to the rescue. And now we'll get acquainted with him.

Internet for help

Another way that can be offered is using the official MTS website. More precisely, a special "personal cabinet", which is available to all customers of this cellular operator.

How can I connect unlimited Internet to the phone

In order to realize the idea, it is enoughjust go through the authorization on the official Internet page of MTS, and then visit the "Services" section. Now look for the tariff you need in the "Internet" sub-item, then click on the required line. Then, just click on "Connect" and wait for a while. You will receive an alert with the settings, after which you will be able to use the mobile Internet. That's all.

Now you know how to connect MTS Internet to your phone. As you see, nothing difficult or supernatural. The main thing is to choose the option that suits you.

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