Laptops Lenovo are extremely popular in Russia and other countries. This is due to the fact that laptops are reliable, unpretentious, productive and have an adequate cost.

Products of this Chinese manufacturerliterally filled all the shelves of computer stores. But along with all the advantages they have one small drawback: in some models it's completely unclear how to go to the BIOS. And this is necessary when installing the system or implementing any settings. If other companies' laptops react to keyboard buttons, then Lenovo refuses to do it. Especially models of the G. series. Hence the question arises: "How to go into the BIOS of Lenovo G50?" We will try to answer it.

how to go to biome lenovo g50

Why do I need to enter the BIOS?

BIOS is a basic input-output system. It allows you to communicate with a PC or laptop at the "hardware" level. BIOS settings greatly affect the performance of the computer as a whole. It is also necessary to go into it and before installing the operating system in order to choose the boot from the installation media, and not from the hard drive. In general, it is very useful to know such information, since it can be useful in the future. And at the most inopportune moment. Therefore it is highly recommended to know how to go to the BIOS of the Lenovo G50 or some other equally whimsical laptop model.

In addition, the BIOS can be incredibleuseful for restoring the computer. It is he who can reset the hardware settings to factory settings. Among other things, it is the settings of the basic input / output system that control the operation of the hardware of the laptop. Therefore, let's take a closer look at the question of how to go into the BIOS of the Lenovo G50.

How to enter the BIOS?

On conventional laptops, the Enter or F2 buttons help. But a completely different story with the Lenovo G50-45. How to log into BIOS on this laptop?

Somewhere on the side of the device, in the vicinitypower connector, there is a small inconspicuous button. We need it. Sometimes it is indicated by an arrow. But it may well be without an arrow. This is the "New" button. It provides various options for downloading a laptop:

  • loading into the BIOS;
  • normal loading;
  • the boot menu;
  • System Restore.

In our case, we need to select the download in the BIOS. Here is a tricky button.

lenovo g50 30 how to access the BIOS

Pay attention to the fact that in someLenovo laptop models (for example, B580 or B590) this button can be located next to the power button of the device. However, on the above models, there is another way to enter the BIOS - you need to press Enter at the boot, in the menu, see the desired line and press F1 to access the BIOS settings. In particular, this concerns the B580 model. As for the Lenovo G50-30, we already know how to go into the BIOS of this laptop. With the help of a small and inconspicuous "Novo" key. Let's turn to the basic settings of BIOS on Lenovo laptops.

Settings for installing Windows 7

Recently Lenovo laptops come withpreinstalled operating system Windows 8. But it does not suit everyone, but when you try to install a "seven" on the laptop, the laptop starts to make mistakes. The situation can save a competent adjustment of the BIOS of the device.

Consider the situation on the example of a Lenovo laptopG50-30. How to go into BIOS, we already know, so we'll go directly to the settings. Go to the Exit tab and look for the OS Optimized Defaults item there. There is a Windows 8 system. We need to change it to "seven". Only that!

laptop lenovo g50 how to access the BIOS

However, after this, it is necessary to load the optimal BIOS settings. So it is necessary to do before each installation of the operating system:

  • To do this, select the Load Default Settings item on the same Exit tab;
  • then click OK;
  • press F10;
  • restart the laptop.

After doing all these manipulations, installing the seventh version of "Windows" will be possible. Problems will no longer arise.

How do I change the boot order?

Sometimes you need to change the boot order of the device. That is, make sure that the laptop is not loaded from the hard drive, but from the installation media (CD-ROM or flash drive). Consider a laptop Lenovo G50:

  • We already know how to go into BIOS, so let's skip this step.
  • After pressing the notorious button "New" a menu will appear, where, among other things, the item Boot Priority will be displayed. Here it is we need.
  • Go to this item and see the list of devices that are available at the moment for download. If you are installing the operating system using a USB drive, you need to select the USB-HDD item.
  • And if you use an optical disk as an installation medium, then select the "ODD-device-name" item.

After that, the computer will start to boot not from the hard disk with the preinstalled operating system, but from the bootable media. And you will be able to start installing the system.

lenovo g50 45 how to access the BIOS


So, how do I log into the Lenovo G50 BIOS? The answer to this question is received. To enter the BIOS there is a special button called "Novo". It can be located both on the side of the device (near the charging slot) and near the power button of the laptop. Pressing this button activates an alternative menu, in which there is also the possibility of entering the BIOS. This is very convenient, although for some old PC users it is very unusual.

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