How many of us have heard of such an invention asVasily Shkondin's engine? Probably not. But nevertheless, our compatriot Vasily Shkondin revolutionized the field of electric motors. In this article we will consider what the Shkondin engine is and what its uniqueness is.

shkondin engine

This story began as early as the seventies of the pastcentury, when a journalist by training, an employee of the Institute of Russian language. Pushkin decided to create an engine that surpasses the traditional electric motors. Vasily Shkondin claimed that only a few types of electric motors were produced, and they are used everywhere, from meat grinders to power stations. The inventor said that no one had yet studied the "variation of technical units". The philological dissertation pushed him to this idea. Its theme was the variability of grammatical and lexical units of the Russian language. The journalist went a long way before talking about him, and his invention, now known as the Shkondin engine, was recognized. For ten years he created about 70 variants of electric motors. An amateur engineer laid the original principles of alternating and unipolar pulses created by an electromechanical trigger. For example, the Shkondin magnetic motor basically has a disk unit fixed to the axis of the driving wheel. It is controlled without a transmission by adjusting the speed. The rotor, connected to the axis of the wheel, along the perimeter of which permanent magnets are fixed, rotates in the stator on which the solenoids are placed. Current pulses are fed to the latter, resulting in an alternating magnetic field that pushes the magnets.

magnetic shkondina

These inventions are confirmed by a dozeninternational patents. The peculiarity of such an invention as Shkondin engine is simplicity and a small number of units: not 10-20, as in traditional electric motors, but only five. Also, there is no external electronic control. Due to the simplicity of this unit, its reliability increases, and the cost price becomes two times lower than that of standard electric motors. Now Shkondin engine is installed on wheelchairs, bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, these inventionsPrizes at exhibitions in Brussels, Seoul, Geneva, Paris, Hanover, Orlando, etc. Despite world awards, Shkondin did not cause a commercial interest.

shkondina vasilia engine

The turning point for the inventor came in2002. His creation was interested in the British investment company. About half a year, Shkondin's engine was tested in the laboratory of Oxford University. British scientists came to the conclusion that all the characteristics specified in the patents are correct, the engine exceeds the performance of traditional analogues by 50% in terms of dynamism and by 30% in terms of operational efficiency. As a result, in 2003, Ultra Motor was founded, founded by Vasily himself.

The first Shkondin electric motors were installedexclusively on light equipment, such as bicycles. However, more powerful engines are now almost ready for production. So, for example, the company Ultra Motor has concluded a contract for the supply of electric vehicles for city services: medical care, gendarmerie, courier. So before the electric motors Shkondina open great prospects, perhaps in Russia soon there will be such cars.

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