Modern technologies do not stand still ifa few years ago, TV and the computer did not combine, and the Internet access was equated to a flight into space, now everything has changed. There was an opportunity not only to view movies or photos on a wide screen, but to connect the TV to the Internet in order to be able to receive from life all the pleasures.

New models of TVs support a specialDLNA format, which provides communication between devices, thanks to the connection to the server. This will require not only DLNA TV, but a home network, which will provide a special router or Wi-Fi router.

On the computer that connects the TV to the Internet,you will need to install a special program that provides the signal. Thanks to it, the same file structure will open on the TV screen as on the computer monitor. Connecting the TV to the Internet will allow not only to reproduce films in high quality, but also to view various channels of satellite television.

How to choose a provider in order to connect the TV to the Internet?

Probably, this question worries very many. After reading the mail or listening to music, you can and on the computer, but to watch a movie in a large company is on the TV. Therefore, when choosing a provider, it is worth paying attention to what services it provides. Best of all, if its services include access to free ip-TV, and this will enable you to view more channels in high quality.

To connect the TV to your home network, you canuse ordinary cables or use special routers that are less cumbersome and do not require laying throughout the apartment. Another option that will make the connection of the TV to the Internet much easier is to connect to the network through wiring.

To do this, you will need to purchase a specialadapter, which will transmit a signal at a speed of 200 Mbit / sec, which will allow to obtain a sufficiently high resolution video signal. Of course, the price for a pair of adapters can be quite high and reach up to $ 150, but technology, and especially new ones, is always expensive. One of them is turned on near the computer, and the second one is on the TV. That provides high-quality signal transmission.

In addition, modern TV modelsgive customers the opportunity to use various applications that are automatically installed during the sale. There is an opportunity to view programs on fitness classes or use a recipe book. Some of the best manufacturers of TV models with DLNA function are Samsung, which are among the first to introduce new products into their production. Although a good model produces a Philips or Sony. The only drawback is that many programs are incompatible.

Set up the connection of the TV to the computer.

For those lucky ones who can affordTo buy a TV with DLNA function, this problem is no longer so important. But for those who have an older model, you need to know how you can connect the computer and TV. You will need a special cable that will go to the output from the video card and the input to the Scart socket on the TV. Although there are twisted universal cables or special adapters, ensuring the transmission of a quality signal.

Many providers provide an opportunityviewing TV channels in HD quality, which you can view by connecting the TV to your computer. But not only this will appeal to users, because now you can view your favorite movies on the big screen without downloading them to discs and using DVD players, which will save a lot of time.

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