In the world of cellular communication quite a lot of differentoperators, and not always the subscriber can guess at the number of the company he calls. This is due to the fact that each operator has its own frequency, on which it operates and can transmit signals of different levels, as well as a set of prefixes that are specific only to a specific connection, so as not to get confused.

Transfer of subscribers to another operator

Recently, since 2013, the cancellation of the"Mobile slavery", which is associated with such an idea that the number itself is not tied to any operator. Thus, a person, seeing favorable conditions in another company, can, without changing the number, enter into a service agreement with another operator.

The transfer of the number costs about 100 rubles and takes more than one day. This need to be clarified at the time of filling out the application.

923 which region and operator

However, most people are rather conservative. If a person uses a number that starts at 8923 (region - Kemerovo region), in most cases it can be said that the SIM card belongs to the operator "Megaphone".

Check the number

In any case, when calling to unfamiliar numbersit is better to check which carrier they belong to. Megafon subscribers can perform analysis using the USSD command * 629 # completely free. A small window will appear on the screen of the mobile device where you need to enter a number without 8, for example, 923. Which region and operator the subscriber serves is also displayed. It is not necessary to enter the entire number, only the next three digits are required for the prefix, and the remaining ones are zeroes.

The MTS company also has a team to check whether the number is valid - * 111 * 916 * number without 8 #. It is necessary to pay attention that the request is paid, 2.17 rubles.

operator 923

Beeline also offers a service for checking: * 444 * number without 8 #. At the same time the subscriber receives SMS with the information when the request is received, whether the entered digits belong to the given cellular operator or not.

New prefix

The capacity of the number base for cellular operatorsis changing, as the connection develops, there are more and more base stations. If earlier it was possible to say exactly about the number that starts at 923, which region and operator it is, today it is necessary to check this information.

For example, now through the online store "Megaphone" you can buy numbers starting with 999. These SIM cards are ordered through the company's website in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Omsk and Novosibirsk regions.

923th capacity

Despite numerous changes, withthe standard approach to talk about the number 923 (which region and the operator serves the SIM card) can be confidently - its owner - Megafon, the Siberian branch. The base includes several regions and even republics:

  • the above-mentioned regions and the Krasnoyarsk Territory;
  • republics of Tyva and Khakassia
  • Altai region;
  • Tomsk Region;
  • The Kemerovo area;
  • Norilsk and Taimyr MR.

In general, the code 923 operator assigned initially to allto subscribers of "Megaphone". Later, when there were more users, the numbers became scarce, and capacity began to increase. Also, communications geography began to expand, and base stations appeared in remote areas of Siberia. In this connection, a new prefix was needed - 929.

Landline number

In addition to federal numbers, the operator of 923-th capacity also provides the city format. In different areas of the Siberian region, the figures are completely different.

code 923 statement

In order to find out by federal number its federal value, you can call the customer support center or write to the chat window on the website of the company "Megafon"

USSD queries

The cellular company for its subscribers also provides other services. They do not have a binding to the region, since they are universal for subscribers throughout Russia.

For example, users can check their number with the command * 205 #, and find out their tariff - * 105 #.

It should be remembered that in roaming datateams may not act. Also, you need to carefully select them, because the wrong combination, even in the home region, can cost money - from 5 to 60 rubles.

You can, of course, contact the customer support center and disassemble the situation, leaving an application for financial specialists. Within 5-7 days, cash can be returned back to the balance.


Depending on which numbers are most oftencall the subscriber 923, which region and operator from the other party, you can pick up a very profitable tariff. In case it is a link of the same region, but belongs to another company, there are special services that allow you to talk with friends at a discount, or tariffs, with which you can communicate for free for a fixed number of minutes.

There are tariffs that allow you to contact Megafon subscribers whose numbers begin, for example, at 929 or 923.

Which region and operator the interlocutor can have almost no value, since there is always the opportunity to communicate cheaper than the base rates.

Outside the home region

A separate conversation deserves roaming for subscribers. For example, the number provided by the Siberian operator (923 and 929), being outside the home region, is registered in the guest network.

8923 which region

Therefore, the cost of calls home will be muchmore expensive than usual. In addition, no services will not function. Subscribers of numbers 8 923 (the region serving this capacity, listed earlier) can call a SIM card that is outside the home region, in any city or country, as well as usually - at the cost of its tariff.

Number replacement

If the subscriber's numbers for some reason do notarrange, they can be changed without changing the SIM card. Depending on which prefix is ​​numbered - 8 929 or 8 923 which region (the Siberian branch area) serves the SIM card, and other parameters are selected a new number for the subscriber.

8 923 region

Replacement is paid. The better the number, the higher the cost. There are silver, gold and platinum numbers. You can even change the digital set in such a way that it looks like the old one, but differed by one digit. At the same time, absolutely nothing changes on the SIM card itself - neither the tariff, nor the balance, nor any services. Accordingly, it will be impossible to reach the subscriber by the old number.

The service, which provides the opportunity to notify friends about changing numbers, is called in "Megaphone" "My new number".

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