MTS provides its subscribers with a number ofinteresting tariff plans for using the Internet. Among them you can find attractive options for those who are lost all day on the global network, and for those people who rarely use the Internet or in small volumes. The main disadvantage of the tariff plans, which imply certain limits of traffic, is the availability of the set volume. After all, once it is over, it will be impossible to use the Internet. The speed will be low, and even download mail in this case will be problematic. Therefore, many subscribers who can not fit within the framework established by the tariff plan ask themselves how to add traffic to MTS. There are several ways to extend the speed, we'll discuss them in more detail.

How to add traffic to MTS

Types of options for increasing traffic

You can add Internet traffic in the followingvolumes: 100/500/1000/5000/20000 megabytes. Previously, you could also use the "night offer" and get really unlimited access to the World Wide Web, though only from 1 am to 7 am. At the same time, the subscription fee for this option was quite ridiculous - only two hundred rubles a month. However, at the moment it can not be used - it was excluded from the list of options and services available for activation. Add traffic ("MTS", tariff "Smart", etc. TP) is now possible by connecting a package with any volume (options are listed at the beginning of the current section).

MTS add Internet traffic

Features of connecting and using packages

Like any option, packages for increasing traffic are provided on certain conditions. Before you tell us how to add traffic to MTS Smart, here's the description.

  • All options for increasing traffic, except for a package of 100 megabytes, are activated for one month. The previously named package is provided for one day (24 hours).
  • You can activate multiple batchproposals, regardless of whether they have the same volume. In this case, the amount of data will be summed up, and the date of the package action will be set in accordance with the date of the last activated package end. The first activated package will be consumed, a new volume will be available after it.
  • The options are disabled automatically if one of the following conditions is met: the packet limit is exhausted, the date when the trip should occur.

How to add traffic to MTS Smart

Packages up to 1 gigabyte in size

How to add traffic to "MTS" up to onegigabyte? If you need a small package and 100 megabytes will be enough, then using the turbo button of the appropriate value, you can activate it for only thirty rubles. After 24 hours after adding traffic, the packet will be deactivated automatically, regardless of whether it was used up.

The second largest package is 500 megabytes. Unlike the first variant of increasing traffic, it is provided for 30 days. The activation fee is 95 rubles. Users who use tablet PCs and want to add traffic to Smart MTS should pay attention to the package of one gigabyte. Its cost is 175 rubles. Validity period is also one month. To him, if necessary, you can add another similar package or some other, if the volume still will not be enough.

How to add traffic to "MTS" more than one gigabyte

For users, packages are available for activationThe following volumes: two, five and twenty gigabytes. The latter option is more often used by subscribers using the MTS modem, although fans spend a lot of time on the Internet successfully connect it to mobile devices. As for the cost, the minimum of these packages, the volume of two gigabytes, is 300 rubles, the next, five gigabytes, - 450 rubles. Option "Turboknopka" with the maximum amount of traffic can be activated for nine hundred rubles.

Options for connecting options

All previously described options can be activateduser manually. It is better to do this via the MTS website. You can add Internet traffic through your personal account, which also has the ability to check how much traffic has already been used. This will allow you to control your expenses and, if necessary, replenish your account on time. In the web interface, you can activate both the option for 100 megabytes, and the package containing twenty gigabytes. Please note that you need to replenish the account number in advance, that is, until the option is connected, as the funds are debited immediately when the button is pressed (or by entering a USSD request from the phone or another mobile device).

Add traffic to MTS tariff Smart

Another way to activate is sending USSD requests. Here is the list of commands to connect:

  • the maximum package is * 469 #;
  • five gigabytes - * 169 #;
  • two gigabytes - * 168 #;
  • one gigabyte - * 467 #;

To activate the package 500 megabytes - * 167 #, and 100 megabytes (valid for one day) - * 111 * 05 * 1 #.

Add traffic to Smart MTS


The question of how to add traffic to MTS,is relevant for many clients of MTS. In this article, we gave all possible options for increasing traffic. They can be used for tariff plans that already have packages with included megabytes for a certain subscription fee or for numbers with tariffs without monthly and daily payments. In this case, both in the first and second case, the conditions for using the options do not change. They can be connected in several pieces, without fear of losing the remains of the first connected package, since the traffic volume is summed up. Deactivate them is not mandatory: at the onset of the shutdown date, the system will automatically exclude them from the list of options for your number.

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