A tablet is a portable computer thathas many different useful functions. Of course, it is convenient to use for simple tasks: surfing the Internet, watching movies, doing office work (if a keyboard is connected), etc. And most importantly, you can take it with you to any place. Unfortunately, if the functions are beyond the power of even the best devices.

The tablet is difficult to use to create a newcontent. The inaccuracy of the lines and the inconvenience in drawing become an obstacle to this. Many devices are not designed for these functions, unlike graphic tablets. But many users try to add functions to their device and make it unique. Let's look at how to make a graphics tablet from a tablet.

how to make a graphic tablet from a tablet

Reincarnation of the tablet

As we have already found out, these portable devicesare intended for the use of ready-made content. It can be like games, movies, music, and office work and surfing the Internet. Many will agree that this is enough for a comfortable pastime.

But today we are trying to improve our device,so we are looking for a solution that will let you know how to make a graphics tablet from a tablet. Now you can find many applications that add functions to our device.

how to make a graphic tablet from your phone


First, consider the more popular andexpensive device. So, how to make an iPad graphic tablet? Consider the editor Sketchbook Ink, which was developed by a fairly popular company Autodesk. This application will allow us to save money and add many functions that a graphics tablet has.

This company produces many different applications for private and commercial use. Autodesk products have already been evaluated by millions of people around the world.

This popular company got to the productionApple, which has a rather peculiar operating system - iOS. The graphic editor Sketchbook Ink provides people with a complete set of tools for creating high-quality content. The application is great not only for people who decided to learn to draw, but also for professionals. Probably, many will agree that it is much more convenient to draw on one prepared device than to carry a set of pencils and paper.

The app can turn your devicerunning the iOS operating system into a graphics tablet that will use vector graphics. This is the right choice, according to many experts. It is vector graphics that will not lose image quality even with a large increase in the figure.

Sketchbook Ink contains a large set oftools, which allows you to create high-quality images. Various brushes, pencils, an eraser, a palette of colors will help you create a masterpiece. For drawing, you can use a special thin stylus.

can I make a tablet from a tablet

Can I make a graphic tablet from a tablet? Of course! As you already understood, the quality of the images is pretty good. This is possible due to image scaling and high-quality fill. You can use several shades or fill the area with the selected color.

In this application there is a fairly useful function. To create a better image, you can use layers. Only thanks to this you can get a fairly realistic image.


How to make a graphic tablet from your phone ortablet running the Android operating system? Of course, many more people use Android-devices, this is due to the price of devices and a variety of choices. That's why the developers of applications for this operating system are not inferior to iOS. In "Playmarket" there are many different applications that will allow you to create fairly high-quality images.

You can use any application thatmore like it. They contain a standard set of functions. Also for more productive work you will need a stylus. The principle of these applications is similar to Sketchbook Ink.

how to make a graphic from an ordinary tablet

Android apps

Which utilities should I use?

  1. PaperSimple. At first glance it may seem that thisa fairly simple application that is not capable of satisfying the user. But this is not so. After you figure out the application and start painting, the first quality images will start to appear. Using vector graphics, you can maximize the image without losing quality for further editing.
  2. Skedio. A good application for creating images using vector graphics. However, it is more suitable for beginners, professionals will be rather uncomfortable in it to work.

Of course, this is not all applications, but only they will really allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of creativity. So we learned how to make a graphic from an ordinary tablet.

how to make an ipad graphics tablet

Received images

After drawing you can upload your masterpiecesin a special service Dropbox, to later send images to the computer. You can also send images to social networks right after drawing, so that they can be appreciated by your friends.


How to make a tablet from a tablet? Everything is very simple. To do this, just install a special application, which will create really high-quality images. All you need is a tablet, an internet connection and, preferably, a stylus. Install the application and enjoy. After drawing, the images can be shared with friends. That's all. Now you also know how to make a graphic tablet from a tablet.

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