Today, in the era of innovative technologies,almost every citizen of the country has his own personal mobile phone. As a rule, its application is always accompanied by the purchase of a SIM card and the further use of the services of telecom operators. As there is a great demand for such services, companies are trying to attract attractive offers.

For example, some of them offer socalled package services. They mean giving the subscriber a certain number of minutes per month at a very favorable cost. The Tele2 operator is not an exception. But such a proposal is available only to a certain circle of subscribers who prefer to communicate only within the network and only within their own region. Connection to such a "packet" tariff plan is automatic, it is enough to put the required amount of money on the account.

find the rest of minutes on TV2

How to find out the rest of the minutes on "Tele2": the main ways

On the "packet" tariff plans, the write-off of funds forThe service is performed once a month. And the amount is always fixed here (unless, of course, you go beyond what you are allowed to do). Therefore, as such, the subscribers do not find in the constant tracking of the balance of the mobile phone account. Most often they are interested in the question "how to find the rest of the minutes on" Tele2 ". So, you can do this in several ways. They are presented below:

  1. Using the USSD command.
  2. Calling the information service of the telecom operator.
  3. Contact the service provider directly.

To understand how the determination of the rest of minutes is carried out in those or other cases, it is necessary to consider each of the proposed items in more detail.

learn the rest minutes tele2 black

Set of USSD commands

For many subscribers, find the remaining minutes on the"Tele2" is a real problem. And they can be easily understood! After all, this information can not be obtained in your personal account. Yes, it is easy to determine the balance of the account, check all financial costs, order the details. Nevertheless, no information on the "free" minutes can not be found.

The easiest and easiest way to solve thisthe problem is to dial a certain combination of numbers. And depending on the chosen tariff plan, its values ​​will be modified. For example, to find out the rest of the minutes in the "Purple" package, dial * 116 * 17 # on the phone and press the call key. After a short time, the mobile phone will receive an SMS message, which will contain information about the balance of minutes and SMS, as well as traffic. The notification comes in Russian, so there should not be any problems with reading this information!

If the phone is connected to another tariff plan,then you can try to type such a combination: * 155 * 20 #. However, this can not always give the desired result. After all, to the great regret, it is not always possible to learn the rest of the minutes with the help of the USSD-command. And it's sad, because nothing is easier in this matter - it's the easiest and most accessible method to find out the rest of minutes of "Tele2". The "black" tariff assumes a completely different combination. It will be discussed below.

Call the Help Desk

If the above method did not yield results,should proceed to a little more fussy, but also simple action - call the customer support center. It should be noted that Tele2 does not have a single number in Russia all over Russia, so it will be necessary to search for the required information on the official website of the company. But before that you should first change the region of residence to your own.

Since, for the most part, subscribersof the operator in question are residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg and the regions, telephone numbers should be provided for contacting the reference service. So, Moscow residents will have to call +7 (495) 97-97-611 or +7 (977) 77-77-777 or 611, and the Leningrad region - at +7 (812) 989-00-22.

After you establish a connection to the operator, you need topress the button "0" and wait for the answer of the specialist. During the conversation, you should ask the desired question, for example, "how to find the remnants of minutes on" Tele2 ". It should be noted that the employee of "Tele2" can additionally request information about the subscriber: his name, passport data.

how to find the remnants of minutes on TV2

Contacting the operator's office

If you find out the rest of the minutes on "Tele2"The above methods do not work, you should contact the mobile operator's office. At the same time, you can not forget to take with you the passport of a Russian citizen. Solve the problem here can themselves or just tell how to do everything.

tele2 learn the remainder of the minute tariff black

How on "Tele2" to find the rest of minutes: tariff "Black"

Many subscribers of the Tele2 operator are connected tosuch a popular and profitable tariff, like "Black". To check the remaining minutes, you will need to enter the following combination of numbers * 155 * 100 # and press the call key. After a few seconds / minutes of waiting on the phone will receive a SMS-notification, where the required information will be indicated.

Let the advice given be useful in such a case, how to find out the rest of the minutes on "Tele2", and let them do what they want!

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