Finally, you bought yourself a brand new iPhone. Hands are already reaching out to remove the wrapper ... A few minutes, and your long-awaited phone is ready for use! You have already uploaded a bunch of music, movies, themes, downloaded your favorite applications and are ready to forever forget about your old phone. Do not hurry! And what about your contacts? To whom and where will you call?

How to transfer contacts to iphone

The problem of moving contacts on iPhone is troublingvery many users. They go to different workshops and service centers, complain about uncomprehending masters, pester forum thresholds and curse iPhone developers. How to be? Sit and enter contacts one at a time?

Not worth it! Manually interrupt all contacts - this is long and not up-to-date. How to transfer contacts on the iPhone quickly and without unnecessary hassle? Making this younger brother a great option!

In addition to jokes, transfer contacts to the iPhonepretty simple. You can use different special programs, especially since they have appeared quite a large amount recently, and there are plenty to choose from. If you are interested in how to transfer contacts to the iPhone without any technical problems, you can offer you a simple elegant option:

  1. We copy all contacts from the old phone to the old SIM card (in any phone there is such an option in the "Contacts" menu).
  2. The old SIM card is carefully trimmed and inserted into the iPhone.

All the torments are over, all your contacts are back with you! Easy and simple, without programs and problems.

In the event that your plans do not include danceswith a tambourine around Simka, and if you are not ready to lose the old Simka with all contacts, if your hand still falters - do not despond! To transfer contacts to you the special program under name "iTunes" which also can synchronize them with programs on your personal computer or the laptop will help.

copy contacts to iphone

So, below is a step-by-step instruction on how to transfer contacts to iPhone:

  1. Save contacts from your phone in Outlook. To do this, use the software that was sold with your phone.
  2. Open in Outlook a list of contacts copied from your phone.
  3. Connect iPhone to your computer.
  4. Launch iTunes.
  5. In the program, select the "Information" window of your iPhone.
  6. Check the box next to "Synchronize contacts with:" and select "Outlook" in the menu on the right.
  7. Reboot the iPhone.

That's all! As you can see, copying contacts on the iPhone will not be difficult even for an inexperienced user.

transfer contacts to iphone

But before you transfer contacts to iPhone, pay attention to some important points:

  1. Do not use the phone while data is being transferred to it! Do not turn it off at this moment!
  2. If you have an old mobile phonewas signed in the field "Name" - everything is in order, the records will be transferred without problems. If you wrote something in the field "Last Name" - the signature may change or be partially transferred.
  3. If the contact in the old phone had more than two numbers, they have all chances to get lost. Consider this when moving!
  4. Email addresses and groups are likely to be transferred without problems.

Good luck with moving contacts to your iPhone! The main thing - do not be nervous, and everything will turn out!

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