By connecting the Internet to your mobile device,the subscriber of "Tele2" should be ready for the fact that he regularly has to monitor the traffic status. This is due to the fact that there is no completely unlimited Internet for mobile gadgets - for a specific period, some amount of traffic is offered (this may be a daily or monthly limit), after exceeding which you will have to pay again to get a comfortable speed of Internet connection. How on "Tele2" to find out the rest of the package and how can you increase traffic after the main limit for the tariff or options will be spent?

as on the body2 learn the remainder of the package

Step 1. Determine which Internet is used on the SIM card

Before giving a description of the ways thatcan be used by the client of the alternative operator to obtain the information of interest to him, it is necessary to find out which Internet is activated on the number. We remind you that we can talk about Internet packages that are connected "on top" of the main tariff plan. For example, it could be "Internet suitcase", "Internet Portfolio", etc. Also, the Internet, along with other communication services (minutes of calls and text messages), can provide within the specific tariff plan "Tele2". You can find out the rest of the package (Black, Super Black, etc.) in various ways, which will be discussed later.

how to find the rest of the package on the phone2

USSD request / Mobile account (or personal page on the operator's website)

If you do not remember which options were connected and what tariff is used for your SIM card, how do you find out the rest of the package on "Tele2" in this case? You can use one of the following methods:

  • Type the query: * 153 #. In response to such a request, the system will generate a text message with information about which of the options for using the Internet is available on the current issue.
  • View data in the mobile app - onthe main page of the program installed on smartphones and tablet PCs, you can not only see what kind of Internet is used on the number, but also find out the rest of the package of services "Tele2".
  • Type the query * 107 #. Through this short request, you can get information about the tariff on the number connected.

Step 2. We specify how much traffic can be used within the existing limit on the tariff plan

If at the first stage it was found thatthe traffic provided by the tariff plan is used, then there are two options for obtaining information about how many megabytes have already been spent:

tele2 learn the remainder of the package black

  • Request * 155 * 0 #. This is a universal query that makes senseremember all subscribers of the line "Black", as well as for customers using the TP "Blue" with the included minutes. Find the remainder of the package "Tele2" ("Very black", "Unlimited black", etc.) with it can be quickly and easily. After dialing this combination, the subscriber should wait a few minutes, and then get acquainted with the information that will be sent to him in the message. In addition to information on the number of megabytes, the client will also be notified before what date the traffic operates.
  • Mobile interface of personal cabinet. Another, not less convenient way of viewingdata, is an application for smartphones and tablet PCs. Having installed it, the subscriber of the alternative operator can at any time (in the presence of an Internet connection, of course) view the status of the account, the balances of packages, etc. Downloading and using this program for your mobile gadget is free.

Step 3. Find out how much traffic is left for additional options

How on "Tele2" to find out the rest of the package that wasis connected as part of an optional option? The order of actions that need to be performed to view the required information is similar to that we examined in step 2.

learn the remainder of the package tele2 very black

At the same time, depending on which package is used, the team will be compiled to send the request:

  • internet from the phone - code 15;
  • Internet package - code 19;
  • Internet portfolio - code 20;
  • Internet suitcase - code 21.

The command will look like this: * 155 * / option code / #.

For users of mobile gadgets pleasantthe news will be the moment that you can view the data for the above options also via the mobile application. This software is optimized for the screens of mobile devices and will become a real godsend for those who prefer Internet-based tools for number management.

How can I find out the rest of the package on "Tele2" in other ways?

For those who are wondering if there are othersmethods of obtaining data regarding the remaining traffic, it should be noted that through the contact center, you can also request this data. However, before this you will have to listen to the voice menu with many sub-items and wait until the operator answers you. By the way, through the voice system, you can also listen to traffic data. It is enough to dial the number 611 (from the SIM card, which is interested in the data), select the appropriate item by clicking the corresponding number.

find out the rest of the tele2 service package


In this article, we looked at how on "Tele2"find the rest of the package. The company offers a number of ways to get data. For complex viewing of information about the account status / list of connected services, as well as for managing the number, it is recommended to use the same application for mobile gadgets - it is optimized for the screens of such devices, it is functional enough and allows visual control. You can also use the functionality of USSD-requests. If you save the necessary command in the device memory, you can access the data at any time, even if you do not have an Internet connection.

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