Cell phone is disconnected due to lowcharge of the battery, on it was activated the air mode or communication failure? Nothing wrong. Even if for some time your number was unavailable, the company "Tele2" will notify you about who tried to call during the "absence". You can not only get information about missed calls, but also find out how many calls and at what time was committed on "Tele2". How to activate the "Who called" service, how it works, how to set it up correctly - that's what this article is about.

On the phone2 how to activate the service who called

Description of the service

Before we talk about howthere is activation of the service and its adjustment, I would like to give its general description. "Who called" - this option appeared at the mobile operator we are considering for a long time. At the same time, the principle of its functioning for the current day has remained the same. The only thing that has changed is the payment for its use. In the first time after the appearance on "Tele2" (how to activate the service "Who called" we will consider further) the service was provided free of charge.

It is included in the basic package of services and is activated on all numbers automatically (when purchasing the "Tele2" number, be sure that you will find it in the list of options connected by "default").

Service who called on the phone2 paid

"Who called" service (on "Tele2"): cost

Clarify the actual cost of the service for yourregion can be found on the website of the mobile operator by going to the appropriate section with a list of services. However, it should be noted that the connection is free. There is a daily fee for the service. For example, in the Tula region it is 50 kopecks.

On the tariff plans, which are used for the Internet, there is no subscription at all. pay. But for the line of TP "Black" it is included in the existing fee according to the tariff plan.

Activation on "Tele2": how to activate the "Who called" service?

It is not necessary to connect the service, since itis the basic option and is included in the list of services connected by the number "by default". However, if you do not receive messages about missed calls, then several options are possible:

  • the option has been deactivated (by the user or by the customer support officer);
  • on the number previously set up call forwarding (if there is a valid forwarding on the number it is impossible to use the "Who called" service);
  • since the "Who called" service on "Tele2" is paid, then if there are no funds in the account sufficient to write off the daily payment, it is suspended.

The solutions to each situation are as follows:

  • activate the option again, you can use the command * 155 * 331 # (or use the web assistant or its analogue - the application for mobile devices);
  • Recover forwarding to the service number"Tele2" for the correct operation of the service (for each region, this number is individual, a complete list can be viewed on the operator's portal or by calling the contact center number);
  • to deposit money into the account.

Service who called on the phone2 cost

If the above suggestions did not helpto restore the correct operation of the service and notifications of missed calls are still not received, then contact the contact center (0611).


In this article, we found that theOur service is basic on "Tele2". How to activate the "Who called" service, if it is not on the number? You can do this yourself, using web-office tools (or the mobile application functionality that is its analog) and standard USSD requests.

A customer service specialist can also help with setting up and activating the service: you just need to call 0611 and explain the situation.

We hope that these tips will be useful to you.

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