Using the Internet not only in everyday lifelife, but also on working issues, it is difficult to imagine yourself for at least one day without it. Subscribers of the mobile operator Beeline can not worry about this because they can not completely stay without the Internet, but to get a lower connection speed after the exhaustion of traffic is quite common for them. To view news, e-mail, social networking, small speed can suffice, but for more serious actions (watching videos, listening to music, communicating, downloading files, etc.) this is not enough. How to connect on the number of "Beeline" additional traffic and avoid reducing the speed, we will discuss in this article.

beeline additional traffic

Variants of the speed extension

The mobile operator "Beeline" offers itssubscribers have several options for extending the speed. Recall that according to the terms of the tariff plans, implying a certain amount of traffic after exceeding the limit, the speed limit (64 Kb / s) is enabled. To continue to use the Internet at normal speed, you can activate additional traffic on the Beeline number by connecting specialized options.

  1. "Extend the speed" 1000 MB.
  2. "Extend the speed" 3000 MB.
  3. The automatic speed extension service provides an additional 200 MB.

how to connect additional traffic to a beeline

Conditions for providing options

The above packages used foradding traffic, are available on any tariff plan for the "Highway" and "All" series. Since there is a certain amount of megabytes included in the subscription fee for these TPs, it is necessary to connect the extension options only after the available limit is exhausted on the "Beeline" number. Additional Internet traffic is activated on the following conditions:

  • the megabyte package "Prolly rate 1 Gb" is provided for a fee of 100 rubles (it is debited once from the balance of the number when the option is activated);
  • package megabytes "Prolly speed 1 GB" is connected for a fee of 200 rubles (written off at the time of activation of the option).

Important is the point that these packagescease to be effective in cases of the exhaustion of the limit established for them and the end of the settlement period in which they were connected. If everything is very simple with the first situation - megabytes are out - the option is disabled, then in the second situation it is required to explain: for example, on the tariff plan "Highway 18 GB", on which the connected volumes of services are valid until December 21, the allowed traffic was exceeded on the 17th. The subscriber activated the speed extension (1000 MB package), which he needs to use for four days. If he does not manage to do this and on December 21, the volume will not be exhausted, then the remaining megabytes are burned (that is, the transition to a new period is not carried out). At the same time, if the activated package is used up before the new period comes, the subscriber will most likely have to connect additional Beeline traffic to continue using the Internet at the maximum allowed speed. The number of connections for such options is unlimited.

how to take additional traffic on Beeline


This service will be especially relevant for thosecustomers of the company "Beeline", who do not use a lot of traffic and do not want to constantly think about how many megabytes are left. The option of automatic speed extension is activated on the number one time, and in the future after the main limit is exhausted (at the tariff), additional traffic in the amount of 200 Mb is connected to the "Beeline" number. The cost of this option is 20 rubles (for each volume provided). Activation of traffic and debiting of funds from the account occurs automatically (if the necessary amount is available) each time when the basic limit is exhausted.

connect additional traffic Beeline

How to connect additional traffic to the "Beeline"?

Activating the speed-upgrade packages, as well as anyother services on the room, can be made through the user's personal cabinet (on the company's official website). How to take additional traffic on the "Beeline", if there is no possibility to use the Internet?

Use the following USSD requests and numbers:

  • extension of the speed for 1000 MB - * 115 * 121 # (or call to number 067-409-32-21);
  • extension of the speed by 3000 MB - * 115 * 122 # (or call to number 067-409-32-22);
  • auto-prolongation of speed - * 115 * 23 # (or call to number 067-471-778); you can cancel the service by calling * 115 * 230 #, or by calling 067- 471-77-80.

beeline additional internet traffic

What should I look for?

Before you take additional traffic on the "Beeline", you need to make sure that the amount on the account is enough to activate the service.

  • Use the above options only in the home region. Of course, you will not be banned from connecting outside of it, only they will not act.
  • The cost of services is indicated for the Moscow region. It is necessary to clarify on the official website of the company or through the contact center how much it will cost to activate on the "Beeline" number additional traffic for your region.


Now you know how to connect an additionaltraffic on the "Beeline." These options can be useful when the main limit is exhausted, and to use the Internet at a normal speed is necessary. Activate them through a mobile device or through a personal cabinet. If there is no such possibility, then contact the specialists of the customer support - they will help to connect various packages, and completely free.

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