Internet is an important component of modern tariffplans. Sometimes for comfortable work with a network on mobile devices it is necessary to connect those or other packages of services. For example, "Unlimited Opera Mini" from "Tele2". This option helps to work with the Internet on favorable terms. But how to disable Opera mini on Tele2? How can I connect to this service package? What does it give? Let's get acquainted with this proposal.

how to disable an opera mini on a TV2


Unlimited Internet is the dream of every user. Nobody wants to overpay for the traffic used. To be honest, it's worthwhile to decide how to disable Opera Mini on Tele2, after receiving information about this option. To some it seems quite attractive.

The thing is that you can not pay fortraffic, working in the application Opera Mini. In fact, the subscriber receives unlimited Internet for a purely nominal fee - 3.5 rubles per day (in some regions, the cost can be 5 rubles). In principle, a very good offer for active users of the mobile network "Tele2". Disable the "Opera Mini" in several ways. But to begin with it is necessary to connect the given option.


First of all, you need to set up your phone forwork with GPRS-signal. Download Opera Mini and install this application on your smartphone. Without it you can not use unlimited Internet from the company "Tele2". Once all the actions have been completed, you can proceed directly to the connection.

The most popular option is the use of codecombinations for the query. On the mobile device, dial * 155 * 11 # and wait for the message with the result of the request processing. After that, you can just go into the application and enjoy unlimited Internet.

tele2 disable opera mini

Also, each subscriber has the right to useservice "My Tele2". You are authorized on the official site, go to the "Internet" section and search for the "Unlimited Opera Mini" option. Click on "Connect", enter the appropriate confirmation code for the operation with the desired line on the screen and wait for the message with the result. Are you ready? And now consider how to disable the "Opera Mini" on "Tele2". Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Kaliningrad - it does not matter in what city you live. After all, the processes are the same for all regions of Russia. So, you can always choose the method that seems most attractive to you.

Through the site

The first option that is offered to allsubscribers - is the use of the official page "Tele2". To be more exact, a service called "My Tele2". This is a kind of personal office, in which each subscriber is able to manage all available services of a cellular operator.

Go to the site "Tele2", and then go throughthe authorization process on it. You will get to the service we need. How to disable "Opera Mini" on "Tele2" (Omsk, Peter, Volgograd - the region of residence is not important)? Select "Services", and then find there "Unlimited Opera Mini". Opposite this label will be the corresponding function. In our case, it is called "Disconnect".

how to disable the opera mini on the body2 of Chelyabinsk

If you click this button, the process startssending the request. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone, which you must enter on the screen in a special field to complete the operation. Nothing complicated in this. Please note, the message may come with some delay. But, as the subscribers note, it is no more than 5 minutes. If you still have not received the verification code, please try again.

If you want, you can just go through the processauthorization on the website "Tele2", go to the "Internet" section and find the "Mobile Internet" point there. In the window that opens, click on "Unlimited Opera Mini". Before you will be a detailed description of the package. After that, click on "My Tele2" in the sub-item "Disable the service". The site will redirect you directly to a page where you can unsubscribe from this feature. This approach is relevant for subscribers who have not yet figured out the navigation of the "Personal Cabinet" on the "Tele2" hosting.

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But this is not the only solution. There are several other options that can help us figure out how to disable the "Opera Mini" on "Tele2". For example, if you do not like working with the official site of the operator, you can always resort to using the USSD-request. This combination helps to quickly disconnect and connect this or that service. Each package has its own.

how to disable the opera mini on the TV2 omsk

If you are wondering how to disable Opera Mini on"Tele2" (Kemerovo, Moscow and other cities of Russia), use the combination * 155 * 10 #. Next, click on the call button and wait for a response. After a while, you will receive a message on the phone with the result of processing the request. By the way, this action is absolutely free. But the connection to the package will cost 10 rubles. Take into account this fact.

Call the operator

How to disable "Opera Mini" on "Tele2", ifThe proposed options seemed unsuitable and inconvenient to you? In this situation, you can call the operator and ask the employee to remove the specified function. Unfortunately, this method is used very rarely.

Call the toll-free number "Tele2" 611 andwait for the answer. If you get to the voice of the robot, you will have to listen to all the menu items and choose the option that is responsible for the conversation with the live operator. Please let us know that we would like to cancel the Unlimited Opera Mini package. You can request passport data to verify your identity, so do not be surprised and do not get scared. At the end of the conversation, the employee will inform you of the successful formation of the request. From you now you need to wait for SMS-notification with the result.

how to disable an opera mini on a tele2 kemerovo

Personal visit

Independently to understand with connection andThe disconnect of certain services on the SIM card is not given to everyone. And in the case when you have time, but there is no desire to solve the question posed to you independently, it is quite logical to report to the nearest office of "Tele2". Talk to the staff there. They will certainly explain how to turn off the "Opera Mini" on "Tele2".

As a rule, office workers will ask youphone and do it yourself. It is important that the SIM card is framed by you. After all, in some cases they can ask for a passport for identification. A couple of minutes in the office "Tele2" - and Opera Mini is disabled.

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