Quite often people are interested in where they are storedcontacts in "Android." This issue is mainly due to the fact that modern smartphones quickly become obsolete. When you replace them you have to think about transferring all data from the SIM card and the device as a whole. Contacts often cause a lot of trouble. But if you prepare in advance for the process, you can easily transfer the phone book from "Android" to "Android."

where contacts are stored in android

Where are the

To begin with, it is necessary to understand where the contacts are kept. Are they located in a text file or in some database? The answer to this question will depend on further actions.

Where are the contacts stored in Android? Users assure that this information is located in the SQLite database. Initially, contacts are recorded here. However, they can be transferred to a SIM card or memory card. So the phone book will always be with its owner.

Directory search

All that remains to be done is to findmobile device folder with the appropriate data. Where in "Android" are the contacts stored? They will be located in the document contactss.db or contacts2.db. They will have to be searched on a mobile device.

where the android stores contacts

Where are the contacts stored in Android? In order to copy the phonebook from the device, you must find the document mentioned earlier. It is located in the data directory. You must open the following folder chain:

  • data (2 times);
  • com.android.providers.contacts;
  • databases.

After that, the last folder needs to be foundcontacts / contacts2. This is the phone book. It can be copied, deleted or transferred to another device. Typically, this requires root-rights. For example, with the help of specialized programs. Among them are iRoot and KingRoot.

About copying data

Now it's clear where the contacts in the phone are stored"Android". Search for the relevant document is usually needed to copy the phone book. Transfer contacts from Android to Android is easier than it seems. Especially when it comes to using the same OS assemblies.

Typically, you can copy the phonebook to a SIM card or to a Flash card as follows:

  1. Go to the mobile device in the Contacts menu.
  2. Open the settings. In some phone models, you need to select the "Advanced" menu item.
  3. Select the option "Import / Export". Click on the line that is responsible for this or that operation.
  4. Specify a location for importing or exporting data. As a rule, we are talking about a SIM card or a memory card.

This is the simplest solution. Knowing where the contacts are stored in "Android", you can copy this phonebook file using a PC and transfer it to the desired directory on the new device. In addition, for the transfer of contacts there are various programs and applications. But modern users often use data synchronization with Google. This trick will help you not to think about where the contacts in Android are stored. If you have mail on Google, you can synchronize data without root-rights or searching for a phone book on your mobile device.

where the contacts in the phone are stored android

The actions in this case are reduced to the following algorithm:

  1. On the old Android phone in the menu "Settings" - "Accounts" go through the authorization in Google. Mark the "Contacts" section when you enter the mail in the "Synchronization" section.
  2. Sign in to Google on the new phone. This will automatically synchronize contacts.
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