how to unlock sim card TV2
It so happened that you found that yourSIM card is locked. In fact, there may be several reasons for this. The first and most basic reason is the incorrect entry of the pin code. After three attempts, the SIM card is automatically blocked. Perhaps you lost the phone and you just had to block the sim card. Another reason may be a technical malfunction of the card. For example, a subscriber uses the services of an operator for more than one year, and it may happen that on the same day your phone displays a message on the display stating that the SIM card is missing, despite the fact that the SIM is in the phone, and seems to be , well, it is simply obliged to function normally. But there is nothing eternal. Sim cards too. Let's take a closer look at what to do if the SIM2 card is blocked.

What to do when the SIM card is locked

where to recover the sim card tele2
If you enter an incorrect PIN code three times, thenthe card will be automatically locked. You do not know how to unlock the SIM2 card? In this case, you will need to enter the PUK code, which is on the card package under the protective layer.

As a rule, subscribers who use more than one yearyour number, eventually manage to lose the starter package of documents for Simka, which is included in the package. Accordingly, access to the PUK code is no longer. Then you only need to visit the office of the company, they will help you to remove the lock.

However, previously the cellular operator Tele2 providedservice of obtaining PUK code over the phone, it was enough just to dictate your passport details. But in connection with the company's new policy, this service is now provided only when personally contacted by the mobile operator's office. Therefore, earlier questions about where to restore the SIM-card Tele2, in principle, did not arise.

Operator help

blocked sim card tele2
And how to unlock the SIM2 card, if you havestole the phone? In this case, first you have to block it. Be sure to do this, otherwise there is a high probability that when you restore the number you will have to pay a rather large sum. Suddenly, the attackers decided to talk with their relatives living on another continent or download new games to their phone. To sleep peacefully, Simka is better to block yourself. This can be done over the phone by contacting the operator directly. True, be prepared to dictate your passport details.

In any force majeure circumstances, nofeel free to use the help of operators. Calls are made toll-free number 600. You can ask the consultant any questions. Operators are sure to tell you how to act in this or that situation.

Where to go

What to do in case you lost your phone,it was stolen from you, or the sim card refuses to work, and you do not know how to unlock the SIM2 card? To continue using your number, you should contact the office directly. Be sure to take your passport. And remember, the number must be registered with you. In other cases, no explanation will help you, an office employee will not restore your card. You can prove as much as you like that for several years this number was in your personal use, it will not help. Employees of the company have clear instructions on how to unlock the SIM2 card for the subscriber. And believe me, they do not break them. So if your number is designed for another person, maybe it's worth taking care of it being re-registered to you?

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