With the advent of tariff plans with includedthe number of communication services, including Internet traffic, subscribers increasingly began to question how to extend its speed. On the MTS, you can do this in several ways. They will be discussed in the current article.

to extend traffic to mts

When there is a need for a speed extension?

Immediately specify that activate options forthe speed extension in order to increase the current with unused traffic volume is a waste of money and time. Within the scope of the volume set by the tariff plan, the connection speed with the Internet is maximum, the user can not increase it purely technically. Activate options, which will be discussed in this article, it is necessary in those cases when the Internet traffic on MTS has ended. How to extend the speed and what options can be used for this?

Overview of options for adding speed

There are two possibilities for getting again the most comfortable for the Internet speed:

  1. To extend the traffic to the MTS can be using packets,They are part of the line "Turbo-buttons". They are one-time and are automatically deactivated after the expiration or volume of traffic. They can not connect themselves - initiation is performed by the subscriber himself at the moment when there is a need to increase the speed.
  2. To extend traffic on the MTS can also be done without attachingadditional efforts. In particular, this applies to customers on the SIM card of which the tariff plans of the Smart line are activated. For them, activation of additional Internet packages is carried out automatically.

how to extend traffic to a smart mini mts

How can I extend traffic on the MTS using the acceleration buttons ("turbo buttons")?

The activation order and the cost of the ruler option"turbo buttons" will depend on which particular version of the speed extension is selected by the client. There are six kinds of "turbo buttons": 100 megabytes, 500 megabytes, 1, 2, 5 and 20 gigabytes.

The youngest of them provides only 100megabyte of traffic at high speed. In this case, its specificity is the period of validity. For other options of this acceleration line, the period of use of the installed traffic is set to 30 days. The package "Turbo button 100 MB" will automatically shut down after one day (i.e., 24 hours after the activation of the option). This operation will be performed by the system earlier if all 100 megabytes are consumed by the client.

What is the cost of these services? To specify how much this or that option will cost, it is possible on the official portal of the cellular operator, having chosen the region from the list of possible in the corresponding field. For the Moscow region, the following rates are relevant:

  • 100 megabytes - 30 rubles;
  • 500 megabytes - 95 rubles;
  • 1 gigabyte - 175 rubles;
  • 2 gigabytes - 300 rubles;
  • 5 gigabytes - 450 rubles.

 how to extend traffic on a mts modem

The packet with the maximum traffic will cost 900 rubles. In this case, after its connection, the user will have 20 gigabytes of traffic at high speed.

How to connect the "turbo buttons"?

Connection options that provide additional traffic at the maximum speed, is made in any convenient way for the client:

  • through a personal cabinet (access to it can be carried out both through the web interface, and through the application for mobile gadgets);
  • by sending short commands (for each package, personal combinations of requests are used).
  • 100 MB - * 111 * 05 * 01 #.
  • 500 MB - * 167 #.
  • 1000 MB - * 467 #.
  • 2000 MB - * 168 #
  • 5000 MB - * 169 #.
  • 20000 MB - * 469 #.

For correct connection to the account at the momententering the request / execution of the operation through the Internet must be the amount necessary to activate in full. Otherwise, it will not be possible to activate the services and it will be necessary to replenish the balance.

how to extend traffic to mts smart

At the same time, you can connect as much as you likethe number of such buttons, because the traffic provided for them is added together. As for the timing, the megabytes of the first packet are initially used. The expiration date of the additional volume is set by the date equal to the date of connection of the last package + 30 days.

Automatic extension of speed

For tariff plans of the Smart line is providedfunction, which allows you not to think about the amount of traffic. Whenever the bulk of traffic (at a rate) is spent, an additional package is included. Its size is 500 megabytes. The activation fee is charged at the time of connection in the amount of 75 rubles. Please note that these additional packages are automatically connected when the traffic is spent on the TP or the previous packet. The subscriber has the right to refuse such "arbitrariness" on the number and deactivate this function. The option is controlled via the same command * 111 * 936 #. How can I extend the traffic on MTS (Smart Mini, and other TPs in this line) if the Auto-Extension feature is disabled? Only through the "turbo buttons."

How to extend traffic on the MTS-modem?

The above options and services are applicable, includingnumber and for the SIM cards used in the modem. To extend the traffic on the MTS will help all the same "turbo buttons" and the service of automatic extension. If you do not want to think about whether there's still traffic left, it's recommended to use the auto-renew option. Within one month, you can connect 15 such packages. If this is not enough, you can get the missing traffic through the "turbo buttons". Since the amount of traffic for the main tariff plan and for the additional options that are connected is not added, then it is not necessary to activate the packages for prolongation on the eve of the new settlement period. Unused volume will just burn. Difficulties in activating additional services may arise if the modem software does not have a form for entering characters and sending requests. In this case, activation is available through the client's personal cabinet.

the Internet traffic for mts has been completed


Now, the customers of the cellular operator know how toto extend the traffic to MTS "Smart" (for any tariff plan of this line, the above described options for speed increase are applicable). You can connect any of the extension options if you have a tariff plan with the included number of megabytes or another option, which means providing some amount of Internet traffic per month for a certain subscription fee.

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