You are the owner of the iPhone. Suppose you decide to change the phone. At this point, you are visited by a completely logical question: "How on the iPhone to copy contacts to SIM?" You have been looking for a solution in the phone menu for a long time, but you can not find the answer. And all because to copy contacts to SIM the iPhone will not allow. To transfer the phone book to other devices, there are other, less familiar, but quite affordable ways.

how on iphone to copy contacts on sim

Syncing contacts in iCloud

So, the easiest and most convenient way, like oniphone copy contacts (on the SIM card, as we have already found out, this can not be done), is to allow the phone to regularly synchronize with iCloud. To do this, check the iCloud settings in your iPhone or configure it if it was not done before. Go to "Settings", then iCloud and make sure that the service is turned on, and the switch near the word "Contacts" is in the on position. Now every day when your smartphone is connected to the mains (that is, it is on charge) and is on a Wi-Fi network, synchronization with iCloud will occur - a backup copy of the device will be added to your account on the Apple server, containing, in addition to other information , information from the address book. Access to the "cloud" can be obtained by going to the official website. To download information to a new phone, you need to restore the data from iCloud the first time you turn on, logging in with your Apple ID. Of course, you can download all information stored in this way only in smartphones with iOS, so it is not universal in comparison with other features, as on an iPhone copy contacts. On SIM, it would be more convenient to save them.

copy contacts to sim iphone

Syncing contacts to Google

One of the more universal than the previous one,ways - this is the synchronization of your iPhone's records with Google contacts. In order for it to be carried out, it is necessary to make the initial setting of the iPhone. To do this, create a new account in the phone's mail settings ("Settings", "Mail, addresses, calendars"). On the selection page, click Google, then enter your name, e-mail and password on Google. Click "Save". Setup is complete. In order for the instant synchronization to occur, you must specify the account you created as the standard. You can do this here, in the mail settings, in the "Contacts" section - "Standard account for spare". Initially, iCloud is set as this. Now go to the "Contacts" application - automatic synchronization will begin. Now that you have all your address book entries in Google, you can upload them to another device using your account. Everything is quite simple and quite convenient. Perhaps this way will be the one you choose when you think about how to copy contacts on SIM on an iPhone.

Note that the old entries already in theaddress book at the time of the first synchronization, using this method in the contact list Google will not fall. Only the entries created from this point will appear. In order to transfer previously saved phones and addresses, you can use the following method.

how to copy contacts from iphone

Transferring contacts from iCloud

First you need to create a backupdevices in the "cloud" service Apple. How to do this was described above. Go to the site iCloud, select "Contacts". Select all the contacts by pressing the hot keys Ctrl + A (Cmd + A for Mac), click the settings button in the lower left corner and select Export vCard. A file will be created that contains all the information about your contacts in the iPhone, except photos. Unfortunately, they can not be transferred. Now go to your Google account, find Gmail and there's "Contacts". Click "Advanced" - "Import ..." and select the file created in iCloud.

Now everything! Now you know how to copy contacts from iPhone!

We copy contacts with SIM

If you are interested in the reverse procedure - howdownload contacts to iPhone, then in addition to the above methods, it is possible to transfer data from the SIM card. This is very simple: go to the iPhone in the "Settings", then, again, in the "Mail, addresses, calendars" and there find the item "Import SIM contacts."

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