Entire dynasties of amateur fishermen traditionallyhanded over from generation to generation their cunnings and secrets, developed by many years of fishing experience. So formed a kind of a bank of useful tips for the fisherman, the fragments of which we give to your attention. Here you can find anything you like: from the choice of gear to their successful application, from the methods of fishing to its correct preservation. We hope that these tips of experienced fishermen will prove useful, and not just for beginners!

advice of experienced fishermen

How to save a catch

For a real fisherman,only to catch the fish, but also to keep the catch so that it will not be lost. After all, in their travels, the earners sometimes go far from home and comfortable living conditions. Here are some tips experienced fishermen, following which, you can easily deliver the catch home intact.

Do not store fish in the water in hot weather. In a couple of hours your catch will turn into a quality bait for crustaceans. It is better to lay the caught fish in a basket made from natural materials and to perestelit each layer with branches with leaves or nettle.

useful advice experienced fishermen

More ways

The second great way is to gut the carcass,cut gills, rinse, lightly blend in the sun (up to fifteen minutes), pour a little and wrap in a cloth linen (not cellophane). This method ensures that you bring home a usable product.

In the winter

It's enough just to throw the fish on the ice, where it will gradually turn into fresh-frozen and so it will be well preserved before it's time to return.

Tips for experienced fishermen on catching crucian carp

Excitement when catching a crucian on a fishing pole with a float -off scale! This is an exciting activity (especially if good biting) for both beginner and professional fisherman. Carp - not so capricious fish. However, before the "crucian" fishing should learn the advice of experienced fishermen. Maybe something will come in handy.

In intense heat, in summer, the reaction of the fish tothe lure is very sluggish. Therefore, catching crucian carp it is necessary to start at five o'clock in the morning and finish already at about ten o'clock, when the sun is hot. After that, safely put the fishing rod and go home.

The advice of experienced fishermen on catching crucian carp

Some more subtleties

  • Rain and a quiet cloudy day have a successful and successful fishing.
  • Carp lives, as a rule, near the reeds orherbs. It rarely leaves open water. Therefore, choose places for bait fish in accordance with its habitats and do not try to catch the crucian carp where it should not be.
  • As bait used often: dough, corn, dowry (in spring and autumn), cereals. In general, the best way to bait is to what the crucian is used to in this pond.
  • A good option: equip your fishing rod with two hooks and offer fish at once a few baits. For the smell of bread, for example, fish can sail from afar. And on the movement of the worm on the hook already react and peck.
  • And more: do not get carried away with large amounts of bait. They should not be much.

Useful tips for fishermen

  • If you are going to fish, do notto use perfumery. Fish is very sensitive to certain smells, and bait and bait absorb them. How to know, can fish do not like your exquisite perfume. Is it worth the risk?
  • By arranging a place for fishing, try to have the sun behind you. Then the fish will not be able to see you.
  • It should not be much to say on fishing - this is a bad sign, according to some professionals. And best of all - keep quiet.
  • When catching a float fishing rod, it is necessarycorrectly debug the tackle. The float should be moderately sensitive. The sinker is selected so that about a third of the float is above the water (this process is done at home in a bath or a bucket of water). The hook must match the size of the fish. The rod at the beginning, especially for beginners, should be used no more than three meters in length, preferably telescopic. Also it needs to be equipped with a coil for easy catching. Select the line for the weight of the desired catch.
  • In order to successfully fish caught fish, it is necessary to constantly hold the fishing line, not to make sharp jerks and use the paddle in the final.

Fishing in winter

Some of the tribe of fishermen love ice fishingin winter. When snow, wind and frost create certain obstacles for successful fishing. We offer to read the advice of experienced fishermen about winter fishing - for beginners and not only.

Tips for experienced fishermen about winter fishing

  • Of course, you still have to find winter fish. It is for this and it is necessary to drill several holes at once in different places (but not too far from each other). Finding a fishfish and catching a few fish, when stopping the bite, some fishermen change the hole, as if following the movements of the flock. But this way of catching does not always give proper results. Cessation of bites can only be associated with temporary fish waste, and after a while it can return. So it's worthwhile to wait sometimes, and not run from the hole to the hole.
  • Before I catch on mormyshku,It is necessary to know the depth of the water under the hole and the strength of the underwater current. The depth will be indicated by the hut on the fishing rod. But it's best to use a special depth meter.
  • As a hook attachment when catching a predatoryfish well use the fin. You can do this as follows. After catching a small perch, we cut off its orange pectoral finlets. They will become a tool for catching perch, pike, and walleye. Slanting cut the fin so that it does not interfere with the game mormyshki, and put on top.
  • With your own hands, you can make a mother-of-pearlmormyshku (it is believed that some fish respond better to a tackle of precisely this color). To do this, insert a pointed match into the aperture of the mormyshka and, holding onto it, we dip it into the nacreous nail polish. We let it dry. A beautiful and, hopefully, effective tackle is ready. You can start fishing.
    a bank of useful advice for a fisherman

How to choose an inflatable boat?

For those who are very fond of catching water, inflatableboat is the best option. Modern boats are mainly made of PVC, which has its pros and cons. Here are the tips of experienced fishermen on this topic.

useful advice for fishermen

  • Regardless of the shape and configuration of the inflatable craft, it must be stable on water with possible rolls and waves, and have good load-carrying capacity.
  • Study carefully the seams of the boat (glued or welded). They should be even and without bubbles and creases. There should be no non-glued areas.
  • The bottom in the inflated condition of the boat should not contain wrinkles and folds, be moderately strained. Seats (banks) - well polished and painted (not to zonozit hands during operation).
  • After you bought a PVC boat, you needimmediately (if possible) to perform a training test in "combat" conditions. Do this for a few days. After all, if something is wrong, you can return the goods to a specialized store (with a guarantee and a check, of course).
  • And one more tip: in the heat of summer fishing from the water the air in the cylinders of the boat tends to expand with heating. In such cases it is necessary to control the degree of pumping in manual mode. To do this, tap your fingers on the cylinder. If the sound is sonorous, release a little air, reducing the pressure inside.


Useful advice of experienced fishermen should be read both for beginners and experienced anglers. Because it is a kind of fount of folk wisdom. And then, who knows what else you can do for fishing?

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