With the onset of autumn is not necessarilyto close houses, to crochet pies and salads and overgrown with excess weight. In the street it became uncomfortable, but every day the fitness club "Venets" (Ulyanovsk) is waiting for you. It was opened recently, having settled down in territory of the hotel of the same name, in the city center. This played into the hands, since you can get here from any part of it, using a convenient mode of transport.

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All the best for you

Not every gym is ready offer customers so many options for training, as a fitness club "Crown". Ulyanovsk is a relatively small city, but here too, competition is serious, so it is necessary give consumers all the best and the latest in order to succeed. It was with this attitude that its creators approached the construction of the business.

If you want to get slender and athleticfigure in the shortest possible time, and in parallel to improve the flexibility of the joints and improve your body, then come here. Why are we so sure that here you will get all the necessary services? Because within the walls of this club there are 25 professional trainers, each of which has a certain specialization. As far as the applicants are concerned, age groups of three to sixty years are formed.

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The main advantages

What else, besides professional, coachingcomposition, is notable fitness club "Venets" (Ulyanovsk)? First and foremost, regular visitors emphasize the warm reception, attentiveness and courtesy of the administrators. Agree, it is very pleasant to return to where you are sincerely happy, remember by name and each time are ready to offer some interesting novelty, whether it is a protein cocktail or a discount for a subscription.

What I would like to emphasize:

  • More than 20 of the most fashionable fitness destinations, among which you will certainly find something that interests you.
  • Convenient time for training. There are classes that open in the morning or in the evening, and for a freer audience, unloaded daylight hours.
  • Classes are held in the heart of the city. In this, the fitness club "Venets" (Ulyanovsk) is one step ahead of everyone else, since it is convenient for every resident to get there.

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Comfortable halls

If you are looking for ideal conditions forindividual or group training, then you can without any doubt register in the fitness club "Crown". Ulyanovsk is a very sporting city, here on the streets you can see people splitting on rollers and bicycles, and along the embankment runners constantly flit. It is very pleasant that young people today pay more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle, striving to have a good figure.

So, why visit the fitness center "Crown"? The reviews emphasize that spacious halls have an effective training. You do not have to jostle and stand in line at about projectile. Here at any time of day is spacious, quiet and cool. Pleasant conditions, especially in summer heat.

And what's inside

This is another point on which you want toTo stay more detailed. For the equipment of the center, contracts were concluded with the leading manufacturers of sports equipment. As a result, we now see shiny, Swiss simulators, comfortable and functional. Attention visitors are offered a wide cardio zone, lever machines, full dumbbell, spacious showers and locker rooms. At first glance, the last two points are not so important, but try to go once to a tiny room, where two people can hardly be placed in the shower room, and you will understand how important this is.

So, if you like strength training and can not live without a sports "iron", then the fitness center "Venets" (Ulyanovsk) is your best choice. Here waiting for modern equipment, excellent conditions and professional coaches.

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Mind and Body

Not everyone wants to lift heavy barbells and dumbbells. Some people do not like such training, others simply are contraindicated. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do in the gym. If you are visiting some of them, you have already seen the opposite, then you should go to the fitness club "Venets" (Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk region).

For lovers of more peaceful pursuits hereseparate rooms are equipped. They are even decorated somewhat differently. Light green panels, orange mats for training - all this creates an easy atmosphere. So, here goes:

  • Yoga for men and women.
  • Separately there is a specialized group of yoga for women.
  • Stretching.
  • Pilates.

Observing the work of the participants,it seems that they just rest. In fact, leisurely and smooth movements conceal a colossal work behind which you get tired no less than with iron in a rocking chair. Here to each his own.

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Individual workouts

If you want to get the most out of yourthen try at least for the first month to order this service. Your personal trainer will be constantly near. He will control every movement, teach him how to do the exercises correctly and follow the breath. Only after completing the entire program to automatism, you can proceed to independent studies.

Proper nutrition

This is another service offered by the fitness center "Venets" (Ulyanovsk). Reviews emphasize that the coach in the first place encourages analyze the daily ration and correct it correctly. This is a wise approach, because success in the gym depends on a number of factors:

  • Health status.
  • Intensity and depth of training.
  • Proper nutrition (not diet).
  • Drinking regime.

All these are familiar truths, but when the program is developed exclusively for you, it will take into account many more nuances than common schemes.

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The services

Fast enough human understands the obvious benefits of classes:

  • Excellent muscle tone.
  • Excellent stretching.
  • A slim body.
  • Self-confidence.

From the first times patients note that there is a positive anda friendly atmosphere, which has to re-visit. Additional plus is modern and fashionable equipment. Professional coaches know perfectly how to form an ideal body, and they will gladly help you. And also happy that everything is in one place: fitness and dance school, yoga and gym.


Visitors have several options to choose from:

  • One-time visit. Depending on the selected group, the price can range from 500 to 1,000 rubles. This is an excellent option for beginners who want to try on training on themselves.
  • Season ticket for 8 lessons. Cost is half the price option number 1. At the same time you can immediately book the morning or evening hours.
  • Unlimited tariff. This is a personal card of the client, which implies the possibility of visiting any day of the week, from 9:00 to 21:30. If you need to leave, the subscription can be frozen for a month.

The fitness center "Venets" offers a hugenumber of service options for its customers. Today we made a brief overview. If you are interested in the opportunity to go to workout in a modern hall, then be sure to contact, they will be happy here.

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