To date, very many and positive,and negative feedback about sports nutrition, about proteins in particular. All highly individual opinions on the effectiveness of these or other types of supplements depend largely on the correct dosage, training program, type of protein and so on.

how to take proteins correctly


To understand how to properly take protein,first you need to understand its dosage. In general, there are universal servings that must be observed when taking a protein shake. They can also be changed and adjusted depending on various factors. The answer to the question of how much protein to take per day will help find the term "nitrogen balance", which characterizes the ratio of received and withdrawn amino acids in the body. With a positive indicator, it is believed that the muscles are supplied with the right amount of protein and there is no deficit as such. But the nitrogen balance has its upper limits, above which it can not rise. Its optimal value is achieved by dosing proteins at a rate of 1.8-2 grams per kilogram of weight. Exceeding this portion simply does not make sense - the body will not receive a special gain in muscle mass, but the load on the intestine will increase substantially. The universal dose of intake is 30 grams.

how much protein to take per day

Species of proteins

An additional answer to the question of how to properly take proteins will be the study of their species diversity. In total there are 3 main varieties: fast, slow and complex.

The first are assimilated in the shortest possible time, forwhich give the body a huge amount of building material. This includes whey and egg proteins. It is best to take them after each workout and in the morning. How correctly to take proteins with a fast process of assimilation? On average, you need to do this 4-6 times a day. Among other things, 50% of these proteins should come in the form of natural food.

Slow proteins are represented by casein, whichare obtained from milk. It must be taken before bedtime and during long periods between portions of natural food. Slimming people can replace them with dinner or lunch.

The third kind consists of fast and slowsimultaneously - combined. They can be taken at any time of the day or night: even two hours before the start of training or before going to bed. They can replace whole methods of natural food. How much to take protein and how much? It is recommended to use a universal dosage equal to 30 grams. Combined proteins can be taken 3 times a day, if not replace them with meals.

how much to take protein

Thus, paying attention to the type of product andits dosage, you can answer the question of how to properly take proteins. Before using them, it is strongly recommended that you study the information on the packaging. As a rule, each firm-manufacturer sets its own dosage. Based on this and the information you received from this article, you can independently determine the volumes of a particular type of product, monitor its one-time tricks per day. We hope that the information on how to properly take proteins was useful and interesting for you.

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