Fans of such winter sports, like hockey,always interested in the life of famous players. Ivan Tkachenko became one of the most prominent figures. Much has been said about this legendary man. Today we will tell you everything that is connected with his name. And you can say unequivocally: Ivan Tkachenko is a hockey player from God. The achievements of his sports career clearly confirm this. Most fans know that first of all Ivan Tkachenko is the captain of "Lokomotiv". The tragic death of this man left a deep wound in the hearts of people who knew him in life and in sport.

Ivan Tkachenko: biography

Ivan Wekchenko
Ivan Leonidovich Tkachenko was born in the autumn, 9November, 1979 in the pretty city of Russia Yaroslavl. Since childhood, the boy was drawn to the ice. Already at the age of five, Ivan rode freely on the ice. Parents, weighing all the pros and cons, decided to give the child to a sports school. So at six years old Tkachenko began training in a hockey school, where he could immediately distinguish himself. At the first training, he managed to score 4 goals, than struck the coach. On Ivan had high hopes, and he justified them. While training and playing, he became a highly paid and sought-after athlete, for whom many clubs fought.

 Ivan the weaver's hockey player
In addition to a career, the familya life. Ivan Tkachenko married a beautiful girl - Marina Bokova. She gave him two daughters: Varvara and Alexander. In the fall of 2011, Ivan learned that he would become a father again. Only to see his son he was not destined. September 7, 2011, along with the entire hockey team, Ivan Tkachenko was killed. There was a tragedy during the take-off of the plane from the airfield in Yaroslavl. Until now, family and fans can not get used to the idea that the guys are no more.

Career growth Tkachenko

During his entire sport career Ivan played in many clubs. These were:

  • "Chemist" (Mr. Engels).
  • "Spartak-2" (Moscow).
  • "Torpedo-2" (Yaroslavl).
  • "Vyatich" (Tver).
  • "Motor" (Zavolzhie).
  • "Neftekhimik" (Nizhnekamsk).

Ivan the weaving locomotive

But most of the career hockey player associated with onethe team whose heart he became. The team, for which Ivan Tkachenko played - "Locomotive". It was in it that he started playing in 2001. In the 2008-2009 season Ivan was on the team as a vice-captain. His game was admired by both fans and commentators. And in the season 2009-2010. the team representatives announced that their captain was Ivan Tkachenko. So began his career as a captain. Ivan played in Lokomotiv at number 17. With a height of 180 cm and weight of 85 kg, Tkachenko looked very impressive on the ice and fully corresponded to his captain's position both externally and in terms of the game.

With all his services, Ivan Tkachenko never boasted of his achievements, did not participate in advertising, did not wear expensive things.


Ivan the weaver's captain of the locomotive

For the whole career of hockey player Tkachenko became a prize-winner of many tournaments. Analyzing these achievements, we can say with certainty that Ivan Tkachenko is a hockey player with a capital letter. He has such titles:

  • At the World Hockey Championship in 2002, he became a silver medalist.
  • Twice he became a winner at the Russian hockey championship in 2002 and 2003.
  • Twice he was a silver medalist at the Russian Hockey Championship in 2008 and 2009.
  • Twice he became a bronze medalist at the Russian Hockey Championship in 2005 and 2011.
  • In the fight for the Continental Cup took third place in 2003.
  • As a player of the Russian national team, he won in the Czech hockey games in 2002, and also in games in Sweden in 2003.

Romance in the life of Ivan Tkachenko

captain ivan wekchenko
The romance in Tkachenko's life began when hewas only nine years old. It was then that he met his future wife. The acquaintance occurred with the participation of Marina's brother, Sasha. The guys fought in the summer camp, and when they returned home, they realized that they live in neighboring entrances. And the quarrel grew into a strong friendship. They studied at the same school, only the classes were different: Ivan went to the sports class. Together with a friend they rested, walked with the girls. And all this time Ivan watched Sasha's sister, Marina, who was three years older than them. Many children who were much older than Ivan and Sasha took care of her. But this did not stop them when they had to intercede for their sister. Often both Sasha and Vanya fought for Marina, when someone insulted her. And only when Ivan was 16 years old, he dared finally call Marina on a date. Since then, their relationship has developed confidently and purposefully and led them to a civil marriage.

Joys of family life

Despite the fact that the stamp in the passport they are notthey did not, in any way, obscure the joys of their family life. Many know that Ivan Tkachenko - the captain of the "locomotive", but very few people know what he is outside the hockey field. He very often gave flowers to his wife and was thrilled every time he heard about Marina's pregnancy. At the birth of each of the daughters, he bought his wife expensive jewelry, but this did not dilute her. Like her husband, she never boasted of family affluence, and flowers most loved the field. The family traveled a lot, and recently they bought a small cottage near Kostroma and liked to invite friends there.

When, after the death of her husband, Marina saw for the first timeher newborn son, she could not hold back her tears. He was very much like his father. The same hero with a weight of almost four kilograms and a height of 52 centimeters. First I wanted to name it in honor of my husband, but then, remembering how Ivan wanted Kolya's son, she decided to fulfill his wish and called the boy Nicholas.

Ivan Tkachenko: "Locomotive"

Ivan wekchenko biography
Not only his wife and children loved Ivan. The team to which he gave a large part of his heart, also loved and respected the captain. Tkachenko was a true leader both on the ice and in the locker room. It is said about him that he had a steel character and was ready to gnaw out a victory for his beloved team. He had the real talent of the player and the captain and infested his whole team with his attitude. Several times he wanted to buy other clubs, but he still did not agree to leave "Locomotive". Putting the team's interests above his own, he won the undeniable respect of the whole team. Many said that Ivan is a bright representative of the Yaroslavl hockey school, which achieved great success. But no one doubts that in order to achieve such results, Ivan had to work hard and overcome many difficulties. With what he coped one hundred percent.

After death

Ivan the weaver's hockey biography

Only after the death of a hockey player became knownmany of his services, about which he did not tell anyone during his lifetime. Only my wife knew how much money he gave for a good cause. It turns out that Ivan helped a lot of the destitute and sick, listing large sums of money to solve a particular problem. He could see the story about his grandmother, whose house is collapsing, and send her money for repairs. And he could send money for the treatment of a patient who needs financial assistance. After Tkachenko tragically died, an analysis was conducted, and everyone learned that he spent about ten million rubles for charity. Everyone knows that Ivan Tkachenko is a hockey player, his biography is known to every hockey fan. But the fact that he saved many lives with his donations, was opened only after Ivan's death. Tkachenko did his last good deed shortly before his death: he transferred half a million rubles to the account of a girl who was ill with leukemia and was in dire need of an operation. Ivan was already posthumously awarded, and his wife received a medal for him in the category "Hurry to do good."

Father and mother of Ivan Tkachenko want to build inhonor the son of a school in which children will be engaged in hockey. Everyone will be able to train there. The estimated amount that parents will pay for the construction of the school is 80 million rubles.


You can still talk about this for a very long timelegendary man, telling about his career and family life, to convey the words of relatives and friends, but in the soul still remains bitter. Nothing will return Ivan Tkachenko: the captain, friend, husband, father, son. The only thing that alleviates the bitterness of loss is that the memory of it will live forever in the hearts of people.

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