In pursuit of a slender figure, we oftenwe limit ourselves to nutrition. At the same time, sometimes we are influenced by the myths invented by our grandmothers about the correct diet. As a result, we buy baskets of fruit in the store, considering them absolutely safe and useful. "There's not a drop of fat in them!" - We convince ourselves and enthusiastically absorb kilograms of delicious fruits in front of the TV, without even realizing that by doing so we negate all efforts to throw off excess weight. In order not to make a mistake in choosing food, sitting on a diet, let's see what kind of fruit you can eat while losing weight and how much.

Debunking myths

Opponents of eating fruits during a dietargue that in no case can not fill your diet with sweet fruits. Like, they contain a lot of fructose, which is a modified sugar. But this myth can be easily dispelled, since scientists have long proven that the human body processes it in a completely different way than the same glucose. The fact is that fructose is quickly and easily broken down and absorbed, not having time to transform into fat, like other carbohydrates.

what fruits can be eaten with losing weight
Many do not know what fruits to eat whenlosing weight, and therefore completely reject them. Especially when they hear the second myth about fructose: it interferes with the process of burning lipids. And also blocks the formation of hormones, so the body does not understand how much energy he has already spent and learned. But doctors deny this statement. According to them, in moderate amounts of fructose is not terrible. Of course, if you absorb hundreds of fruits a day, then you can not avoid extra pounds.

The Benefits of Fruit

In the fact that it exists, no doubtit is necessary. First, in order to discard all doubts, consult a professional nutritionist. He will explain in detail what kind of fruit you can eat while losing weight. Also, the doctor will tell you that the body can not do without them: the fruits contain the antioxidants necessary for it. They purify our body of harmful free radicals, which oxidize cells and provoke the development of serious diseases.

what fruit can be lost by losing weight?
Secondly, fruits contain a lot of vitamins andmicronutrients, without which the body is unable to function normally. If they are not enough, various kinds of malfunctions in the work of the immune, nervous and other systems begin. There are problems with eyesight, hair falls out, skin condition worsens. Therefore, do not be lazy to find out what fruits you can eat while losing weight and how much to avoid this kind of trouble. To them can also increase the problems with the permeability of the intestine. After all, refusing the fruits, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to receive such fiber, which is necessary for the body's purification.


What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight at night? Of course, citrus. They will not harm the figure even at a later time of the day, what can we say about the morning or dinner. Eating a few orange or tangerine fruits a day, savoring grapefruit or lemon wedges, you not only keep the figure, but also get rid of excess weight. The thing is that natural sugar and various minerals, contained in the middle of the product, stimulate metabolism. And for weight loss the most useful is grapefruit: it tones up the body and burns excess fat deposits. Enzymes of this fruit actively process calories. Know that any dish that contains no more than 800 kcal will not spoil your figure, if after it you eat half of this fruit.

What fruits can be eaten by losing weight and how much
In addition, every day using citrus fruits, youprovide yourself with a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid, which serves as a shield for various viruses and harmful bacteria. The presence of phyto-substances strengthens the immune system, prevents the development of inflammation and even tumors, and also relieves stress on the heart.


Another exotic fruit that will make youmore slender. He was even dubbed the champion of weight loss. First, kiwi is low-calorie. One hundred grams of flesh pulp contains only 60 calories. Also there are many useful microelements (iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc), fruit and organic acids. Eating one fruit a day, you cover the daily requirement of your body in vitamin C, and also provide it with a sufficient amount of folic acid and vitamin K.

what fruits can be eaten by losing weight in the evening
Secondly, a well-known dietician, a FrenchmanMichel Montignac, talking about what kind of fruit you can eat while losing weight, in the first place called it kiwi. According to him, starting breakfast with this fruit, you get rid of extra pounds without applying any physical effort. The thing is that the soluble vegetable fibers of this fruit kill the feeling of hunger and remove all the excess from your intestines. Carnitine, located in the pulp of kiwi, burns lipid layers in the body.


One of the most famous fruits thatused for weight loss. It is proved that, consuming only one mango per day, you can get rid of one or two kilograms per week, in a month - from 5-6 kg. Also for four weeks, the fruit burns five centimeters of fat at the waist. People who lived many centuries ago already knew what fruits can be eaten by losing weight, so not only did they store mangoes in order to prevent excess weight, but also treated obesity.

what kind of fruit you can eat while losing weight at night
In addition, mango is also very useful. It lowers the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, heals foci of infections. Acts as a laxative, so they treat patients suffering from intestinal obstruction. Mango - a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients, its presence in your menu positively affects the work of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system. From mango it is recommended to make air mousses, use them in cocktails and salads. The fruit is perfectly combined with yogurt in desserts, and with rice in main dishes. Contraindicated diabetics because of the high content of vegetable sugars.


Eat three or four fetuses every day - this is trueway to lose weight fast. Pros of domestic fruit a lot even compared to its exotic fellows. Firstly, it is inexpensive, secondly, it does not cause allergic reactions, and thirdly, its taste qualities are liked by almost everyone. Nutritionists recommend several times a month to do unloading "apple" days, during which to eat only these fruits. That's only if you have problems with the stomach, it is better to stay away from the use of the product. Also, if you want to know what kind of fruit you can eat when losing weight in the evening, then it's best to consult a doctor. For example, the same apple can cause severe heartburn, so at night it is better not to eat it.

what fruits can you eat with losing weight?
Medium-sized apples contain between 60 and 100calories. A high level of fiber allows you to quickly and for a long time to satisfy the feeling of hunger. Fruits are rich in antioxidants that kill cholesterol, as well as folic acid and elements that are responsible for bone density. The fruit's use is undeniable. In the UK, even there is a proverb: "Do you want to forget about doctors - eat on an apple a day."

A pineapple

What kind of fruit can I lose by losing weight? Well, of course, pineapple - a real "king" to combat overweight. Obese people are not only possible, but also need to be included in their menu. Low caloric content of the product (48 kcal) allows you to eat it in large quantities. Of course, you should not abuse it, but half a fruit a day will only benefit. The pulp contains bromelain, which provokes the breakdown of fats and proteins, the production of gastric juice, which improves digestion and simultaneously reduces the figure on the scales. There is an opinion that only one gram of this substance can remove from your sides and waist a kilogram of excess weight.

what fruits to eat when losing weight
Thanks to pineapple food is quickly absorbed, withThis does not form lipid deposits. That is why it is recommended to eat after eating. Also in this plan, juice from fruit is useful: it also copes well with the calories attacking your body. But the most interesting is that even before eating pineapple is useful. Nutritionists say that only a few lobules can reduce your portion of lunch or dinner, as the fruit quenches the feeling of hunger and creates a saturation effect.

Fruit pests

About them you also need to know, so as not to buy onmarket product, which will help not to reduce, but, conversely, weight gain. What fruits can be eaten by losing weight, we have already figured out, now consider their antipodes, the first of which is the grapes. In it not only a lot of calories and fructose, but also a high glycemic index, so for those who sit on a diet, it does not fit. Also, grapes often wander in the intestines, which causes unpleasant sensations.

what fruits can be eaten with losing weight
Bananas - very tasty, but at the same time absolutelynot useful fruit for slimming. The reasons are the same as in the case of grapes. Another fruit pest is watermelon. Many people say that he is coping with excess weight, but this is a mistaken opinion. A huge glycemic index is just one of the drawbacks of watermelon. For example, a large amount of liquid contained in it can disrupt the water-salt balance in your body.

Also to all those who are trying to lose weight,it is recommended to exclude from the diet dried fruits and canned fruits. They are very high in calories and contain a lot of harmful sugar. Therefore, replace them with fruits useful for the figure: pineapple, apples, kiwi, mango and citrus. Be always in good shape!

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