Of course, everything depends on the budget, that is,amount, in which you are going to meet. Be sure to remember that in addition to directly biking, it would be desirable to immediately buy all the attributes for an active lifestyle. What does this category include?

what bicycles are good

Protection and not only

First of all, it's a bicycle helmet (which canprotect your head in case of a fall), protective gloves, cycling computer, flasks to quench your thirst on the way, signal lights and much more. Of course, something here may seem useless. For example, if you are limited in financial means, at first you can go without a flask, computer and flashlights. However, do not neglect the means of protection. And right after you answer yourself to the question about which bicycle is better to buy a teenager, get both elbow pads, knee pads and a good helmet. They will keep your child healthy while running a two-wheeled horse.

what mountain bike is better

Which mountain bike is better?

Before we understand this issue, let'sdetermine what time of year it is to purchase this vehicle. And the answer here is obvious. Of course, in the winter. First, because the demand for bicycles is extremely low. And secondly - it's traditional New Year discounts, which allow you to purchase a good product with a discount of 20%. So which bicycles are good and why? We, perhaps, will not open for you America, saying that the more expensive - the better and more reliable will be a two-wheeled friend. Pay attention to the world brands: Giant, Univega, Cube, Scott and others. They are reliable and practical. The manufacturer gives a guarantee and provides after-sales service. And it seems to be obvious, on the one hand, which bicycles are good, but on the other - they will cost tens of thousands of rubles. And what if you only have 10,000 or 12,000 rubles in your pocket? Is it possible to make a more or less worthy acquisition on them? Which bikes are good in this price niche? In fact, in that case you should not buy anything at all. The maximum that you can afford for this money is a 20-kilogram monster (a good mountain bike weighs a maximum of a kilogram of 12), which can last a maximum of a year or two and then due to constant repairs, material and physical expenses.

Is there nothing better than a two-pendant?

Today there are many offers of mountain bikes,whose cost starts from about 9000 rubles. For this amount you are offered an assembly with a two-pendant, disc brakes, a two-crown fork and a pretty design. Moreover, as a bonus, along with such a bicycle, wings, "horns", a bottle for water and many other bells and whistles are offered, which, in the case of expensive brand goods, are offered for a fee. But believe me, this "zolotinka" is not worth it to be purchased. For a good wrapper in this case, a flimsy, poor-quality unit hides, which will require constant repairs and endless investments. Save up another thousand 5.

Which bicycles are good for 15 000 rubles? For this amount you can get a very good hardtail, with a rigid frame and an excellent shock-absorbing fork. At the heart of the bicycle will be a strong and light aluminum frame, and confidence on steep slopes will add rim, maybe even double. As for the brakes, in this price segment they are both mechanical and disc. When choosing a bike, pay attention to the inscription: Shimano Deore LX. The first word indicates that the bike is of very good quality. He will certainly please you for many years.

what bicycle is better to buy a teenager

What bicycles are good from 20 000 rubles and above? Those who are not uncomfortable in finance, of course, should pay attention to mountain bikes from Cannondale (USA), MTB from GT, Specialized, Trek, Scott, Marin and Taiwanese Giant still perfectly proved themselves. If you have a sum of 25 000 rubles, then you can open a stunning world of double-hung bicycles. They are considered the most comfortable and are characterized by increased controllability. Velomans in one voice argue that someone who once changed the rigid frame to a good two-suspension, will never return to hardtail.

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