Marcel Schmelzer is a German footballer,who is in favor of the Dortmund "Borussia". He protects the colors of this club since his youth and is a living symbol of the club. Marcel Schmelzer plays in the position of the left-back, but, like most players in his position, can rise higher, in the place of the left midfielder.

Carier start

Marcel Schmelzer was born on January 22, 1988 in theGermany, where from early childhood began to get involved in football. At the age of nine he had already joined the football academy of the Fortuna club from Magdeburg and spent four years there before moving to a larger club from the same city, Magdeburg. There he spent four years, and at 17 years he was spotted by the scouts of the Dortmund Borussia.

As a result, the young defender moved to a new place,and a year later he already signed a professional contract with the new club. However, the beginning of the player's career was far from the easiest. Marcel Schmelzer was not strong enough to qualify for a place in the main team, so at first he played only for a double.

Playing in Borussia

Marseille Smelzer

Until 2008, Smeltser performed only for a doubleclub, and since 2008 he began to periodically call in the main team. FC "Borussia Dortmund" in those days only gained momentum after a long stagnation, so fresh blood was needed very much. Therefore, in the season 08/09, Marcel played just 16 matches, and in the next season - already thirty.

Since 2010, Schmelzer has become a player of the foundation,an irreplaceable member of the club, an excellent defender, as well as a useful participant in the attacks of "Borussia". In total, he spent six full seasons in the club (and also two in which he played for a double, but was periodically called to the main team). During this time he played 281 games, scoring 4 goals, but in recent years, the player has played less and less.

"Borussia" regained its former glory and is now looking formore powerful players who will be able to take a place on the defensive on the right flank. For example, in the summer of 2016, the Portuguese talent was acquired by Paolo Guerreiro, who now occupies the seat of Schmelzer. As for Marcel himself, this season he entered the field until only 11 matches, marking with one assists.

National team appearances

FK Borussia Dortmund

As for the German national team, hereSchmelzer's statistics are not particularly impressive. He spent only 16 matches in the national team's T-shirt, making his debut in November 2010 against Sweden. His only effective action Marcel noted in October 2012 in a match against the national team of Ireland. Then he gave an assist. The last time Schmelzer was called to the German national team in March 2014 for a match against Chile, where he played 66 minutes. Since then, Schmelzer did not qualify as Jonas Hector of Cologne, and now he always takes the place of the left-back in the national team. Therefore, it is unlikely that Schmelzer will be able to play at least one more match in the national team's shirt, only if Hector gets injured, and there will be nobody to replace him.

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