How to make a roll back? This exercise refers to the basic elements of gymnastics, which are studied in school physical education classes in primary classes. This exercise is extremely useful for the overall physical development of the child's growing body. Performing a somersault back, as well as forward, is not by its technique something complicated and it can be performed by almost everyone who is not contraindicated for health reasons.


Gymnastics is a complex developed by doctorsand athletes exercises designed to develop and strengthen the muscular framework. The ideal age for starting this discipline is between 4 and 5 years old, and in some countries even less. While doing gymnastics, the first thing to do is to focus on the types of stretch marks and only after a couple of months to move on to more complex exercises.

how to do a somersault back

Why are rollovers so important?

Rolls and rolls generally havecharitable impact on the improvement of physical fitness, increasing the level of dexterity and strengthening the vestibular system. As a consequence, first of all, among the positive effects, improvement in coordination should be noted. The grouping skills acquired in the course of this exercise increase the control over the situation and the level of safety during the fall both in everyday situations and in sports.


This term implies preparatorymeasures before performing the actual exercise itself. In their practice, there is an answer to the question of how to make a somersault back. Elements in this case are used different. Distinguish the grouping sitting, lying, wide and in semicircle. Regardless of the posture, it is performed as follows: bend your legs, take them by the shins and pull your knees to your shoulders. The head leans forward, elbows are pressed against the trunk, and the back is rounded. Next comes the somersault itself, the technique of which begins with the build-up, which later turns into the exercise itself.

doing somersault back

Safety regulations

The first time to roll back somersault, of course,better under the supervision of an instructor. Preliminary it is necessary to learn to carry out a somersault forward and only then to pass to its return form. The place of performance should ideally be a sports mat, but if desired, any soft, comfortable covering can be used. To properly perform a roll back, the technique of execution must be carefully studied. It should be carried out strictly along the line of the spine.

Practical lesson

After preliminary preparation it is possible to proceedto the implementation of the plan. It is necessary to squat. Group, place the palms on the floor parallel to each other and in front of you. After a vigorous push, a sharp roll is made on the back. To reduce the burden on the head and neck when touching the back of the floor, you need to help yourself to make a coup by pushing your hands.

backward swing technique

Simplified version

Often at the start of training use an inclinedsurface. The exercise in this case is carried out simply by the inertia of the movement of the body, after repulsion. At this stage you can familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the somersault back, which subsequently simplifies the task. After that, you are unlikely to re-enter the question of how to make a roll back correctly.

This should be taken into account

No matter how simple the task is, it is better, of course,preliminary see the technique of performing this exercise in the performance of professionals. If you are interested in the question "How to make a roll back?", But at the same time you are afraid to try to perform this exercise on your own, refer to specialists who will tell about it in detail and visually show it. The best teacher is a physical education teacher or a fitness instructor.

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