When someone talks about freight transport,Usually in the head there are associations with loaded to the top KAMAZ, railway tanks, tankers, etc. It's understandable, because we see them almost every day, if not in real life, then in television news. However, the world does not stand still, and often the invention of one people, crossing the border into another country, is beginning to be very popular there. One of such know-how, widespread among our eastern neighbors, is cargo bicycles.

cargo bicycles

The most useful invention

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that ourcompatriots, unlike the same Americans, like to treat everything with a soul: if you celebrate the holiday, then the full program, and if you do something for yourself or for your business, then only on your conscience, laying out on 120%. And in this regard, an adult bicycle can make a good alternative to a car. Especially if we take into account today's prices for fuel and sky-high fines for traffic cops. Some people reading this article may have doubts about whether freight bikes are viable at all. After all, you can buy a conventional two-wheeled horse with a capacious luggage compartment or just buy it separately and thus get a means for carrying luggage. Indeed, if the load rarely exceeds five to ten kilograms, this solution will be ideal. If you need to transport large boxes or dimensional packs, three-wheeled adult bicycles will do it at once, while on a regular model you will have to do several flights, on foot, holding the steering wheel with one hand and the load on the other. In addition, just imagine what opportunities this type of transport promises for small businesses!

bicycle adult cargo

The experience of Europe

Eco-friendly, non-polluting city atmosphereTransport, which can also bring a lot of money - that's what cargo bicycles are! And the Europeans have already understood this fact for a long time and decided to use it both for commercial and public purposes. If we consider that the maximum load on such an "iron horse" can reach 180 kg, it is understandable why they were often used in commerce. In particular, cargo bicycles are widely used in Geneva and the cities of France. Soon they will become a common phenomenon in Dublin. In this Irish city, a lot of construction work has recently been carried out, therefore, local authorities within the new public project decided to invite enterprises to use "green" three-wheeled transport instead of vans and trucks.

three-wheeled adult bicycles

They hope that such measures will not only helpimprove the cleanliness and ecology of the city, but also help to eliminate traffic disruptions and traffic jams. Within a few months, the municipality of Dublin plans to put into operation a whole fleet of cargo bicycles, so that such a transition is not too problematic for enterprises. The registration of all interested was given 18 months, but given the fact that it began last summer, it will soon be possible to assess the results of such innovations.

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