This football player played for four leading Moscow clubs, except for "Spartacus." But it was he who most successfully blended into the "Spartak" game of the Russian team.

The Beginning of the Glorious Path

If we talk about a football player like DmitryKhokhlov, his biography differs from the standard. He - one of the few players who showed a high level of play in Europe, and returning to his homeland, not lost, and took the lead in national football. The future midfielder of the Russian national team was born, as well as foreign clubs in 1975, on December 22, in Krasnodar. He studied at the children's school of the local "Kuban", but after the age of 18 he was invited to the capital's CSKA, which at that time was not yet a giant in Russian football. A player with such anthropometric data (height 189 cm) is usually involved in defense. But Dmitry Khokhlov was noted for his subtle vision of the field, so he took a place in the center, playing the role of mastermind of the attacks of the army club. Almost for five years in CSKA, he scored fifteen goals in 62 games, which is quite a lot, given his disposition on the field. During this time Dmitry played three times under the flag of Russia as part of the Olympic team.


In 1997, together with the coach and someformer team-mates Dmitry Khokhlov began his activity in another metropolitan club - "Torpedo". But on the eve of the young footballer managed not only to enter the national team, but to participate, albeit without much success, in the 1996 European Championships. For the 20-year-old football player, these events were an unqualified breakthrough. After the championship, the young footballer drew the attention of many European clubs. After playing one year in the form of the club "Torpedo", Khokhlov at a fairly young age turns into Dutch PSV.

Dmitry Khokhlov

For this club (one of the permanent leaderschampionship of the Netherlands) Dmitry played for two years, and then moved to a modest Spanish "Real Sociedad". For the player were paid a record for the Spanish funds - almost five million dollars. After playing in Spain for the leading roles of 111 matches in three years, Dmitry Khokhlov returns to Russia and becomes a member of the third Moscow club - "Locomotive".

And again Moscow

It is railroad workers along with the army meninterrupted the long-term hegemony of "Spartacus." And one of those who became the basis of the new Russian grandiose was Dmitry Khokhlov. Footballer in the form of railwaymen won his first significant trophies - the championship of Russia and the country's super cup.

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As part of the "Locomotive" Dmitry Khokhlov went to thefield 64 times, until 2005. In the same year he spent the last match in the Russian national team, setting the following figure: six goals in fifty-three matches. Since 2006, the football player is trying on a blue and white Dynamo uniform. For six years in the "Dynamo" football player went on the field 130 times, thus playing the most matches in the same team. In the same club Dmitry Khokhlov tried on himself captain's armband, acting as one of the creators of the new Moscow "Dynamo".

Trainer's path

In 2011, Dmitry Khokhlov received the title ofHonored Master of Sports. By this time, he had completed his career as an active football player and began his coaching career. Now he was respectfully called by his first name and patronymic - Khokhlov Dmitry Valeryevich (sometimes mistakenly he is called Dmitry Khokhlov). At the beginning of his career in Moscow "Dynamo" he worked as an assistant coach. Although a short time in 2012, Dmitry acted as the main mentor. Since 2012, he headed the youth team: with him, she twice became the champion of Russia. In 2015, Dmitry Khokhlov decided to try himself in another club and returned to his native Krasnodar.

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The first independent coaching experience was unsuccessful - in "Kuban" he worked only a few months and left this club without showing the required results.

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