Fatty folds in the abdomen and on the back,slightly above the lower back, appear in the fair sex for various reasons. They can appear as a result of pregnancy or as a consequence of weight gain, fat folds can also be genetically predetermined, as each person has his own individual body structure. Nevertheless, the presence of wrinkles is a cause for concern for many women, worried only by the question: "How to remove the folds on the back and stomach?". After all, fat deposits not only spoil the elegant female figure, but also the mood.

How to remove wrinkles on the back and stomach with a diet?

To start, remember and analyze yourration, that is, those foods that you used to eat throughout the day. After all, folds often appear as a result of a metabolic disturbance, when the calories you eat are much higher than those consumed. In order to lose weight by 1 kilogram, it is necessary to burn approximately 800 calories.

Discard products containing largethe amount of fat, instead of them, use sour-milk products. Stop for a while eating flour, fried and sweet, forget about low-quality products (dumplings, chips). At the heart of your diet should be a light diet consisting mainly of soy, bean and cereal products. It is also recommended to eat fruit salads, vegetables and fish.

How to remove wrinkles on the back and abdomen with physical exertion?

To begin with, you should prepare your body forcertain physical loads. Take the habit of doing small crosses in the morning. A light jogging will greatly improve the metabolic processes occurring in the body, and will also burn excess calories, which are the cause of wrinkles on the back and stomach.

Visit the fitness and aerobics section. With the help of available exercises at a moving pace, you can easily get yourself into the right shape, thereby solving the problem of how to remove wrinkles on the back and stomach. It is advisable to attend classes at least three times a week.

How to remove the folds on the abdomen?

With the help of vacuum massage can achievegood results in the struggle for a flat stomach. It can be done both in the beauty salon and at home. To do massage at home, you will need a vacuum rubber bank, created specifically for massage. Such a bank can be purchased at a pharmacy. However, before starting to do the massage yourself, ask for some lessons from the massage therapist in order to have an idea of ​​how to perform a massage.

How to remove the folds from the back? Exercises.

  • Standing on the floor, place your legs so that theyThey were shoulder-width apart. Holding the gymnastic stick with your hands at the level of the shoulders, start it without hurrying, behind one back, and then to the other. Rotate the body several times, with all the muscles should be in a relaxed state, except the dorsal muscles.
  • Being in the starting position of the above exercise, leisurely move around your apartment. The exercise should last at least 15 minutes.
  • Alternating, put your hands behind your back, holding them together with your back. Exercise should be carried out smoothly, without sudden movements.
  • Lying on your stomach, lift up the leg and the opposite arm, and then the other arm and leg.
  • Lying on his stomach and not taking his legs off the floor,perform smooth movements by your hands (as if you are swimming), while the upper part of the body should be slightly raised and the muscles should be felt in the back area.
  • Lying on the floor, lift light dumbbells above your head and spread your arms with dumbbells to the sides at a 90 degree angle. Exercise repeat on 4 approaches (each approach on 15 times).
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