Exercises that are necessary to increasestretch marks, look as follows: the legs should be placed in the directions opposite to each other, and be located on the same line. The inner sides of the thighs should form an angle equal to 180 degrees. This position is called twine. It is usually necessary in such sports as gymnastics, figure skating, dancing, martial arts, swimming and yoga. In addition, twine is the most basic indicator of body flexibility. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that in recent years, the question of how to sit on a twine for 10 days, or even faster, has become very popular.

It can be done by everyone

how to sit on a twine for 10 days

It is not a secret to anyone thatsuch an exercise of the strength to perform as a young man, and someone who has already crossed the line called "average" age. Much, if not all, will depend first of all on desire and competent preparation.

How do the splits? In 10 days you will do this or for a longer time, will depend on you. It is worth considering what this exercise is and how to prepare yourself for its fulfillment.

The reasons why many want to perform this exercise

on the twine for 10 days

What is the origin of the question of howto sit on the twine for 10 days at any age? Much is affected by the factor that this exercise brings simply huge benefits to the whole body. First of all, the mobility of the pelvis increases, namely, the sacral region. In addition, blood circulation improves, the mobility of the pelvis increases, and the work of the abdominal organs improves. In addition, the twine is considered an excellent tool for preventing numerous diseases that occur in the genitourinary sphere. Exercise of this kind also affects the normalization of the intestine.

An important role in the issue of how to sit on thetwine for 10 days, plays a warning of such a disease as varicose veins. Taking into account all the above positive points, it is very important to approach the issue of training competently. However, first of all we will consider those types of exercises, which means a twine underneath.

What kinds of exercises are available?

how to quickly learn to sit on a string

There are several varieties of such stretching. And you should know them if you plan to sit on a string for 10 days.

1. The transverse. In this situation, the legs should be planted in the sides.

2. Longitudinal. This stretching implies that the legs should be diverted forward and backward.

3. The sagging. In this situation, the angle between the legs exceeds 180 degrees.

4. Vertical. It must be performed in a standing position, leaning on one leg.

5. Exercise on the hands.

If you are wondering which kind to choose,to sit on the twine for 10 days, it is worth considering that each of them has its own characteristics. The simplest for some people is longitudinal stretching, since it is most natural. In the case of a transverse twine, the muscles work to a lesser degree. However, a back injury with it is much easier to get.

What could be the danger?

Many for themselves make such a dangerous decision: "Everything, we sit on a string for 10 days!" Why dangerous? Because such an exercise should be accompanied by systematic training. And the fewer of them there are, the higher the probability of injuries. However, do not get upset, because stretching of this kind is within the power of each of us. After all, there are a variety of ways that will help you to sit on the twine even after 30 years. And about such an age as 15 years, and do not have to say. Everything is so clear.

What do you need to know?

how to quickly learn to sit on a string

How to quickly learn to sit on a string? It is worthwhile to understand that this is a kind of exercise that some can be given quite easily, and others do not have the patience to master it. What is the reason for this? In many respects, the fact that stretching is a painful technique. Therefore, you must prepare yourself beforehand in order to work hard enough on yourself before you master this skill. And quickly to sit on a twine will be obtained only in the event that there is a certain skill.

There is no need for a time frame

Many would like to learn how to twine as much as possiblebefore. Such people are always looking for a way to do the exercise in a short period of time. However, it is worthwhile to understand that in this case, a time frame is not needed. If you want to learn a similar skill, then for starters it is worth asking about how to do stretch for twine. Set a goal and achieve it, regardless of the time that you spend. Below are some recommendations that will help you to master this exercise.

Do not exercise without warm-up

In order to learn this skill without pain,there is a special set of exercises for twine. They will help prepare the body. Naturally, as in any other sporting event, a good warm-up is needed first. Muscles need to be warmed up and prepared properly. For this, the skipping rope is perfect. Just jump for some time. In addition, you can run on the treadmill. And it is worthwhile to think about finding a competent instructor who will help you in solving a difficult problem on how to perform, for example, a cross-twine. At home, this exercise can also be done. However, the process is more complicated.

What you need to remember in order to achieve success

In order to be able to sit on the twine, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations listed below.

1. Regularity of the training process should be observed. It must be held at least three times a week. In its duration it is usually about thirty minutes. If you want to achieve results as quickly as possible, then you need to increase your training up to five times a week. It is necessary to take into account one important feature: if the muscles after the complex of exercises begin to hurt very much, then it will take a day to adapt the organism to the loads.

2. Have to pick the right clothes. The most optimal option is the pants made of elastic fabric. The body in this situation will be closed, and hence the risk of hypothermia of the muscles will be reduced.

3. In order to warm up, it is necessary to perform such an exercise as the rotation of the hip and knee joints. In addition, you can run or work out on an exercise bike. A running track will do.

set of exercises for twine

4. It is necessary to add to your training process such strength exercises as lunging with dumbbells and squats with low weight. Also great suited are the flies in different directions with the weights. Stretching will become more effective if force exercises are performed.

5. When doing the training complex, you should try to relax all muscles as much as possible. In this situation, if you are tense, the effectiveness of the stretching will noticeably decrease. There are also specific features that must be taken into account. For example, the tensile forces must last for a maximum of 15 seconds. To do this is required on exhalation. On inhalation it is necessary to return to the starting position. If there is a feeling of pain, the tension should be slightly weakened.

6. It is necessary to determine which muscles are not stretched enough - the back surface of the thigh or the inner one. They will need to work as much as possible.

7. In your complex of exercises you need to add the following task: you must sit on the floor, maximally push the legs apart. After this, we begin to stretch forward. It is not only the hands that are to be pulled, but the whole body as well. As a result, you just have to lie on the floor surface with your whole body. It is necessary to stand, spread your legs across the width of your shoulders, grab your elbows with your hands and begin to drag down, each time reducing the distance to your feet.

8. There are also basic tasks that will help you sit on the longitudinal splits. They should be carried out gradually. The training complex should begin with a warm-up. In order to properly stretch the muscles, you need to perform exercises with a support, which is suitable as a back of the chair, ballet machine, window sill. On this pedestal, each leg should be thrown in turn. Mach efficiency is also very effective. Each training should be accompanied by stretching "to the end". Performing exercises should be very slow and preferably under someone's control.

Performing all of the above methods, you quickly understand how to sit on the twine for 10 days at home. Of course, it is better to increase the time frame in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

What dangers can you expect?

to sit on the twine for 10 days

First of all, before starting executionexercise, you should remember that you can injure the muscle if you have too much desire. Therefore, we must try to do everything carefully. However, in the situation when the injuries could not be avoided, we must immediately stop all the exercises, attach ice to the damaged muscle and reduce the motor activity to the minimum level.

Begin to perform exercises after injury should be very carefully

If you decide to start doing exercisesagain, we must try to do everything from the very beginning and very slowly. You should show all your accuracy. No less frequent is the problem of the occurrence of pain in the hip joint after attempts to perform stretching. All this is due to the fact that the exercises were not performed correctly. In this situation, the pelvis must be put forward. When you perform a longitudinal or transverse variant, there is always a chance of experiencing pain in the knees. This should be avoided.


we sit on a twine for 10 days

If you want to quickly sit on the twine and notto damage at the same time to your health, then you should perform all stretching exercises carefully enough to not damage the muscles inadvertently. In addition, you should qualitatively and thoroughly approach the performance of the warm-up. On how well the muscles will be heated, their flexibility depends. However, one should not forget about other exercises. Only with the intensive and regular execution of the training complex can achieve the set goals. You should wish you luck in this rather difficult occupation and success in your endeavors!

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