On March 13, 2013, Vladimir Vladimirovich PutinCenter "Sambo-70" met with representatives of the Russian education system, the federal executive power, the public. The topic of the conversation concerned the fundamental importance of a more complete material and sporting support, the relevance of the TRP remake and at the same time its assimilation to the realities of modern Russian life. In particular, it was about giving the updated TRP the status of the exam along with the USE at admission to the university.

Preliminary preparation


The conversation was not impromptu. In the country's budget, a preliminary accumulation of funds for the deployment of this project in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles. (they were "saved" by the Olympics in Sochi). For comparison: the estimated amount of costs for the implementation of the TRP, according to the estimates of the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko, is 1.2 billion rubles.

Also, preliminary in most universities andsecondary schools, major overhaul of gyms and playgrounds intended for physical education was carried out. Many such institutions built stadiums with artificial cover. Thus, the youth received the necessary playgrounds for gaming sports: football, basketball and so on. At the level of cities and their districts, basins and sports palaces are built and built. Now for the townspeople the distance to the nearest basin is equivalent to 5-10 minutes of walking. A structure has been created and is being perfected that has a potential throughput that is an order of magnitude higher than the current physical culture movement offers.

Decree of the President

Obviously, the conversation turned out to be constructive,as on 24.03.2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Decree No. 172 on the All-Russian Physical Culture Complex of the TRP. According to the project, it was decided to start the delivery of regulations on a nationwide scale from 01.09.2015. The Presidential Administration has developed an appropriate plan, and Vladimir Vladimirovich has set the task for the Government of the Russian Federation to create a provision on the TRP until mid-June 2014, and submit a step-by-step plan for its implementation until 01.08.2014.

At the same time, the President of the Russian Federation determined the actualthe executors of this project are the Ministry of Sport (coordinating body) and the federal executive authority (the organizer and initiator of the introduction of the universal delivery of the norms of the complex on the ground). However, the process went ahead of schedule.

Traditional name of the sports complex

It should be noted that with the familiar abbreviationTRP, carefully preserved from Soviet times, the updated name of the complex is still different from the original one. Initially, it spoke of the physical readiness of those who passed the TRP standards as to intensive work in the national economy, and to protection (meant the Motherland, although the word itself was not mentioned).

How did they react to the revival of the tradition?Russians? Polls confirmed that the absolute majority - with approval, moreover, expressed a personal desire to hand over the standards of 60% of the younger generation and 36% of older Russians. Criticized the revival of the TRP only 5% of the population, expressed a "not formed opinion" - 22%.

New interpretation of the name

The updated transcript of the TRP sounds like: "I'm proud of you, Fatherland!". This title-appeal turned out to be more personal, warmer, it directly refers to the holy for the Russian people word "Fatherland".

ready for work and defense
The wording of the name of the complex bears in itselfa powerful message to citizens: not only affects the physical aspect - to be in proper sports form, but also provides moral motivation for those who pass the TRP standards. It is about the attention of a person to his personal physical form and its comparison with the conscious tasks of serving the Fatherland.

Draft provision on the TRP. The essence of the complex

The status quo is defined in the draft regulations as the program and regulatory framework, that is, figuratively speaking, the cornerstone of the entire system of physical education of Russian citizens.

This makes you think about the meaning of the project -To introduce in the sphere of physical education of millions of people a point of reference, to stimulate by means of standards compliance with certain standards of physical health. The state launches a powerful plan for international, all-Russian and regional physical culture and sports events, during which citizens will carry out TRP standards.

Approved solution

Revival of the set of standards for physicalpreparation is an unmistakable option, as it has proved itself remarkably for decades. The older generation still remembers about it warmly. It was his mechanism that was the beginning of the transformation of the Soviet Union into a leading sports power. Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren, having passed the TRP standards at a decent level, then got into the system of selection of sports schools. Then for the most talented of them the principle of "social elevator" worked. Thus, numerous Soviet Olympic champions and World Champions began with a small badge that broadcasts about the successful delivery of physical tests.

Becoming a TRP

Let's remember history. How was the complex named "Ready for Labor and Defense" born?

On September 23, 1929, the Central Committee of the CPSU (B.) Assessed the statephysical culture in the country as unsatisfactory. The Bolsheviks made a number of critical remarks about the insufficient mass character of this movement among workers and rural youth. Outlining the course of the new athletic movement, they pointed to the fallacy and harm of one-sided "sporting". The situation was decided to be brought under the control of the state. By resolution of the Central Committee, the All-Union Council of Physical Education (VSFC) was created under the Central Election Commission (CEC). 01.04.1930 The Presidium of the CEC adopted a decree on the establishment of the Supreme Arbitration Commission.


05/24/1930. the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper published materials prepared jointly by the Komsomol and the All-Union Physical Education Council. The key idea in them was the initiation of the creation of a unified assessment of physical training in the country. After discussing these materials, the WSFC in November 1930 published a draft of the complex "Ready for Labor and Defense".

Dynamics of the TRP

07.03.1931 VSFC, having such authority, approved the TRP complex, which contains 15 physical exercises and consists of a single step.

In 1932, with 465 thousand beginnersathletes who passed the standards and awarded badges, VSFC developed and approved the second level of standards, it was already fundamentally more difficult to implement. It was justified, the interest of young people grew. The result was noticeable already in the following year: the number of icons increased twofold.

On June 15, 1934, the complex "Ready for Labor anddefense "became" younger "and actually outgrew the all-Union movement: VSFK attracted younger age groups: from 13 to 14 and from 15 to 16 years, and by the end of the year the number of people who overcame the standard has increased significantly - to 2.5 million people.

Until the beginning of the Great Patriotic Warthe movement gained momentum, its representatives took part in the parades. After rebuilding the national economy, which was destroyed in the course of hostilities, it continued its march through the territory of the USSR.

For the delivery of standards was defined in 1954 as a singleorder - sports and competition. Since 1959, the STO stages of the USSR have been separated by age groups. 1972 was marked by the introduction of a separate age category for pre-conscription and draft youth. Since 1979, this movement involves children from the age of 10 years. The TRP sports movement was organically associated with the educational process in schools and universities. Teachers of physical culture, thanks to the constant practice of training sports-oriented youth, also increased their qualifications as teachers and as coaches.

STP steps

The history of TRP in the Soviet Union includessixty years. During this time, an invaluable experience has been accumulated to reach young people and older generations in a healthy way of life. The existing system turned out to be truly popular, its adherents were in the age range from 10 to 60 years, which is shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Conformity of age ranges to STP levels

Name of the stage

Sequence number of the stage

Age Range

"Bold and agile"

I stage

girls and boys 10-11 and 12-13 years old

"Sports shift"

II stage

adolescents 14-15 years old

"Strength and Courage"

III stage

girls and boys 16-18 years old

"Physical perfection"

IV stage

women 19-34 and men 19-39 years

"Cheerfulness and health"

V step

women 35-55 years and men 40-60 years old

The surrender of specifications in the USSR provided for two levels of their complexity, corresponding to the "silver" badge and the "golden one". On each icon below, under the image, its step was shown.

Example of the standards of the Soviet TRP

set of specifications
As an example, we present the third stage of "Strength andcourage ", which is part of the TRP complex. The standards and qualification requirements for obtaining a gold badge implied fulfillment of "gold" for 7 norms, and for "silver" - 2. In addition, to obtain the "Golden Badge with Honors", it was assumed that the singer has one or two second sports categories.

The guys tried, because only the alloy of a largedesire and diligence allowed the young man to be marked first in his life by a sports mark. As can be seen from the table below, the TRP standards for men, due to their stronger constitution, which naturally, differed more in tension than in women.

Table 2. Standards of the TRP III level "Strength and Courage"

N п / п

Names of exercises

TRP icon

Girls gold / silver

Boys gold / silver

1. Running for a short distance

Running for a distance of 100 m

15.4 / 16.2 seconds

13.5 / 14.2 seconds

2. Running for an average distance

Cross (middle distance)

running for 500 m

1.5 / 2.0 min


running for 1 thousand meters.


3.2 / 3.3 min


Distance of 500 m on skates

1.2 / 1.3 min

1.15 / 1.25 min

3. Jump in length or in height


375/340 cm

480/440 cm



115/105 cm

135/125 cm

4. Throwing grenade 500 g (700 g) or throwing the nucleus 4 kg (5 kg)

Throwing grenades 500 g

25/21 m


Grenade throwing 700 g


40/35 m


Shot put 4 kg

6.8 / 6.0m

Shot put 5 kg


10.0 / 8.0 m

5. Skiing

Ski race

Cross-country skiing 3 km

18/20 min


Cross-country skiing 5 km


25/27 min


Cross-country skiing 10 km


52/57 min

In the snowless. areas:


March-throw for a distance of 3 km

18/20 min


March-throw at a distance of 6 km


32/35 min



Velocross 10 km

27/30 min


Velocross 20 km


46/50 min

6. Swimming

Swimming at a distance of 100 m

2.00 / 2.15 min

1.45 / 2.00 min

7. Pulling (crossbar)

Pulling (crossbar)


12/8 times


Lifting with a coup (force)


4/3 times

Flexion and extension of hands in the support

12/10 times


8. Shooting

Shooting from a small-caliber rifle

Rifle shooting from small rifle 25 m

37/30 points

40/33 points


Rifle shooting from small-caliber rifle 50 m

34/27 points

37/30 points


Shooting from the AKM / carbine according to the CWP program



9. Hiking

A hiker with skills testing, as well as with orientation

Gold (hike - 25 km, alternative: 2 hikes - every 15 km). Silver (hike - 20 km, alternative: 2 hikes - every 12 km)

Gold (hike - 25 km, alternative: 2 hikes - every 15 km). Silver (hike - 20 km, alternative: 2 hikes - every 12 km)

It should be noted that the surrender of standards was not formal. To get the TRP badge, the boys and girls were supposed to be in good physical shape, unattainable without regular training.

Pilot project

With the lead time ahead of the decree of the President, from March 1, 2013 in all cities of Russia, a pilot project has begun. How was it carried out?

Regional Federal Educational Directoratesappointed responsible for the effective passage of this process. Then, in February 2013, on the ground, we prepared sports equipment, documentary normative base - testing schedules. Conducted theoretical and practical exercises with schoolchildren on the revived standards.

gto complex

"Pilot" students and students of the TRPbegan to take in the beginning of the last decade of March. The organizers tested physical training 50% (for example, odd classes or groups) of schoolchildren and students. The remaining 50% is scheduled for next year. The results were documented in the test reports. Standards (for example, running on skis) were handed over in cooperation with the Youth Sports School. Then, the test reports were sent to the regional CYSS to identify young people with demonstrated athletic abilities. Throughout the year, targeted training of schoolchildren and students was planned.

Since 2014, the complex discussed by us has entered all the curricula of the Russian Federation.

Age groups of the updated TRP

The revitalized complex has moresteps than its predecessor. Its goal is to reach the maximum population of the country. After all, it is planned to improve the way of life of millions of Russians. Accordingly, this project covers a larger age range than its predecessor: from 6 years old to over 70 years old. The age groups of the complex "I'm Proud of You, Fatherland" are presented below (see Table 3).

Table 3. Age groups of the new TRP

The steps of the complex

Age categories

stage I

school 1-2 classes, children 6-8 years old

stage II

school 3-4 cells, children 9-10 years old

stage III

school 5-6 cells, 11-12 years old

stage IV

school 7-9 cells, 13-15 years old

stage V

school 10-11 cells, prof. education (16 to 17 years)

stage VI

age of athletes: 18-29 years

stage VII

age of athletes 30-39 years old

stage VIII

age from 40 to 49 years

stage IX

age from 50 to 59 years

stage X

age from 60 to 69 years

step XI

age from 70 years and more

Exercises of the complex "I'm Proud of You, Fatherland!"

Imagine an updated interpretation of the TRP using the example of male standards for the sixth stage (18-24 years). It should be noted that athletes are assessed by three icons: bronze, silver and gold.

GTO standards for men

The updated complex contains both mandatory exercises and exercises for choice (see Table 4).

Table 4. Exercises

№ п / п


Qualification indicators: gold // silver // bronze


Running for a short distance of 100 m

13.5 // 14.8 // 15.1 seconds


Running for an average distance - 3 km

12.3 // 13.30 // 14.00 min


Jump with a long run

430 // 390 // 380 cm


Or a jump from a place in length

240 // 230 // 215 cm


Pulling on a high crossbar

13 // 10 // 9 times


Or a jerk of 16 kg weight

40 // 30 // 20 times


Tilt forward. Starting position standing upright. feet on the gymnast. benches

13 // 7 // 6 cm

Exercise of choice


Throwing a grenade weighing 700 g

37 // 35 // 33 m


Skiing distance 5 km

23.30 // 25.30 // 26.30 min


or 5 km cross for snowless. districts

Without time (b / u)


Swimming at a distance of 50 m

0.42 // b / uce // b / u


Shooting from air. rifles

25 // 20 // 15 points


Shooting from electronic weapons

30 // 25 // 18 points


Tourist hike

Distance -15 km, orientation on the terrain

Analyzing the above table,that some disciplines have been changed regarding the Soviet TRP. For example, a run for 1 km was replaced by a distance of 3 km. From the new complex, a jump in height was removed, but the alternative was added to the long jump with a take-off jump - a jump from the spot. Left the exercise pull-up on the crossbar, but instead of its alternatives (they were removed: the output by force and the upsurge in a coup), a new variant No. 2 - a jerk of a 16-kilogram weight was added.

Shooting as an exercise has become more perfect. At last, it is concretized to the current features. Weapons for shooting became available for schools and universities: an electronic simulator or an air rifle.


The return of the TRP to Russia is in demand by time and social factors. It was positively received by the majority of Russians.


The health of the people is priceless, and its foundationis also included in such similar nationwide measures of a regular nature. The mechanism of the basis of the physical education system, developed over decades, is viable, and its implementation soon initiates progress in the development of Russian sports.

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