Fishing in Astana is a common hobby thatpeople give up a large part of their leisure time. Many, instead of basking in a warm bed under the blanket and watching the series, courageously take a fishing rod in their hands and go out into the wild.

Pleasant and useful leisure time

Winter fishing in Astana is also consideredextremely popular occupation, despite the cold, damp and other meteorological obstacles. For the sake of any catch, brave prey hunters are ready to leave the house and devote themselves completely to their favorite business.

fishing in Astana
Fishing in Astana is saturated with its own specialcaptivating charm. Many even make it an integral part of their lives, they take this lesson seriously, much more than a mere hobby or entertainment. Fishing in Astana for pike was the occupation in which there were specialists and professionals. They with an important person can demonstrate a solid catch. Still, this ancient instinct of the getter still "sits" in man, because of which it's easy to come to the supermarket and take frozen fish is not interesting. There is absolutely no poetry in this.

Another thing is to catch your prize afterlong-term waiting, focused observation of the water surface. Then, sitting down at the table, eating the food that fishing brought in Astana, you will experience very different feelings than if you just threw a semi-finished product into a frying pan. In our time, life has become much simpler and in many ways its pleasures have become more accessible. But because of this, her pleasant little things were forgotten.

Let the instincts awaken

Fishing in Astana on Ishim is an occupation fora real man, a true hunter, able to bring fresh fish meat into a house, caught from the water with his own hands. You can see a lot of people at the ponds, both in summer and in winter. Among the residents of Astana there are even clubs of interest. They include fishermen who communicate in the forums, lively share their secrets of success.

Some say that the fish bite wellarea where the gas equipment is located. As a rule, from there begin all novice lovers, set foot on this fascinating path of underwater hunting. Coming here, you will certainly meet the cheerful people who are engaged in this business. At night, sometimes the fish are fed. That is, leave a dough or bread pieces on the surface of the water.

winter fishing in Astana

Lure the fish

Inhabitants of the local waters aregreen place and form a flock, from which in the subsequent it is easier to catch someone. Such preparatory procedures give a great guarantee that fishing in Astana will be a success. It is very important not only to find the right place, but also to create your own conditions. So usually do experienced people. Not always, of course, it is possible to create such a full house. The fish can swim at a great distance.

fishing in Astana for pike

Where to go?

There are a number of wonderful places in Astana where youa great chance you can get a wonderful catch. For starters, you can go to the spill near the Korgalzhinsky highway. When there is rain, there is a small area near the road, where hundreds of experienced anglers are engaged in the pilgrimage. You can often catch a good crucian here. Take with you worms, for the sake of feeding dough or bread crumbs. The beam is stable. Most experienced fish hunters unanimously recommend coming here more often.

If you want to go somewhere else, goto the river Yesil. This place is again close to the gas equipment. Many people want to try their luck here and they work very well. The population of perch, a beautiful bream, a wonderful carp has spread quite well here. You can find a pike. If you have enough self-control to get out here in the early morning, you can see how the fish flies to the shore.

There is also a dam, where observation ofthe fish will become especially interesting. The option is very effective and win-win. You can use the kerchief by going to the other side. It's better to do it where the river goes through the pipe. This is a very convenient place, because you can sit down on the bench.

In the store, located near, you can buygear or food. In addition, you can get a very rich catch here. You will spend time in comfort and will be able to bring home wonderful trophies. Nearby there is a housing complex "English Quarter" and an array of "Zarechny" on the embankment of Yesil. The catch of fish is still as good as it is on neighboring "pyataks".

A few more interesting items

You can also go to the village of Sabyndy, thatis located near the Nura River. Here you can get hold of a perch, a beautiful bream, a beautiful pike, a good carcase and hearty yazem. A huge abundance will please everyone who comes here. Take with you different kinds of bait to increase your chances. Corn and special worms are good in this respect. Grasshoppers are also suitable. Catch insects - and your fishing will be crowned with success. Take a trip to the Vyacheslav reservoir. Here you can find perch, pike, and other species. A satisfying catch is waiting for you!

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