Not sporty, but quite interesting andGambling gear is an elastic band for fishing. Almost every amateur catching at least once in his life used it. And for those who have not yet had time, this article is intended.

Eraser for fishing with your own hands
Such tackle is very simple in manufacturing andis quite productive. After all, we throw it in almost the same place, thereby we keep fish in a certain area. The bottom line is simple: with the help of a rubber harness we send the nozzles into the water.

Gum device

Consider what the elastic band represents for fishing. It's not a problem to make it with your hands, because it consists of the most elastic, motoviltsa, fishing line, hooks, leashes, swivels, springs, feeders.


Eraser for fishing
Eraser can be purchased in almost anyfishing shop. The choice is big enough. It is necessary to take the average for the price category, as it is strong enough and reliable. The length of the rubber band makes it possible to predict the casting range. It stretches about 1: 5, that is, ten meters of rubber will be baited for a distance of 40 meters from the shore.


Motoviltse is designed for winding lines andrubber, for the purpose of convenient transportation and catching. Such homemade craft for fishing, like a motoviller, is easy to make from improvised materials. For example, you can cut out a 15-millimeter board or plywood.


It makes no sense to use thin line as a basisfor gum, since it will often become entangled, tear. Optimal option - the use of a line with a cross section of 0.3-0.4 millimeters. There are no other requirements for fishing lines for this method.

Hooks, leashes and their attachment to the main line

Homemade for fishing
Very easy to install an elastic band for fishing. With our own hands we knit leashes, hooks. Hooks choose depending on the used nozzle, as well as on the type of fish you are counting on. The optimal length of leashes should be about 6-8 centimeters. Too long will lead to entanglement of gear for each other, and short ones will significantly reduce the number of bites.

It is necessary to use as a twist screwdriver.

Springs, feeders

In order to keep the fish in the place of fishing,it is necessary to feed it. A bundle of gum feeders in the amount of one or two pieces will help to cope with this task. It is desirable to place one feeder in the middle between the hooks, the second - at the junction of the rubber band and the line. Thus, we get the possibility of point-feeding, and this property is only a feeder and an elastic band for fishing. With their own hands made, such a tackle has a number of advantages over the purchase, as in the latter there are no feeders, and it will have to be altered.

A few tips

  • To immerse the gum on the bottom, if it isit is necessary, you can use several small weights at the junction of the rubber band and the line. And vice versa, if the fish is on top - you can raise the rubber band with a small buoy from the foam plastic attached to the joint of the rubber band with the fishing line.
  • It is desirable that the leashes are removable and quickly dismantled, in which case it is easy to replace the hooks.
  • The sinker is advisable to take a heavy load so that the elastic does not move it from its place. To the sinker itself, you can attach a bouquet and bring it from the boat, after fishing - take off.
  • Possibility to harvest different distances anddepth has only an elastic band for fishing. With their own hands, manufactured tackle is capable not only of catching fish productively, but also adapting to the individual requirements of the angler.
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