volleyball field size
What to do on a hot summer day on the beach, exceptstill lying under the sun? Of course, play volleyball. Fun and interesting. All you need is a ball and a grid. You will also need to determine the size of the volleyball field. Do you know what it should be like? We tell.

A little about the main thing

Volleyball - the game is not so ancient as,for example, cricket or polo, but the popularity is great. Reasons for weight, the main thing is the cheapness of the inventory. The basic requirements are imposed on the weight of the ball and the physical abilities of the players. In addition, there are clear sizes of the volleyball field.

A little bit of history

For the sake of justice,that for all time of existence, and this is just over 100 years, the basic requirements have changed many times. Initially, it was a kind of improvisation on the topic of tennis and basketball. Through a tennis net stretched in the gym, two groups of students were transferring a basketball camera (ball). Such an impromptu like and two years later (in 1897) the first rules and requirements were published.

volleyball field size

Basically, they touched the ball (he neededbe a diameter of 25-27 inches and weight 340 g.), the height of the grid (1.98 m). The size of the volleyball field should not be more than 760/1510 cm. There were no demands for the number of players and ball touches at that time.

The following changes in the rules occurred not forone year, but for a whole decade. Throughout the time, rules and norms have changed. The requirements for touching the ball, the number of athletes were written. The size of the volleyball field has increased to the size of 11/22 m. Moreover, in many countries there were rules, requirements and regulations.

International Volleyball Federation

But in 1936 it was decided to createa single committee (FIVB), which united 22 countries. American rules were taken as a basis. In 1957 the game became one of the Olympic sports. All this time, work continued on improving the technique and entertainment of the game, undergoing changes in the rules, the volleyball field, the size of the ball and even the types of play.

volleyball field sizes

Types and purposes

At this point in time there are park andbeach, pioneerball and Japanese volleyball. The essence of all one: a competition between the two teams on a rectangular area with an even surface (playing on an uneven field is strictly prohibited!) In throwing the ball across the net. Players compete not only in dexterity and ability to control the ball, but also in the power of directing impact, because the ball must touch the ground - this is the goal. Players, undoubtedly, should have excellent coordination of movements, ability to beat the ball in a jump, to jump high. An important role is played by the growth of players, the grid is set high enough, throwing the ball and then touching the ground is difficult.

Norms for the classic game

At the moment, there are the following rules,requiring the size of the volleyball field to be 18/19 m. The height of the stretched mesh is 2, 43 m for men and 2, 24 m for women. The ball became much lighter and weighs from 260 to 280 gr. The game is so popular that the association includes 220 national federations. The game is recognized as the most popular in the world.

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