Kevin Trapp is a player who plays in positiongoalkeeper. In 2015 he signed a contract with the French "Paris Saint-Germain". The club quickly won the confidence of players and leadership. It is distinguished by a reliable game in the gate and diligence. He is one of the candidates for the position of the main goalkeeper of the German national team.

Kevin Trapp


Kevin Trapp's biography begins in townMerzig, where he was born on July 8, 1990. Since early childhood I was fond of football. He began to play in the attack, he even could show himself well. Kevin Trapp himself explained the desire to act on the position of the striker to become famous, scoring the balls. However, he quickly realized that the attack had to give more power. In the same period the goalkeeper of the youth team, where Trapp performed, was injured. The German asked the mentor to appoint him to the place of the goalkeeper. At the gate the boy felt that this was his position. One season, however, he had to play in the attack. It is worth saying that he managed to score from him well.

Youth teams

In the sports school football player Kevin Trapp got into theseven years. The first steps were made in the German "Brotford", where he spent three years. In 2000, I was in "Bachem", which is also not known to the overwhelming number of football fans. In 2003, he was already in the Mettles. Here he spent only two years and went to the academy of the team, whose name is quite difficult to pronounce - "Kaiserslautern". Three years he studied with other German youth, and then began to be involved in the games of the second composition. Performed in the regional league "West". Kevin Trapp was lucky to learn from the famous goalkeeper coach Herald Ermann.

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In August 2008, Kevin managed to make his debutfor the main team due to the absence of the main goalkeeper. He went to the cup match and showed himself well. However, until 2010 could not break into the basis, where Zippel played very well.

In March 2011, the main goalkeeper receivedtrauma. Trapp had the opportunity to gain a foothold in the start. Already on March 21 dueled in the Bundesliga against Freiburg. Restoration Zippel took time, so until the end of the season the main goalkeeper was Kevin Trapp.

Thanks to a reliable game, the German started a new seasonin the starting lineup. He appeared on the field in 23 games in a row and conceded 32 goals. At the end of the season the goalkeeper was not enough. The footballer suffered a muscle injury and missed the rest of the games.


The 2011/12 season is over.Unsatisfactory for the "Kaiserslautern". The team flew to the second German Bundesliga, and the goalkeeper began to look for a new job. Buy the player decided to "Eintracht," which reported in May 2012 on his decision. The contract was designed for four years, Kevin immediately received a place in the basis. However, the season for Trapp ended early. The goalkeeper received a broken arm, which required a long recovery. "Eintracht" also finished the season on the 6th line, which allowed him to participate in the Euro League draw.

Season 2012/13 the goalkeeper worked for all 100%. All 34 Bundesliga matches on goal was Trapp. Nevertheless, the team took only 13th place, almost flying out of the prestigious division. Not bad showed the team and in the Cup of the country, reaching the quarterfinals, where with a minimum score (1: 0) lost to Dortmund "Borussia". In LE, the team reached 1/16, where they lost to Portuguese "Porto" in the sum of two matches (5: 5). Group stage games and meetings 1/32 finals "Eintracht" won.

Season 2014/15 the club started with a newmentor, which became Thomas Schaaf. The coach appointed 24-year-old Kevin captain of the team. Already in the fifth round of the German championship the goalkeeper got a tissue rupture. Recovery took 4 months. Only at the end of January he managed to enter the field in the match against "Freiburg". Return after injury was overshadowed by 4 goals conceded. A few days later, he extended the contract with the team until 2019. In February he played the 100th match in the prestigious German Bundesliga.


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In the summer of 2015 he moved to the French "PSG". He made his debut in August. The game was held in the country's Super Cup against Lyon. Trapp helped to win the trophy and placed the attention of the leadership. A week later spent the first match in the championship of France. It became clear that Trapp ousted Sirigu, who stood at the gate of "PSG" in 2011. Kevin helped the team reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League, in the group stage allowed to score only Madrid "Real". For several rounds before the end of the season, "PSG" formalized the championship.

Kevin Trapp's Girlfriend

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In March 2016, the media reported thatGerman goalkeeper meets with the Brazilian model Isabelle Goulart. The girl is more known as a representative of the famous brand Victoria's Secret. Isabel is actively involved in sports, as evidenced by her figure. Often journalists pay more attention to it than the goalkeeper of "PSG".

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