Today every woman wants to look beautifuland lead a healthy lifestyle. An excellent alternative to the sport are cycling, which will be quite comfortable and productive thanks to a model of two-wheeled transport, such as the "Stealth Miss 5000". This bike is characterized by the highest comfort, comfortable fit, safety and beautiful appearance.

Brief information about the brand

The legendary STELS brand today has Russianroots. The founders of the company are the brothers Nachevkin, who founded this popular label in 1998. Five years later, the world public saw the first factory of the same name trademark, which was oriented to the production of bicycle equipment. In addition to this product, the company also produces ATVs and scooters, which are no less popular than bicycles.

stealth miss 5000

Features of the model

Charming and very cute bicycle "Stealth"Miss 5000 "has a strong character and is aimed at active women. It is not only stylish and beautiful, but also quite practical. The frame of the vehicle is unique thanks to a well thought-out anatomical structure. It allows each beautiful representative of the female half to feel comfortable while riding a bicycle, regardless of the form of clothing.

The steering wheel of the vehicle has the property of adjusting for height, which entails a comfortable position of the back, excluding a feeling of discomfort.

The bundle of the model "Stealth Miss 5000" is perfect. It includes such details as wings, protective elements, functional footrest and reflectors.

bike stealth miss 5000

Main characteristics:

  • The vehicle frame is made ofalloy steel. The main advantage of this material is its flexibility, which is perfectly felt in the road roughness and imperfection of the soil, and incredible strength.
  • Brake system of the bike "Stealth Miss 5000"Rim. Due to this feature, the vehicle experiences minimal load on the bushing and spokes, practically does not overheat, and also has a minimum cost.
  • The size of the wheels is 26 inches.
  • Number of speeds - 18.
  • The carriage and the steering column are made of steel.
  • The plug has a spring construction.
  • The rims of the vehicle are made of aluminum.
  • The bicycle frame is made in sizes 16 and 18 inches.

stealth miss 5000 reviews

Price policy

The indicator of an affordable price category ismodel of the bike "Stealth Miss 5000", which is distinguished by the quality of assembly, reliability and functionality. The cost of a vehicle at a discount varies from 11 700 to 13 997 rubles, which indicates the democracy and accessibility for each buyer.

"Stealth Miss 5000": customer reviews

The vehicle of this model, according tothe opinion of buyers and independent experts, is quite compact, lightweight, incredibly maneuverable and reliable. The bike will be a great companion for both beginner and professional. The positive qualities of the bicycle, which are felt from the first trip, are the features of its structure, softness and convenience. The presence of the step is one of the indicators of comfort, functionality and convenience of the bicycle. Thanks to the adjustable rudder and seat design, the vehicle is perfect for girls and women of any size.

The big plus of the bicycle is its attractive appearance, which does not concede to its more expensive counterparts.

In addition to the positive aspects, from the point of view ofbuyers bike has some disadvantages. Among the latter, the braking system also applies, which, in damp and rainy weather, malfunctions and provokes uncharacteristic sounds for a normal process. But with this problem it is easy to cope with the usual wiping of the disc with a dry napkin.

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