Simultaneously with the opening of the shopping and entertainment center "June" in the city of Cherepovets, the fitness club "Alex Fitness" started working on the fourth floor of this shopping center.

general information

Cherepovets alex fitness

At the moment, almost every majorthe city of our country operates at least one club of this network. Fortunately, the management of the network did not bypass Cherepovets. "Alex Fitness" has become very popular with almost all citizens who are happy to spend a lot of time here.

No matter, early in the morning or late at night,the townspeople flee for training in "Alex Fitness" (Cherepovets). The mode of work of this fitness club promotes a large attendance even on weekdays. The club opens its doors to all visitors at 7 am, and closes only at 12 o'clock in the morning. Thanks to such a convenient schedule, all residents of the city of Cherepovets "Alex Fitness" is very popular.

Services and special offers

alex cherepovets fitness mode

Contrary to its name, this fitness club offers its visitors not only the opportunity to properly work out in the group hall, carrying out various programs with their coach.

The first for the whole Cherepovets, "Alex Fitness"offers its customers a so-called corporate fitness, when employees of one organization can engage in individual programs designed specifically for them.

"Alex Fitness" offers its customersto work out not only in group classes, but also how to work out the muscles in the gym. Naturally, all trainings are conducted under the guidance of experienced coaches who have the necessary qualifications and know perfectly how to provide first aid in case of severe overwork. So do not be afraid for your health after training - here you will be under surveillance.

For professionals and fans of boxing in "Alex Fitness" there are separate zones, designed specifically for this sport.

And to properly relax and relax after a tiring and exhausting workout, athletes can spend time in Finnish saunas.

Additional services

alex fitness cherepovets

This club is considered one of the best for the whole Cherepovets classes. "Alex Fitness" to retain this status, has introduced a huge number of various additional services.

An additional service that enjoys greatpopularity with beginners - personal trainer. And this person can help not only learn with the simulators, but also teach how to correctly perform various aerobic exercises in group training.

For all fans of table tennis this club has a tennis table, behind which you can have fun.

Lovers bring their body in order not onlywith the help of sports, the club offers to adjust their food in order to achieve the desired results. And if you are already satisfied with your appearance, but you are not happy with the absence of the sun, you can use the solarium installed in each locker room. After all, there is nothing better when a beautiful sports figure is underlined by a fresh tan.

The territory of the club provides life and health insurance, so that each visitor will be paid insurance for any accident that occurred on the territory of the club "Alex Fitness".

Price policy

There are several ways in whichyou can find out the cost of classes at the club "Alex Fitness" (Cherepovets). Phone 8 (820) 261-37-37 - probably the most convenient way to learn about the current pricing policy and ongoing promotions. Administrators of the club will gladly answer all the questions of interest and will prompt the approximate cost of all the requested services.

You can also find out about the cost of classes throughofficial site "Alex Fitness". In fact, this club is considered one of the most expensive in the city of Cherepovets. "Alex Fitness" offers its clients a lot of special offers for season tickets and morning classes, due to which, it is very popular even for unsecured athletes.

And a few more reasons to choose "Alex Fitness"

Alex Cherepovets fitness phone

1. This is only modern and serviceable equipment for training.

2. This coaching staff, where each member of the team has the necessary qualifications.

3. This is all equipment necessary for carrying out group programs.

4. This is a great experience in training.

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