In the early eighties, the country still lackednew trends and breaths of fresh air. On Soviet television then only the long-recorded and outdated morning exercises were demonstrated for the general population. This action was depressingly, conservatively and dryly conducted. To ordinary people, far from sports, it was not interesting to work on the beauty of the body. Or there were more important things to do.

Elena Bukreeva. Biography

Many interesting personalities and names appeared in theso far the eighties of the twentieth century. One of these names is Elena Bukreeva, whose biography in sports is very bright from 1979 to 1984: athlete, honored master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics in the Soviet Union. Elena Konstantinovna Bukreeva was born in 1965 in the USSR. Has in the group of gymnasts sports awards: World Cup - gold, Belgrade, 1983; the European Championships - gold, Stavanger, 1982. It has become a symbol of the beauty of the female figure, the tightness and harmony of the body. How?

Elena Bukreeva

Rhythmic gymnastics. Birth

At that time, it was already gaining overseasthe popularity of aerobics, a lot of bright models from the TV screens to the music taught the population how to look smart and young. In the Soviet Union somewhere in the higher circles it was decided to launch a similar project, which was a kind of breakthrough at that time. Picked up beautiful gymnasts, the best of the best. And such, behind whose shoulders there were considerable records.

Elena Bukreeva became one of them. Beautiful, graceful, charismatic gymnast. She stood out among others in her own way. The complex of exercises was developed not only by athletes, choreographers, but also by actors. The task was set to create a bright, impressive sports show for ordinary people. Elena Bukreeva took an active part in this, contributed. In particular, Bukreeva proposed several of her exercises, which were available to any person, including for housewives, far from sports.

Elena Bukreeva master of sports

Twisting of the trunk in the sitting position, push-upsfrom the knees, stretch marks and half-string. Elena broke her complex into two parts: aerobic and power. Loads were alternated according to the degree of muscle groups. She, relying on the experience of the athlete, knew about the importance of these moments for the health and harmonious development of the body. Bukreeva Elena correctly finished the issue, conducting at the end of the exercise exercises to restore breathing and relax muscles. They called this complex "Rhythmic gymnastics", "Rhythm". The term is new, as the definition of "aerobics" was alien at the time. Beautiful music was picked up. Releases of rhythmic gymnastics were published three times a week and had incredible success and popularity.

Elena Bukreeva biography

Sudden popularity

It would seem a mundane event. But in a country that has not been accustomed to such manifestations of beauty and creative approach in sports, there has been some revolution. The program was, along with Elena Bukreeva, and other athletes, just as attractive. Each formed an army of their own fans. Elena Bukreeva conducted two rhythmic gymnastics releases - from March to October 1985. There was a powerful resonance after the issues: on the counters of the Union appeared calendars and posters with the image of Elena Bukreeva. She became a symbol of beauty and style, an example that everyone wanted to imitate. And it's understandable, on the screen the sportswoman appeared in beautiful gymnastic swimsuits with bright prints, stylish gaiters. This became a bright spot among the gray everyday life of housewives.

Elena Bakrayeva biography and photos

The pursuit of beauty

After that, colorful gaiters appeared in eachself-respecting girls, women! Everyone wanted to look just like Elena. Suddenly, there was an awakening of the understanding that one can have a beautiful body, one only needs to make efforts! The desire for beauty has long been extinguished in our country, but sooner or later it broke out. Biography of Elena Bukreeva (photo above) became interesting for most of the country's population. Many houses hung a colorful poster or a calendar with its image.

On the male part of the population and say noit is necessary. Everyone liked beautiful sportswomen, and even without doing it with them, men made alarm clocks so as not to oversleep the release of rhythmic gymnastics and watch it! In this sense, the master of sports Elena Bukreeva unwittingly became the sex symbol of the country at that time. There was a breakthrough to a new - to a healthy lifestyle, an understanding of the beauty and health of the human body. A genuine interest in sports and self-improvement arose, a warm spark lit in the hearts of many women, as they began to learn to love themselves.

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