Tereshchenko Alexey Vladimirovich is a Russian hockey player. During his career he did not leave the borders of his homeland. He is rightly considered one of the best central strikers of the last five years.

early years

Alexei appeared in the winter of 1980 inMozhaysk. In his childhood he often watched hockey on TV, and this influenced the choice of the future profession. I started to play sports, even as a child. Visited the section in his native Mozhaysk. Absolutely nothing stood out against the rest of the guys, except the desire to always be the first. It was this that played a decisive role in the life of the guy, later he started studying in the Moscow Dynamo system, and he dreamed of playing one day for his native team.

At the age of eighteen he began to be drawn to games forsecond composition. Naturally, this was not what he dreamed about, because many hockey players at this age are the basis. Only in 2000, Alexei Tereshchenko will be first announced for the championship. It is worth noting that the season will be quite successful, despite the low performance. It is believed that it was then that the professional career of the athlete began.

Performances at the highest level

In 2001, Alexei again stands for the basismetropolitan team and continues to demonstrate a confident game. It can not be said that at the beginning of a career, a hockey player was extremely productive. For five years in the "Dynamo" he scored only twenty-four goals and gave thirty-six assists.

alexey tereschenko

In 2005 he moved to "Ak Bars", and here alreadyshows a really mature and confident game. In the debut season will take part in thirty-one duel, throw three goals and make sixteen assists. In 2006, he plays in fifty-three games, and scores thirty points.

Seasons 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 Alexey Tereshchenko conducts the team "Salavat Yulaev". The hockey player during this time took part in more than a hundred fights, scored more than thirty goals and made fifty-four assistants. It is noteworthy that here he acted mainly on the position of the central striker.

In 2009, he again returns to "Ak Bars", wherefor five years will be one of the best players. In 2014, the contract with the Kazan team came to an end, and he returned to his native Moscow "Dynamo", where he continues to speak to this day.

Russian team

alexey tereshenko hockey player

Alexei Tereshchenko made his debut in the nationalteam in the 2000th year, when he first received a call to the junior team. Then he became the silver medalist of the world championship. He played in seven games, threw three goals and made five assists.

The call to the main team had to wait until 2008of the year. A long wait brought fruit, and he immediately won a gold medal at the World Championships. The following year, Russia confirmed that it was the strongest in the world, and the hockey player was the main one at this tournament. In 2010, the team becomes the second, and the striker has never been able to excel. In a year it will be possible to occupy only the fourth place. In 2012, the whole country will expect victory from Russia, and it will happen. Alexei Tereshchenko will participate in ten games, and will score two goals. But at the next world championship, as well as at the Olympics, nothing will be won.

Statistics of performances for the first national team is as follows: fifty-eight matches, ten goals and fourteen assists.

Club awards

The hockey player won the Russian championship five times. Once he was bowed to the Champions Cup. Also, the hockey player won the Gagarin Cup.

tereschenko alexey vladimirovich

Twice he became a member of the match of all the stars of the Continental League.

That's it, Alexei Tereshchenko. A successful sportsman, and an idol of millions. There is nothing surprising in that many young guys dream of the same career as his.

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