The Confederations Cup is a football tournament in which national teams of several countries fight. The tournament is held by the organization FIFA a year before the World Cup in the country where it will be held.

At this stage, the winners are fightingContinental competitions held by the confederations (CONMEBOL, UEFA, AFC, CONCACAF, OFC, CAF), as well as the host of the upcoming World Cup and the winner of the past. That is, in this tournament eight teams compete for the main prize.

If the winner of the continental championship alsois also the world champion, then in such cases the finalist of the given continental championship is invited to the cup. This cup originates from King Fahd's Cup, held in 1992-1995 in Saudi Arabia, and is a kind of warm-up, or rehearsal of the World Cup. For all, not so great, the history of this tournament became the winners of 5 teams - it was the teams of France, Denmark, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. As for Brazil, she won the home Confederations Cup this year. For today, this team is the current owner of the main prize.

Confederation Cup
Confederations Cup 2013

This year, the 9th drawing was held inBrazil in the 15-30 days of June. The winner was Brazil, winning in the final of the home tournament with the Spanish national team with a score of 4: 0. Great contribution to the victory made Fred, who scored two goals against the Spaniards, and Neymar, who scored one goal.

During these competitionsan unpleasant situation: the timing of the Cup coincided with the 4th qualifying round for the 2014 World Cup in Asia. AFC (Asian Football Confederation) asked to change the timing of the Cup, but FIFA decided that the schedule of matches will be changed only for Japan, which won the Asian Championship.

Confederations Cup
Some additional information:

- After going to the final of the tournament, the Spanish teamgot the opportunity to go down in history as the third team that won all the tournaments among the football teams held by FIFA: the football tournament at the Olympic Games, the Confederations Cup and, of course, the World Cup in football.

- Team Tahiti, holder of the Cup of Nations OFC 2012, took part in this tournament for the first time.

- At this tournament for the first time in the history of football was used the system of automatic determination of goals.

Cup of Confederations 2013. Schedule of games from June 15 to June 30.

Golden Ball

June 29, 2013 FIFA put 6 candidates for the Golden Ball. The result was summed up after the final match in Rio De Janeiro. It was given to Neimar. Applicants: Iniesta, Paulinho, Pirlo, Ramos, Suarez, Neimar.

Gold boot

Bouts went to the best scorer of the tournament, he was recognized as a player of the Spanish national team Fernando Torres. In the Cup he scored 5 goals.

Protests during the Cup

2013 Confederations Cup
June 15 before the opening of the tournament near the stadiuma demonstration took place in Rio de Janeiro. Its participants protested against the fact that a lot of public money was spent on the organizational work of the Confederations Cup. To disperse the crowd, the police had to use pepper sprays and tear gas. Josef Blatter, FIFA President, together with Brazilian President Dilma Russef were booed by dissatisfied people at the opening ceremony of the tournament.

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