In modern tennis, in order to achievereal success, children begin their studies at a very young age. Kazan Tennis Academy provides all conditions for tennis fans of different ages. When did the history of this academy begin? Who can study in it?

Tennis Academy of Kazan

Tennis Academy

Kazan can be proud of this institution. This sports facility is not only the largest in the Volga region, but also one of the largest in Russia. This is a fairly young sports institution.

The Tennis Academy (Kazan) was introduced inoperation in autumn 2009. And in four years, this sports facility was used during the World Summer Universiade. It was in this hall that competitions were held on badminton and big tennis. Since that time, the sports facilities of the Academy are constantly used not only by professional athletes: children are engaged under the guidance of professional coaches, and everyone can play tennis on the free court. Every month the Academy conducts regular tennis tournaments for amateurs, and once a year there is a professional tennis tournament - the Cup of the Kazan Kremlin.


The Academy of Tennis (Kazan) has in itstwenty six tennis courts. This is the largest number of courts in Russia in one geographical location. To accommodate such a large number of fields need a corresponding area, the area of ​​which is 8.5 hectares of land. In this square, the Tennis Academy (Kazan) has almost twenty thousand square meters of sports facilities.

Of the 26 courts, four covered with a hard cover are in the main hall, as many in training.

Kazan Tennis Academy

In addition, eighteen rooms are located in the open air. Of these, only four have a ground coat, and all the others - hard.

Who can train

The doors of the academy are open to all comers from sevenin the morning till ten in the evening. Of course, the main attention is paid to the training of tennis players for modern professional tennis players. Classes for the youngest are held starting from the age of four, with two professional trainers conducting the training, which significantly improves the quality of the classes. Sports equipment is issued directly to the academy for a moderate fee, and the cost includes renting a court. But sports shoes tennis players need to bring with them.

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