The swimming pool "Spartak" (Voronezh) is a part of thethe same sports complex, which has been meeting sports fans for more than 45 years. In addition to the pool there is a solarium, a gym with exercise equipment, a gym for shaping, a cafe and a sports goods store.

Swimming classes are available to all comers. In the pool "Spartacus" in Voronezh waiting for adults and children. Here all conditions for comfortable employment by water kinds of sports are created.

At the disposal of visitors is a wardrobe, individual lockers in the locker room, showers, hair dryers.

pool Spartak Voronezh

In the sports complex there are two swimming pools - large and children's.

Adult swimming pool

A large swimming pool with six paths has a width of 15 meters, a length of 25 meters, a depth of 1.5 to 4 meters.

In the pool "Spartacus" (Voronezh) constantly monitoredfor the temperature and quality of water, always on-site experienced instructors. There are both individual and group classes. There are also one-off visits, and subscription. There is a system of discounts and a family rate for those who like to spend weekends together and with health benefits. For special categories, a separate visit time is allocated.

pool Spartak Voronezh reviews

Children's swimming pool

The children's pool consists of three baths in size12.5 by 5 meters and a depth of 0, 6 to 1.25 meters. Experienced teachers and swimming instructors work with children. You can start learning from three years.


About the pool "Spartacus" (Voronezh) reviews inMost of them are good. Of the advantages, visitors call a convenient location in the center of the city, a comfortable spacious dressing room, excellent pressure in the shower, hair dryers, cleanliness of rooms and water, ionized water without chlorine odor, low prices, a pool for the youngest, as well as a gym, solarium and shop. The coaches and their ability to work with children are praised.

Negative feedback about the pool "Spartacus" in Voronezh is not particularly observed, except that they complain that the pool is old, and in order to get into the shower room, we must leave the locker room.

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