Pauline Gagarin's Diet

After recovering from a pregnancy, Polina Gagarinanot for long was the owner of large forms. Of course, many people like to discuss this topic and argue that this well-known girl can not be called thin. But everyone noticed that after the birth of her son from extra pounds she was successfully managed to get rid of. This fact was the reason for the emergence of a mass of rumors and versions about the technique of her weight loss. But Polina Gagarina's diet is not a secret, she willingly talks about how she could change her figure.

First of all, the singer was neversupporter of strict restrictions, so it grows thin and easy. A significant role in this was played by the fact that her mother was a dancer and always watched herself. She was able to instill in her daughter a cult of healthy and healthy food. So, the diet of Polina Gagarina is based on the fact that it is possible and necessary to eat exclusively "right" products. For example, vegetable food and seafood always appear in the girl's menu.

But sweets in any form, fatty and friedfood is a constant taboo. Of course, it seems to some people that living with such restrictions is difficult, but if such a food culture has been vaccinated since childhood, it does not cause any problems. The winner of the "Star Factory - 2" is enough to eat seafood, various fruits and vegetables to feel in good shape. And this can not help but appear on the figure: this food helps to lose weight. And given the fact that the diet of Polina Gagarina is not temporary, but it is her usual way of eating, it is almost impossible to gain extra pounds.

Gagarin's diet

But the star does not hide that she sometimes haslimit your diet, because this is the kind of approach that can give the best results. To maintain its shape, it is necessary not only to eat properly and diversely, but also to try to eliminate starch-containing foods, which Polina Gagarina did. A diet is available to everyone. True, not everyone can adjust themselves to the fact that they will have to eat this way all their life. It's one thing to change your diet for a week or a month, and another - to rebuild your thinking and love the right food. If you can not take the right food as part of your life, then getting rid of excess kilos will be difficult, they will then go away, then come back.

Polina Gagarina's diet
First of all, it is necessary to pay attention toquality of products, on their usefulness. Eat better in small portions, do not overeat, and stay after another meal slightly hungry. A few minutes before the brain will signal that the stomach is full, and you yourself will not notice how the feeling of hunger will disappear. In this case, you do not have to limit yourself. Diet Gagarin does not imply hard hunger strikes or calorie counting. The focus is on balanced nutrition, the replacement of high-calorie food with vegetables or fruits, the rejection of white bread and various muffins. You should not make exceptions for holidays, but if you can not deny yourself a piece of cake or a salad dressing with mayonnaise, then do not forget also that the main pledge of a beautiful figure is not only the diet of Polina Gagarina, but also a constant movement.

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