Amina Zaripova is one of the most prominentrepresentatives of Russian rhythmic gymnastics, shining in the first half of the nineties. She repeatedly became the world champion, she won at the European championships, was a participant of the Olympic Games. After the end of an active career, Amina Vasilovna went into coaching, becoming famous for having brought up the brilliant Margarita Mamun, who won at the Games in Rio in 2016.

Girl from Chirchik

Biography Amina Zaripova can servean example of how one event in a person's life can change his future destiny. She was born in 1976 in the small Uzbek town of Chirchik, which is in the Tashkent region. First and foremost, it is famous for the fact that there is a school in which officers are trained for tank troops for a valiant army first of the Soviet Union, and then of an independent Uzbekistan.

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Amina herself was a flexible, athletic girl,but she did not think about gymnastics for a long time. Given that in this sport are beginning to be engaged from 4-5 years, it seems surprising that the future world champion fell into the arms of strict, but loving coaches only at the age of ten.

In artistic gymnastics Amina Zaripova gotalmost by accident. One day she went with her mother to Tashkent and was caught by the trainers who appreciated the outstanding natural data of the girl and suggested that she try herself in sports. Amina was flexible, artistic, perfectly felt music, intensive training helped her catch up and in a short time catch up with her peers.

Sports career

One of the turning points in the life of the Tatargirls from Uzbekistan came to her at the age of twelve. The question arose about her transition from a regular school to a specialized sports, where she had to concentrate completely on training and forget about ordinary life. Amina hardly experienced the upcoming separation from her house, friends, and categorically refused to take a decisive step.

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However, the girl's parents convinced her to take a chance, and thatStill, she relied on artistic gymnastics, beginning to train in a strengthened mode. Since 1992, the promising gymnast has become a member of the Russian team, along with Alina Kabaeva, leaving Uzbekistan. Was preparing for the future victories of Amin at the base in Novogorsk under the leadership of Irina Wiener-Usmanova.

In 1993, Zaripova first appeared on thethe World Championships in Alicante. The debutante was able to win two bronze medals, however this was only the beginning. In two years she performed brilliantly at the world championship in Vienna, receiving three gold and one bronze medal. In just seven years of her career, she became the world champion 5 times, the European champion - 3 times, and also twice won at the national championship.

Throughout his career, Amin Zaripov on an equal footingfought with the leaders of the world rhythmic gymnastics and her friends on the Russian team - Alina Kabaeva, Julia Barsukova. She also took part in the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, taking fourth place.


In 1998, Amina Zaripova finished an activeA sports career and took up coaching. For some time she directed the youth team of Greece, then returned to Russia, becoming a student of the State Academy of Physical Culture. After graduation, the girl, at the invitation of Irina Wiener-Usmanova, went to the Olympic Training Center, where she began working in tandem with Natalia Kukushkina.

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Amina's affairs went well, she managed to educatea number of successful gymnasts, among whom stood Jana Lukonina, who became the world champion. After this, Zaripova went on promotion and began to work in Novogorsk, where the Russian national team was preparing for the competition.

The native Chirchik continued to visit the CenterOlympic training, where she spotted Margarita Mamun. Despite the absence of serious current results, Amina Zaripova managed to persuade Irina Wiener that promising Mamun could train in Novogorsk. Margarita lived up to expectations and, as a result, won the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 after six years.

Personal life of Amina Zaripova

The multiple world champion has managed to realize herself not only in her career, but also in her personal life. After leaving the sport, Amina married a famous singer Alexei Kortnev.

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During the marriage, she became the happy mother of three children - Arseny, Athanasius and Aksinya.

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