One of the most serious challenges facinglife puts us - this is overcoming fear. And phobias can be different: fear of darkness, audience, relationships, loss of loved ones, favorite work, changes and innovations. Fear is considered the main enemy force of the human nature. This is a hard-to-learn habit that prevents a person from taking a step forward, moving beyond the boundaries and achieving success. A brave man is one who has managed to overcome himself, drive his fears to the farthest corners of consciousness, leaving them no hope of breaking out. Courage is the most important quality of character, ultimately determining the scenario of a person's life and the history of his victories.

The notion of boldness and its impact on life

Courage refers to strong-willed qualities,characterizing self-control, along with the concepts of endurance and determination. The definition of courage (or, in another way, courage) sounds like this: the ability (innate or developed) of a person to suppress the instinct of self-preservation and the protective reaction manifested in fear, resolutely controlling one's mind, behavior and actions.

brave man

In fact, nothing shameful and unusual inthere is no fear. This is the protective mechanism of the organism, arising independently of the will and desires of the individual. And just the same, a brave person is someone who knows how to maintain self-control in any situation, effectively eliminating the manifestation of biological reactions. Courage can and must be developed, because it is this irreplaceable property of character that helps people to believe in themselves, to move decisively forward, achieving their goals and expanding the horizons of opportunities. It was not without reason that they spoke in Russia: "The courage of the city takes", "Where courage, there is victory." And these proverbs are fully tested by time and people.

Characteristic features of a bold person

A brave person has a number of undeniable advantages and distinctive features compared to other, less brave people. So, be bold is this:

  • Create all the opportunities for success, rather than wait for "the sea weather."
  • Realize that you and only you form your life scenario.
  • Do not be afraid to act and make mistakes.
  • Take on your way what belongs to you by right.
  • Do not go on about the circumstances.
  • It's safe to face the difficulties and problems in the face, and not try to drown them in alcohol or hide around the corner, trembling with fear and hoping that they will bypass you.
  • Do what you fear most, thereby strengthening your self-control and self-control.
  • Do not boast of your own courage. Courage should not be seen and furiously "screaming" about yourself.

bold act of man

The bravest act of man is not expulsionfear, and overcoming oneself. That person, who managed to conquer herself, to subordinate her consciousness, is truly worthy of a stormy ovation and all life's benefits.

How to become brave?

Surely, many of the worthy representativeshumanity has ever wondered about how to become bold. And, probably, having received the answer and having learned to control their fear, they achieved everything they wanted. The term "courage" comes from the word "dare". Thus, in order to develop this quality in yourself, you just have to dare to do something - something that seems to you, at first glance, impossible.

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Let's start small. Do you feel some fear when talking to strangers? If so, try to do it more often - get acquainted and communicate outdoors, in the subway, in the store, walking with a dog, returning from a morning run or sitting on a Friday bar at the bar. At first it will be difficult for you, but gradually the fear will disappear, and you will not even notice how you will become a brave, sociable and uninhibited person.

that bold people are afraid

Learn how to express your opinion

How often, being in a big company, you, havingown point of view, did not dare to enter into discussion for fear of being booed? A brave person is one who is not afraid to express his opinion, even if it refutes and contradicts the point of view of others. Boldly enter into disputes and defend what you consider to be true, necessary and important.

Be able to say "no"

Remember that you do not owe anything to anyone. Let's say that if someone asks you to do something that is contrary to your desire and morality, refuse. Learn to say a hard "no", by this you will prove your individuality and courage. And best of all the question: "Why?" - Answer truthfully, without resorting to lies, but not justifying yourself. You must teach others to respect your desires and feelings, and then you will achieve much. Often such requests are exactly what the brave people are afraid of. After all, sometimes it is very difficult to deny a loved one, even if his desire is contrary to all accepted norms.

brave man is

A few more tips

  • Impeach yourself every day and hour that you are a bold, determined person, and soon it will become true.
  • Do your favorite thing - it will help overcome all fears and doubts.
  • Take something unusual that goes beyond the ordinary life. For example, a jump from a parachute, an unusual style of clothes, dance lessons or wrestling.
  • Believe in yourself and constantly maintain this faith.
  • Do not be afraid to take risks.
  • Make bold statements and implement them.

Remember that a brave person rarely loses andachieves everything he wants, walking along the path that he has paved. His courage brings him respect for others, success in any field and tranquility even in the most dangerous situation.

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