Autistic thinking is a complex mentala disorder characterized by the highest degree of self-isolation. To its main features belong the withdrawal from contacts with reality and the poverty of the emotional spectrum. People who suffer from this disease are characterized by incorrect reactions and lack of interaction with the society.

Problems with communication

What is autistic thinking? It is not difficult to recognize it. It has a number of characteristic symptoms, among which experts identify the following.

The speech of patients is poorly developed. They have difficulties with both understanding and reproduction of words. Often such people repeat the sounds and phrases heard from others or on TV. They do not understand the essence of complex syntactic constructions.

autistic thinking

It is much easier for them to react to monosyllabicsuggestions ("eat", "go," "get up," etc.). Abstract thinking of autistics is also inhibited. Most often this is manifested in the fact that patients do not understand such parts of speech as, for example, pronouns (yours, it, ours, etc.). Most often at the primary examination, parents complain that their child can not fully communicate. This problem begins to manifest itself in the second year of the baby's life.


A man whose consciousness absorbed thinkingautistic, behaves as if his perception of the world around him is disturbed. From the side it seems that he is deaf and blind. It is difficult for the environment to attract the attention of the patient. He does not look into the eyes of the interlocutor and does not even turn around when his name is. A close examination shows no problems at the physiological level.

Autists do not create close relationships, even withfamily members. This deviation can be noticed already in the first months of life. At this time the child does not press against his mother when she holds him in her arms. He can even resist physical contact - strain his back and try to slip out of his arms.

autistic thinking

These kids do not like toys, like ordinary children. They entertain themselves using their methods: rotate the wheels of machines, twist the rope, thrust into the mouth of the dolls. These deviations can be seen in the second year of life.

Games with others are severely limited or generallyare absent. A child may not be interested in such fun or simply not have the necessary skills. Usually he does not pay attention to others. The only exception is primitive games like "give-take".

Autistic thinking erases the ability toself-service. Patients are difficult to dress, go to the toilet. They react bravely to the danger. In connection with this, these babies need constant supervision. Parents are required to protect them from serious injuries, which can be obtained even during the most ordinary walk down the street.

Attacks of anger

For people with autism,aggressive behavior and unpredictable outbursts of rage. Often they can direct this cruelty upon themselves. Patients bite their hands, beat their heads against the wall, floor or furniture, strike with their fists on the face. Sometimes inadequate behavior is directed to others. Most parents complain about the rudeness of such children, emotional explosions, a sharp reaction to refusals and bans.

mental disorders autistic

Patients with autism can carry out uniqueritual actions. For example, they swing from side to side, clapping hands, twisting objects in their hands, looking steadily at a bright light or fan blades, stacking different things in a row, squatting or spinning for a long time.

Exceptions to the rules

In many patients, autistic thinking does notcompletely, because there is a concept of so-called shrapnel skills. This is a kind of "islets" of adequate behavior that are preserved in their minds. This phenomenon manifests itself in various situations.

Such people can develop without delay andlearn to walk already at the age of fifteen months. It is not uncommon for children to have a high level of motor development, go without problems and do not lose their balance.

Memory, passions, fears

When a doctor diagnoses autism, he is looking forsigns of normal memory. So, a child can repeat sounds for others or simulate what they hear on TV. He is also able to remember the details of what he sees.

autistic and realistic thinking

He develops some interests: games with various objects, clockwork toys or household utensils. Someone is interested in music and dancing. Some are able to add puzzles, like numbers and letters, and so on.

Autists have small, but specific fears that exist less time than in healthy people. So, the patient can be frightened by the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner or the horn of the car.

Tips for loved ones

Autistic thinking is a seriousa medical diagnosis that only a psychoneurologist can provide. For the treatment to be carried out according to the correct scheme, a person needs to undergo a complete examination. After that, doctors together with psychologists are engaged in the development of an individual plan for combating the disease. The key to success in confronting the problem is to be patient, kind and believe in the success of treatment.

From parents it is required to create for the kidmaximum emotional comfort. They must instill in their child a sense of security. The next stage of the work is teaching the child new forms of behavior and vital skills for adaptation to the environment.

what is autistic thinking

Close should understand that he is extremelyit is difficult to interact with the outside world. Autistic and realistic thinking are two polar concepts. Native should constantly watch the patient, explain to him everything that they do or say. Thanks to this, they will help the autist to expand his views on reality and encourage him to express feelings in words.

A special approach

Even patients who do not know how to talk, withjoyfully perform various tasks of a non-verbal nature. They need to teach the game of lotto, folding puzzles, solving puzzles. It is very important to develop the ability of a person to communicate with others and do something with them.

When an autist pays attention to some kind ofan object, you need to say its name, let's hold hands for it. In this way, a large number of analyzers can be used - touch, sight, hearing simultaneously and attack autistic thinking. Human psychology claims that patients need to repeat the names of things many times, explain their purpose, until they make them part of their perception of the world.


If the child is completely absorbed by some kind ofby occupation, you can carefully supplement its action with your explanation. It is very important that he at the same time touches the subject in question (for example, a mirror). This will help the non-talking baby to overcome the inner barrier of silence and learn a new word.

When a small patient leaves with a head inmanipulation with objects, it is necessary to bring meaning into this action. For example, putting cubes in a row can be called building a train. This is done in order to reduce mental disorders, autistic behavior of the baby.

autistic thinking human psychology

In gaming therapy, you need to apply thewhich have specific simple rules. It is not necessary to address to the plot-role entertainment, which require conversations. Any fun should be repeated time after time, explaining each step in it. Thus, it can be achieved that this game will become one of the rituals that adore autistics.

Problems that cause autisticthinking, it is necessary to solve without haste. Before you need to set specific goals: getting rid of fears, controlling aggression, learning to interact with others.

It is very important that the kids watch cartoons, the characters of which have a vivid, expressive facial expression. They find it difficult to identify facial expressions, and this method will help to cope with this problem.

The best cartoon about the engineTom, Shrek, etc. Suggest to the child to guess, in what mood this or that character, doing a freeze-frame. Let him try to portray this emotion on his own.

If the kid goes into himself, distract him, play a facial expression. Your face should work very expressively in order to make it easier for him to guess what you are showing.


Autistic thinking in adults can be treated withthrough their participation in theatrical performances. At first they vigorously resist attempts to introduce them into the play. But with the manifestation of perseverance and the use of encouragement, the patient will not only dare to do this, but also get a lot of pleasure from what is happening.

Autistic thinking in adults

It is also useful to tell various stories withpositive and negative heroes. So the patient will learn to subconsciously understand what is good and what is bad. You can play such tales with the participation of people or use dolls. It should be explained that everyone in this view has a role. These performances must be done repeatedly, and each time adding something new.

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