Mindfulness as a person's quality is a propensitymake claims to the person, inflated demands for any trifling and petty reasons, inflate individual blunders and mistakes to the level of the eternal belonging, the properties of his nature, to attach too much importance to them.

A picky person is programmed toconstant injections of a syringe. The daughter of discontent is pickiness to become more vivid, uses a whole arsenal of improvised tools - reproaches, reproaches, reproaches, remarks, criticism, condemnation. Being, as a rule, petty, complexed and touchy, she, in retaliation for her complexes, resentment and weakness, cares at every pillar. Exceptions are only some kinds of vital activity and especially extreme situations, where the pickiness of the senior experienced person is appropriate and necessary. Behind the shoulders of such pickiness is the life and health of people.

For example, any army rests on discipline,so it's hard to do without fault-finding. In one military unit there was a company whose soldiers were the standard of discipline and neatness, even though you send it to Lenin's Mausoleum. The Commander himself wanted to look at the wonder-commander. The company commander, Senior Lieutenant Golopupenko, met the delegation. Struck his pudgy fists, menacingly advanced jaw, narrow forehead and sharp, piercing gaze of eye-drills. Approaching the commander, he immediately told him: "Tie correct. Pugovichku on the tunic button. " The General looked at the regimental commander in bewilderment. He jumped to the commander at once and whispered in his ear: "Quickly do what the company says. He does not repeat it twice. "

Muddling is the result of suppressednegative emotions. As a rule, the sources of fault-finding are four emotions - anger, shame, fear and despondency or regret, melancholy. A person who for a long time is under the influence of negative emotions, exposes himself to danger, because negativism destroys health. We will not spoil the mood, enumerating those diseases that are associated with the long neighborhood of a person with negative emotions. At the same time, man is not a robot, he can not be prevented from manifesting the entire range of emotions, both positive and negative. A deadly occupation is to suppress negative emotions. It means driving the destructive calamity inside. Negative emotions need not be suppressed, but culturally manifested. Anger can not be strangled with a pillow. If a person goes on the path of containing negative emotions, he turns into the producer of psychological blocks.

Muddling is a psychological block,created on the basis of suppressed negative emotions and, because of this, not giving love. The root of evil is hidden here. Complacency is the inability to show love because of a load of repressed emotions. How can a wife show love for her husband if she has angered him for the scattered clothes, the toilet lid described, the "hairy" soap and the legendary socks? The more irritation, the stronger the block of captiousness blocks the possibility of manifestation of love.

Muddling is a wedge for the manifestation of love. The psychological block of fault-finding will jam any manifestations of tender feelings, because it causes a protesting state of false ego in both sides. A husband finds fault with his wife by criticizing her actions. For example, much and not rationally squandered money, in a word, accuses her of extravagance. Muddling adores the words "as always", "never", "what else should you expect", "your family", "your mother". These words are a red rag for a false ego: "You can never trust money," says the husband. "You'll always waste on shantsev-shmantsi." Careless, like your mother. Your whole family is like that, only you think about yourself. What else was to be expected from a woman whose mother is a spender and her father is a moth? "After such an introduction, his wife's false ego was not just awake, but started and splashed out with the words:" I will not talk about your family, your crazy mother, alcoholic - father, bandits - brothers and prostitutes - sisters. I will not say anything. I'm more noble than you. I'm not that petty and greedy brute like you. " It is clear that after such a "sweet talk", about any love, until they are reconciled, there can be no question.

Muddling is the voice of the dissatisfied,unsatisfied feelings. Feelings are the tentacles of the mind. Without them, anywhere, but also with them problems. They have an insatiable nature: "Come on, but only better". They are not satisfied, like the insatiable, unbridled Messalina. How much they do not serve - they always tweak the mind, exposing more and more new demands. In relationships, they go through four stages - hunger, satiety, satiety and disgust. At the stage of hunger they are silent. For example, a man met a woman and is rapidly developing relationships. The senses have no reason to quibble, they suffer and wait for their time. Especially trembling with anticipation of pleasure is a sense of touch, it is connected with tactile sensations. Having become full, feelings start to grumble: "I'm tired. Give something fresh or use something that you have in a new way. In a word, think up something, because we want something so unusual. " A man obedient to his mind begins to carp at a woman, that is, to show discontent, stating: "Well, what are you lying like dead in a coffin? Hey! At the bottom! Have you slept there? "

Pickling of the husband, as it is not this and this is not it -a signal of infidelity in feelings and behavior, or a bitter fruit of betrayal, handed to his wife. Thinking of another woman, or not only thinking, but also directly communicating with her, the husband moves away from his wife and children. When it comes to betrayal, everything in the family begins to irritate him and, as a consequence, endless quibbles arise on every occasion. Through cynicism, the husband tries to self-justify himself, to find the perpetrators of his behavior. Conscience, if she stayed, says to him: "You are guilty," but to take the rightness of these words is painful. It's much easier to blame your wife for your sins. Some go to the point of absurdity, recalling that twenty years ago, before marriage, she had a man. Having persuaded herself, her husband begins to be picky. The family goes into the background.

Muddling is a consequence of a depressed,unrealized shame, fear, anger and despondency. As a critical mindset for close people and for everything that happens, fault-finding does not want to recognize its imperfection. For example, to be ashamed of is to recognize your imperfection, be it appearance, professional competence, personality quality or state of mind. It is necessary to show objectivity and convince yourself that all people are imperfect. The meaning of our existence on Earth is precisely the development of our mind, in self-consciousness. If I have a long nose, this circumstance can bite, only a foolish person. Is it worth it to be upset, ashamed and, as a result, to break your bad mood in the form of nit-picking on close people. A reasonable person will be interested in my inner world, and a superficial snob - a nose and other external tinsel. It is worthwhile for a person to look into himself, to find out these four negative emotions, to realize that they are a consequence of previously committed unworthy, ignoble acts, disturbing conscience, to make them waste and a miracle will happen - the dragon of fault-finding, deprived of fertilizer, will die from exhaustion.

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