Become more influential and be a strong personality -a dream that many people have, but most simply drop their hands, as it is difficult to find an answer to the question of what actions need to be taken to achieve the desired. It is extremely difficult to describe precisely who can be called a "strong personality", because the definition may vary depending on the person in question. Nevertheless, there are several aspects that are commonly mentioned in various definitions of this phenomenon. According to the ordinary idea, a strong personality is a bright and significant person occupying the position of a leader, not a slave. In this article we will talk about how to develop these qualities and learn how to prevent third-party influence.

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How we are influenced by people around us

Should a person claiming the title"Strong personality", first of all, learn to be yourself? The society, friends, relatives and relatives demand from us a certain behavior that would correspond to their expectations. Under the pressure of the public, many people become mediocre, instead of developing the qualities that a strong personality possesses. The examples clearly show how the influence of others in our daily lives is manifested.

  1. The manner of dressing. The choice of things is dictated by the fashion and expectations of others.
  2. Behavior. As soon as you do something sudden or something that will set you apart from the crowd, people will question your action or they will condemn you.
  3. Preferences. A recommendation or good feedback from your friend can make someone or something very attractive in your eyes. Thus, even our choice can be dictated by someone else's opinion.
  4. Other. Every day we hear a lot of phrases that can make us the next "sheep in a shepherd's herd" - "do it", "do it", "you are crazy", etc.

The future strong personality makes the first step, separating from the "herd", and allows himself to have his own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, behavior and character.

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Become stronger by learning to differ

Once you try to stand out, manypeople who feel safe because everything happens according to their expectations will criticize you. There are several techniques that will help you calm everyone who tries to do it.

  1. "What is the problem?" Weak people retreat or even change theirbehavior, just get a warning from someone who looks more confident in themselves. "What's the problem?", "I like to do just that" or "it's interesting for me" - possible phrases that make it clear that you are a strong person.
  2. Counterattack. Bright people can surprise others by going into a counterattack, instead of defending themselves. "Why do you take the time to blame me? Is everything too smooth in your life? ".

If it is impossible, but very much it would be desirable, it is possible. People with low self-esteem often apologize fortheir actions to flatter others. Strong personalities know that they can act in a certain way simply because they like it, or they think it's important. "I do this because I like it. Why should I do what you like? "

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Of course, this is not all that is necessary to know,to become a strong person. However, this important step will allow you to learn to be a self-sufficient person and not depend on the opinions and expectations of surrounding people, become happier and more self-confident.

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