Each of us wants his luck to be his constant companion. There is an opinion that crossed fingers - this is one of the ways to attract her into your life.

Lucky Symbol

The question of the nature of this gesture, its originquite interesting. Most people can not logically explain why two crossed fingers are a guarantee of achieving their goals. However, this does not prevent them from actively using this method and even feel some moral satisfaction and calm from the ritual.

crossed fingers
A sharp remark is that in this wayluck certainly does not slip out of hand. Still, a small obstacle was created for her. Crossed fingers will hold it. But it is interesting after all, where did this unique tradition come from, and what is it caused by.

Many rituals have long become a habit and are used unconsciously. It is curious that since the childhood many people begin to cross fingers.


When you catch yourself using this gesture, you involuntarily ask yourself the question "Why and why am I doing this?" There is enough information in this topic that can give an exhaustive answer.

The history of such a tradition is very ancient. Of course, a direct link here can be traced with the symbol of the cross. Moreover, the very one where Jesus was crucified. Since the sign of the cross was used from time immemorial as a protective symbol, it was also believed that crossed fingers could be equated with a wooden or metal crucifix, by which demons, devils, all kinds of ailments and bad thoughts were driven away. First of all, it's a security symbol.

crossed fingers


This was especially true whenChristianity was still developing, and wearing special marks on the neck was not so common. Also, since the adherents of this belief had to hide from the persecuted Romans, the crossed middle finger ring was some kind of password and a sign that there was a like-minded person nearby.

Do not forget about this reception and in the timesThe Middle Ages, when also believed that with his help you can drive away demons and wicked spirits. In our time, when in principle many spheres of a person's life are becoming less and less connected with religious aspects, and this phenomenon also no longer carries with it the background of faith. If some supernatural forces are meant, they are not directly identified with the biblical god. Today it is believed that crossed fingers are a magnet for luck and an opponent of the evil eye.


It is known that customs in different states canvary greatly. The same applies to this gesture. For example, even when living in Russia, not many people know that even until quite recently, crossed fingers meant the veracity of a person's words.

Having been in Vietnam, you can find out thatthe people of this country can make serious problems, because the character is considered indecent and offensive. It is associated with the elements of the female reproductive system. Once in Turkey or Greece, you can find out that this is the sign of the end of a friendly conversation. Icelanders have this way of remembering something that has been forgotten. Residents of Denmark apply this combination when they swear by something. Here lies the metaphor that the promise is tied with a knot.

Of course, understanding what the crossedfingers in the realities of the Western world, you can often come across the values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with attracting good luck. It is believed that in this case, all the plans should go in harmony. How to know, perhaps, it's just a placebo effect that allows people to believe not so much in the magic power of the gesture as in their own strengths, backed up by some higher-order guarantees.

what do crossed fingers mean

The right combination

What is it worth to make sure that luck does not go away?from you, and dreams certainly turned out to be reality? Cross your fingers for luck, too, you need to be able to correctly. Attraction of positive energies is not such a simple task. Many people, becoming permeated with this question, begin to be interested in which of the fingers should lie on top, and other similar details, which are truly sacred.

Again, if we go back to the original source,that is, Christianity, it is worth looking at the work of an artist named Francisco Ribault, who comes from Spain. Of all his works, the most famous was The Last Supper, which he created in 1606. It depicts the Savior and the nearest entourage.

His palm forms exactly the combination in question. In Christ, the index finger lies above the average. It is believed that just such an arrangement is correct.

A purely western version of this gesture is hisinterpretation behind the back of someone who uses a similar maneuver. Here we are talking about situations where a person lies. Thus, he tries to protect himself from evil spirits who are supposedly to bring punishment for lies.

the child crosses his fingers

Healing properties

Still it is possible to find interesting information thatmeans crossed fingers in medicine. Insidious entities are images that are quite far from human representations. Where is closer to people their own physical bodies, the pain in which they feel the most realistic.

Scientists in England found that such a combinationis extremely useful in the fight against painful sensations. P. Haggard, says that man is subject to the management of his own nerve endings. It is important to learn this skill. To this end, impulse transfer must be initiated.

T. Thunberg, who has devoted quite a bit of time to studying phantom pains, somewhat different from what we feel when struck or similar situations, also explored this question in detail. Fundamental work has been carried out, during which it has been proved that with negative physical sensations it is possible to cross fingers and significantly improve one's health. Thus, it becomes clear that this gesture is given much more importance than simply a magnet for luck.

It is used as a symbol of the national lottery in Great Britain, as well as in Ireland, Oregon, Virginia (this sign is very common in other US states).

As they say, our life is in our hands, so that all the goals are real and achievable.

crossed middle finger ring

Through the eyes of a child

Parents or those who often come into contact with children, could notice that kids often unconsciously use this symbol. Immediately it becomes interesting, why and why the child crosses his fingers.

Mothers and fathers, of course, areTom, is not this a pathology, does not it mean something bad. Child psychologists often respond that such a phenomenon is not considered a cause for concern. For a child, rather, you need to rejoice, because it already with the young nails practicing mudra under number 20, practically engaged in yoga on the fingers. One can even conclude that children, by virtue of their purity and sensitivity to the surrounding world, subconsciously feel what position their fingers should take to establish peace of mind.

In the process of growing up, such connections break off, and a person's ability to feel the world so thin is blurred.

what does crossed fingers mean

Children's wisdom

So in the situation described above,rather, it is worth learning from their children, rather than wean them from the habit, which many mistakenly begin to consider harmful, seeking in it a negative background. Sometimes in children there is more natural wisdom than in us adults.

A child is the concentration of spiritual warmth andlight energy. It is worth following in the path of contact with nature, while he follows you, learning all the features of this cruel world.

Thanks to mudra number 20 you can get rid ofmass of harmful diseases. It is also useful for preventive purposes for colds. It is used at a time when there are complications in the functioning of the nasopharynx, lungs, respiratory tract (in the upper part). Children cross their fingers quite often when they get colds.

Worldwide distribution

In one sign, protection is combined at the same timefrom demons and evil spirits, a symbol of health and mental well-being, and, of course, the desire so desired by every person, luck, throwing the necessary cards into the deck. It is well known that although much depends on us, various factors unknown to us also have a considerable influence on the course of things.

It is important to come to the right place at the right time, butFirst, you need to have such a point in general. So you can use this gesture to wrap the situation in your favor. In any case, even if he does not have a real power to influence circumstances, it is very much worth the certainty that a person feels, I understand that I have already made some contribution to my own business, in some way insured, putting an end to all the empty doubts and uncertainties in itself. Moreover, it can not be a coincidence that the sign was given great importance both in Christian circles and in the East from the very antiquity.

to cross one's fingers for good luck
Such similarities, as a rule, concern only those things and facts, which have a real and material background.

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