The life of modern man is closely connected with hisactivities. Success in any business and especially in business depends on many factors. Some of them are difficult to influence. But there are also those that simplify or complicate the movement of the career ladder. One of these factors is the habit image. This is the appearance of a person and everything that is directly related to her: hair, clothes, accessories.

gabitarny image

Habit image - what is it?

It is difficult to deny the importance of the first impression. It is believed that the opinion of a man is formed in the first five seconds of communication. But in fact during this time you can only say a few words. Our appearance speaks for itself - a physique, accessories, style in clothes, a hairdress, general grooming - all this is a gabitic image.

The influence on others with the help of appearance is notunderestimate. Those who plan to make a career, you must learn to look right in any situation. Matching the appearance of the situation - one of the components of the image, which adhere to business people. A strict suit at work, a tuxedo or an evening gown at the reception, always relevant accessories and a suitable car.

Components of the image

As already mentioned above, the habitual imageconsists of many components. Another person is perceived as a whole image. Therefore, self-feeding technology requires a maximally conscious and thoughtful approach. No element should break out of the created image, so as not to create dissonance.

business people

A number of elements belong to the gabitic image:

  1. Features of the figure of a person. It is well known that subconsciously we endow a stranger with one or other of the traits of character, depending on the parameters of his body. And these characteristics may be completely untrue. If you are planning a public career, it is worth thinking about how to bring the figure to the accepted standard.
  2. Clothing is one of the leading components - it is on it that the proper formation of a business image depends.
  3. Hairstyle. This concept includes hair color, haircut, styling, cleanliness and healthy appearance. The head should be washed, the roots dyed, the haircut should be selected according to the type of face.
  4. Every element of the wardrobe. Accessories and surrounding things. They should pay special attention. Bag, watch, belt, ornaments should be of good quality and recognizable brands. To the surrounding elements, creating a gabitic image, include a car, an office and a directly working cabinet with furniture.

Features of the image of a business person

Any person, whether he wants it or not, createshis image and thereby transmits his attitude and attitude to the world around his people. There are quite a few professions in which success and promotion on the career ladder directly depend on the appearance. Or rather, the ability to properly submit themselves and create a gabitarny image.

In business there are no important things. Everything that surrounds a person works either for him or against him. The habitual image of a business person will be different from that of an athlete or artist. It is distinguished by a special thoughtfulness of all elements, general restraint of the color scheme and discreet elegance. An important factor is the cost of a suit and accessories. The expensiveness of the image should not be evident, but it should be sufficiently noticeable.

Business image of men

A man engaged in business or making a public career must consciously form the right appearance. He should take into account all the necessary components to always be on top.

a gabitic image of what it is

There are several general recommendations that make it easier to create a business image:

  1. Business clothes are a suit in combination withshirt and tie. It is very important to choose a jacket and trousers according to the figure. They should be slightly free and of optimum length. Stitches should not open the ankles, but they can not touch the ground. The sleeve of the jacket should be up to the bones of the wrist, so that you can see the shirt cuff. The color should be chosen based on the season. In autumn and winter - dark, for spring summer - light. It is necessary to avoid pure black and white-white - these shades are too specific.
  2. Business people put on a suit with long sleeves and a tie.
  3. Shoes should be on a season, with a closed toe and always on lacing. Unacceptable sneakers, moccasins, sports slippers with Velcro, sneakers.
  4. A business man should be very carefulto monitor the condition of their hands and especially their nails, dirty nails in burrs are unacceptable. Of the ornaments on your hands, an engagement ring and high-quality expensive watches are acceptable.
  5. The hair should be well-groomed and neatly trimmed.
  6. For business documents and personal belongings, you should purchase a quality leather briefcase.

Business clothes for women and other features of the corporate image of a business lady

Women who make a career are much more difficultcreate an appropriate image of the business image. Most often they have more choice, but this often confounds. In addition, any lady wants to look pretty feminine and at the same time feel comfortable in the working environment.

business clothes for women

To fit into the working image, business clothes for women should meet the following parameters:

  1. It is necessary to maintain a calm color scheme: in the winter it is darker, in the summer it is lighter. Bright colors in clothing are allowed only in accessories, for example, a neck scarf.
  2. Clothes should not be visible. If in doubt - look at the wardrobe detail towards the bright light. Choose thick fabrics on the lining.
  3. Women do not have to wear a business suit, but you should pay attention to the general appearance of the outfit - it should be sufficiently closed.
  4. In the working environment, bare shoulders, frank décolletage, mini skirts, over-tight pants and other elements that make the image frivolous are unacceptable.
  5. Shoes should be selected with a closed toe and heel. Heel is not an obligatory attribute of the image of a business lady.

When creating a business-like image, a woman should pay enough attention not only to clothes, but to the image as a whole:

  1. Hair should be of natural color. If you use paint, then timely shade the roots. It is permissible to wear loose hair up to the shoulders, provided that they are decorated in a neat haircut, otherwise they should be collected.
  2. A neat and discreet makeup for the business lady is an indispensable element of the image.
  3. Ornaments should be small. Gold and precious stones are unacceptable to wear during the day, except for the wedding ring. Ideal - semiprecious stones and quality jewelry.
  4. The fragrance of perfume should be soft and unobtrusive.
  5. The hands of a business woman should be well-groomed, with a neat manicure. Decorative coating on the nails should be discreet.
  6. Carefully select business accessories.

business reputation and business image

Influence of physique on the image

One of the most important elements of the imageare bodily parameters. Unconsciously, we perceive and evaluate people based on their physique. The big man seems more significant and inspiring. However, an excessively large body begins to frighten and arouse distrust.

With a competent selection of wardrobe can be a littlesmooth out the first impression. It is worthwhile to strive for averaged parameters. If you have extra weight, you should turn to nutrition and sports specialists, this will help to normalize it and uniquely improve the business image. The people who are most trusted are people who are fit and sporty.

Perception of the hairstyle and its influence on the image

Hair is one of the main elementsimage of any person. The visual perception of the interlocutor often begins with the head. Hairstyle plays a decisive role in creating the necessary impression. It sets the basic sound of the image and either harmoniously combines, or creates the strongest dissonance.

The basic rules of a competent hairstyle for a business person:

  1. First of all, the hair should be clean. It is absolutely unacceptable to appear in a decent society with a greasy, smelling head. This is a sign of a careless attitude not only to yourself, but also to others. If there is absolutely no time for hygienic procedures - use a dry shampoo.
  2. Hair should be either neatly trimmed,or collected. Long hair, for all their beauty, creates a completely frivolous and non-working image. You should closely monitor the haircut and regularly visit the hairdresser.
  3. Gray hair can look very dignified, they add solidity and confidence. If you prefer to paint over or tonify gray hair - regularly update the color on the roots.

Importance of the right accessories to create a business style

Business image consists of many elements. Of course, the main thing is clothes. But do not underestimate the importance of accessories. They make the image complete. Correctly matched, they can greatly improve or finally spoil the first impression.

creation of business image

Business accessories include:

  • clock;
  • a portfolio or a folder for papers;
  • bag for other things;
  • a pen;
  • glasses;
  • belt on trousers;
  • headdress and scarf;
  • cufflinks for men;
  • jewelry for women.

Choosing these or other accessories for yourwork clothes, pay attention primarily to the quality and style. Things need to be laconic in appearance, and at the same time look quite expensive. Unacceptable rhinestones and excessive brightness. Products made of yellow gold are considered a sign of bad taste. An exception is the wedding ring.

Strap and briefcase should be made of genuine leathermonochromatic shade. It is desirable to have several sets of different colors, corresponding to the season and clothes. The frame of the glasses should first of all look harmoniously on the face, in the business image the small glasses fit best.

The watch is one of the most important business accessories. Do not buy cheap fakes of expensive brands. You can buy a quality replica from a trusted manufacturer, but it is better to acquire the original. The watch is a status thing, and once spent, you will get quality for years to come.

In terms of jewelry, follow therule - the less, the better. Earrings, bracelets, beads and rings should be present in business attire very moderately. It is best to manage a couple of elements, for example, discreet earrings made of silver metal and a small string of pearls. For a day wardrobe it is desirable to make kits from high-quality jewelry, and products from precious metals and stones leave for solemn receptions.

Errors in the formation of a gabitic image

Even quite experienced business people can make mistakes when creating their own image. These shortcomings can be perceived as lovely features, but on condition that they are few and they are not fatal.

self-feeding technology

The main mistakes in creating a business image:

  1. Misunderstanding of fashion trends. Business style, with all its considerable conservatism, is subject to fashion trends. For example, a few years ago it was hard to imagine a businessman with an unshaven face, but the current realities are such that wearing a beard has become an element of style. However, it is necessary to avoid and trendy trends. Especially it concerns accessories and color scale.
  2. Inconsistency of style elements. Strict business style does not allow sporting relaxation or shocking brightness. Some allowances are allowed in the afternoon or during a business trip. For example, a gross violation of business style will be a combination of a strict double-breasted suit made of smooth fabric and moccasins or sneakers. This includes sports bags, excessively large and bright decorations, unnatural hair color.
  3. Non-compliance with hygiene standards. Public norms require a person to be clean. Neat and well-groomed should be all parts of the body. Clothing should be changed as it gets dirty, and underwear, socks and shirts / blouses - daily. At any time of the year, you need to use deodorants or antiperspirants, but make sure that their smell does not mix with the fragrance of perfume.
  4. Be careful when using perfume. Remember that your business partners can react in a completely different way to the smell, down to allergies.
  5. For a business lady, a big mistake is a completeignoring or, on the contrary, excessive interest in make-up. Decorative cosmetics should gently and neatly emphasize facial features, but at the same time look as natural as possible.

These are the basic style errors, they createdissonance of the image, and those around can not take this person seriously. Look closely at yourself in the mirror and remove everything that is too evident. Impeccable business reputation and business image are the key to a successful career.

Who does not need to artificially create a business image?

For many people connected with the business sphere, there is no special need for the formation of a business overall image. Sufficiently comfortable and practical clothes and suitable accessories.

They include:

  • consultants by phone;
  • remote employees;
  • employees who are not directly involved in working with clients;
  • students-interns.
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